Effectively Reach Your Audience With An In-Store Sampling

How to Execute an In-Store Sampling to Reach Your Audience and Increase Sales

Get your product into the hands (or mouths!) of your target consumer with an in-store sampling. Not only will sales increase on the day of the sampling, but also increase sales of the product line for several weeks following. There are many factors to consider before executing an in-store sampling such as location, time and day, professional certified samplers, as well as aesthetics.  Review the 3 steps listed below to ensure an effective in-store sampling of your product.


1. Selecting a Store & Time of Day

Have you tried Two Bears Coffee? This bottled, cold brew coffee comes in Original Cold Brew, Hazelnut Sea Salt and Sweet Cacao Coffee. The recipe uses premium direct trade beans, is all natural, 75% less bitter than traditional coffee and lasts up to 6 months. As this cold brew business begins to expand, Two Bears Coffee has teamed up with Tigris to provide promotional models to sample the product.

Where will the sampling occur? At various Goodness Me locations in Barrie, Brantford, Guelph and Toronto. Goodness Me is Canada’s health store that provides the cleanest green and natural foods. These samplings all take place on weekends from 11AM-3PM. Saturday is by far the busiest grocery shopping day of the week, which means it is the ideal day to execute a sampling and reach hundreds of potential consumers.

Be sure to have the store manager announce hourly through the intercom that the sampling is taking place. It’s also crucial to take into consideration where your sampling will be set up in the store. Ensure this is a high traffic location that relates to your product. For Two Bears Coffee, the sampling was executed in the dairy isle of Fiesta Farms. This location made sense because most people pair milk with their coffee.


2. Using the Right People and an Attractive Display

When reaching out to a temporary staffing agency for a trained food handler or smart serve certified individual, take the time to think about what type of person best represents your brand. For a series of samples for Minhas Creek Brewing Company, Tigris has provided attractive female, smart serve certified promotional models to sample their Boxer Gluten Free beer. The staff selected to represent the brewing company all lived close to the assigned stores, had experience sampling and were comfortable selling and working independently.

The primary goal of the program is sampling the product with new customers and directly impacting on-site sales during and following the tasting. Along with selecting the right person to represent your brand, the appearance of the sampling station is just as important. Be sure to always bring a cover for the table; this can be branded or simply all black. Set up the products in an organized, attractive arrangement that attracts and intrigues shoppers. If possible, a branded roll-up banner behind the sampler can be included. This helps make the sampling stand out, and can also highlight key information about your product that will influence the shopper to stop and sample your product.


3. Turn Samples into Business

So you’ve given away hundreds of samples and interacted with as many people as possible throughout the sampling. How does one ensure the samples are turned into sales? By sampling your product to as many people as possible in person, you know that the potential consumers will receive the most compelling information about your product, and be able to ask questions and receive answers they wouldn’t receive through a traditional billboard advertisement.

Once a new customer can taste and experience your brand, it’s more likely they will look for it in the grocery store. Worst case scenario, the shopper doesn’t like your product due to the taste but has had an overall positive experience with your brand by engaging with the experienced sampler. Our staff also take an opening and closing inventory to track onsite sales, so our clients know right after the shift how successful the sampling was.

Execute an Effective In-Store Sampling with Tigris!

There’s no better time than now to get started on an in-store sampling campaign for your product. Tigris operates in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton. Give us a call at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to to get a free, no-obligation quote. We have over 1,500 promotional models and brand ambassadors across Canada to represent your brand. Start turning samplings into sales today!

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Get Your Target Audience To Complete Your Field Market Research Survey

Do you want to know exactly what your target consumer is thinking? Of course you do! The more information you have about your target audience, the better. This valuable information can help you discover a variety of data that will influence the next steps for your company. What is the best way to gather this information? Through a field market research study!

Create a Field Market Research Survey People Will WANT to Complete!

We are always in a rush and constantly distracted. People are always on the move, with somewhere to be, consistently distracted by their cell phones. Once you’ve discovered where your target audience will be, it can be hard to capture their attention, even when you are standing directly in front of them.

Field market researchers know how to break through the noise and get your target consumers to slow down, stop, and put down their phones. They are trained to lead with an incentive to entice consumers, and know how to develop a meaningful conversation.

What are the best incentives to complete a survey?

  • Gift Cards
  • On the spot giveaways (such as branded water bottles)
  • Charity donations
  • Lottery (a chance to win)


Which type of incentive is best for me?

According to, when it comes to increasing response rates, previous research has shown that cash is king, boosting survey response rates the most. Of course, you have to take your budget into consideration, as well as the length of the survey. If the survey takes more than 10 minutes to complete, chances are the individual will not be motivated to complete the survey for anything under $10.

In the photo above, the field market researcher did not use any specific incentive to encourage survey participation, because the topic directly affected and interested the students. The 1-2 minute multiple choice survey was conducted on a user friendly iPad, with questions surrounding student housing options. Tigris provided youthful field market researchers who were able to directly relate to the students.

What method will you use to conduct your survey?

The two most popular methods to complete a survey (in our experience) is on an iPad or online. Each method has it’s own pros and cons. In regards to an iPad survey, one may have a better opt-in rate because the field market researchers are able to ensure the survey is being completed. The participants are able to ask any questions they may have as they are completing the survey. Some negative aspects of using an iPad is the cost, and as well, there may be difficulty physically getting people to stop and complete the survey. With an online survey, there is no guarantee the consumer will go home (and remember) to complete the survey. If they are confused by any questions, they may become frustrated and neglect to complete the survey. A benefit is that the participant is able to complete the survey on their own time, in privacy.

Field Market Research Strategies to Develop an Appealing Survey with High Opt-Ins


Regardless of whether the participant is completing the survey directly in front of the field market researcher or in the privacy of their own home, it is important to ensure the survey is clear, concise and appealing. This will encourage the participant to complete the survey, resulting in more data for your company.

Is my survey clear?

To make your survey clear, ensure each question can be read once, and the reader will understand exactly what you are asking. Refrain from using complicated sentences and jargon. Make it as simple as possible. Do not over complicate things!

Is my survey concise?

The longer the survey, the less participants you will have. Keep it concise and only ask the most important questions to maintain your participants’ interest and obtain a high completion rate.  Include a progress bar at the top of the survey so they are aware of how many more questions they need to complete. You can also include motivational slogans, such as “Two more questions, you’re almost there!”.

Is my survey appealing?

Surveys by nature can be a bit dull. By adding graphics to your questions, the survey can become much more appealing. It’s important to ensure these images relate directly to the survey and the question being asked. Do not add anything that is irrelevant, or may confuse the participant.

Let’s Start Surveying!

We hope you’ve found this information on increasing survey participation informative and beneficial.  Are you ready to gain valuable information from and about your target demographic? Contact Tigris today to achieve high results from your survey with the use of our field market researchers. Give us a call at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to Tigris operates in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal.

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Essential Guide to Working as a Professional Hostess

Did you know that Tigris’ temporary staff are divided into 6 separate categories? While interviewing candidates, we always ask which positions they would be interested in being considered for. These include: promotional model, market researcher, sales staff, brand ambassador, events staff & corporate entertainers. Our staff are not limited to one position – many staff fall under several categories according to their appearance, personality and skill level. Although there are several categories we place our temporary staff into, each category can encompass various roles and specific duties. A professional hostess, for example, would fall under the ‘promotional model’ category. Do you have what it takes to be a professional hostess?

Essential Guide to Rockin’ It as a Professional Hostess


Little Black Dress

If you’re interested in working as a professional hostess, a little black dress is mandatory. This is a go-to outfit for most promotional models and is requested by many clients. Ensure you have a variety of dresses for each season and various types of events. For example, a good variety of dresses would include knee-length dresses, those just above the knee, long sleeves, short sleeve, sleeveless, high-neck and low-cut dresses. This way, you are prepared for the weather and will have am appropriate dress for every occasion.

Can You Last a Day In Those Shoes?

We can’t stress how important it is to wear comfortable shoes. Depending on your duties, you may be required to stand for several hours, or be asked to assist with serving beverages and appetizers. Regardless of your duties, there is a great chance you will be on your feet for most of the event. When selecting which shoes to wear, ensure you are comfortable walking and standing in them for several hours. The last thing you want is sore feet, or to be wincing as you greet guests! Ensure you have a comfortable pair of closed toe and open toe heels. We also suggest bringing a pair of flats to change into after your event. Trust us – your feet will thank you!


Fresh Makeup & Little Accessories

While working as a promotional model and professional hostess, it is important to apply fresh makeup and take an extra few minutes to ensure you look your best. Some staff even prefer to wear false eyelashes, which aren’t mandatory but create a great look. If you’re working outdoors or for over 4 hours, it’s also a great idea to bring a few cosmetic essentials such as lipstick and foundation to ensure you are looking great throughout the entire event. It’s also important not to over-accessorize, unless specifically told by the agency. We would suggest a watch and stud earrings to complete your look.

Our Go-To Hairstyle 

Many of our clients ask for our professional hostesses to wear their hair down while hostessing. If you are required to serve food at the event, we suggest having your hair off of your face. Majority of our promotional models wear their hair down, either curly or straight, or half-up/half-down (as shown in the photo above). Choose which hairstyle looks best on you!


Don’t Go Hungry

Professional hostess shifts don’t usually last over 5 hours, but regardless of how long you are there, it’s always a great idea to pack snacks. Bring some fruit and water for when you take your 15 minute break. This will keep your energy levels high and prevent you from wasting time looking for a restaurant, and standing in long line ups for a quick snack during your break.

Stay Warm & Dry

The weather can be unpredictable, so it’s always a good idea to pack an umbrella, as well as an extra black sweater. If you’re walking to your event, the last thing you want is your hair to get soaked! Along with staying dry, it’s important to stay warm at each event. Packing a light, black cardigan or black blazer is a great way to stay comfortable in case the venue is cold.

Be Present in the Moment 

Those who make it onto the Tigris roster are qualified due to their beauty and brains. Along with looking the part, it’s extremely important to act the part as well. Be courteous, eager to work and offer to go the extra mile at each event. Wear a bright smile and let your personality shine through. Try to leave any distracting thoughts at the door and be present in the moment while representing top brands.

Did you find this essential guide to working as a professional hostess helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

Are You Looking for the Perfect Professional Hostess?


Tigris has over 1,500 temporary staff in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver. If you’re interestrf in using our professional hostesses for your event, give us a call at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to for a free, no-obligation quote.

If you’re interested in working as a professional hostess, please send 2-3 photos and your resume to Tigris hosts group interviews across Canada every month for those interested in joining our team.

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Quick Guide to Street Team Marketing

A Quick Guide to Street Team Marketing

It’s officially spring (although the weather begs to differ) and summer will be here before we know it. This is the perfect time to utilize street team marketing! Street teams are a cost effective strategy to reach thousands of consumers in a short amount of time, boot sales and improve market visibility of your brand, product or service. If done properly, street team marketing is quick to put together and eliminates the cost of attending a trade show or obtaining permits to be at a specific venue or location. Take a look at our quick guide to street team marketing to get started!


Have a Reasonable Goal
Let’s say you want to hand out 100,000 flyers over the course of 10 days. Depending on the market and location, this task may be a piece of cake, or extremely difficult. For example, Toronto is an extremely busy city with a high population. If you were to have a street team roam near Union Station, one staff could easily distribute 100 flyers an hour. Multiple that by 12 staff working 8 hours a day for just over a week, and you’ve hit your goal. That being said, not everyone will want to hear about your service or take a flyer. You need to take into consideration the time it takes to engage with each consumer to make a meaningful interaction. Make sure your goal is reasonable and achievable!


Be Creative
Street team marketing is only effective when your potential consumers actually stops and takes the time to grab a flyer or coupon and hear more about your brand. Be creative with the aesthetics of the flyer; use bright colours, bold fonts, even add a texture! Don’t put too much information on your flyers, only the most important points and a link back to your website. Be creative with uniforms – what would you like the staff to wear? From mascots to sleek matching uniforms, this is a great way to draw attention to your team. You can also incorporate props such as branded cars and extra giveaways, depending on your budget.


Give Incentive
Why do your potential customers care about your street team marketing efforts? Are you promoting a special offer, discount or BOGO? Is there a contest with a great prize? Do you have free samples? By giving your consumers an incentive to make a purchase, visit your store or website, you are bound to get more results. Sometimes all they need is a little push!


Have Impeccable Timing
When you plan your street team marketing, timing is an important factor. Think about when outdoor traffic will be the highest and utilize these times to engage with consumers. Below are a few ideas of when to target your audience:

  • Downtown during Spring Break
  • 7am-10am (before work)
  • 4pm-7pm (after work)
  • Long Weekends
  • Holidays

For example, if you’re promoting a food product, it may be a good idea to have your street team activate during breakfast and dinner hours. Take your product into consideration when evaluating the best time for foot traffic.


Street Team Marketing: Boost Sales and Brand Awareness for Your Brand This Spring!

Are you ready to try street team marketing? Contact Tigris today and together we can create an effective street team to reach your goals. Tigris operates in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Calgary with over 1,500 experienced brand ambassadors on our roster. Send an e-mail to or give us a call at 416-283-9119 for a free, no obligation quote on street team marketing. Stay within your marketing budget with an attractive, engaging street team.

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4 Examples of Employee Team Building To Boost Workplace Happiness

Are you excited to get up and go to work each day? If you’re running a business, do you believe your employees are truly happy? Since most of us spend about 70% of our week at work, it’s important to make sure your team is excited to get out of bed each day and perform their best at work. Employee team building activities will boost workplace happiness, which results in higher productivity, customer service and sales. Below are 4 examples of employee team building that Tigris incorporates into our workplace culture.

Employee Team Building : Increase Productivity, Customer Service & Sales by Boosting Workplace Happiness!


1.Weekly & Monthly Meetings

Regardless of the amount of employees a business may have, it’s crucial to get together for weekly and monthly meetings; whether its the entire team or a separate meeting for each department. Here at Tigris, we host our weekly meeting each Monday to discuss upcoming events, recap the previous weekend and ensure everyone is on track for their receptive projects. Since we are an event staffing agency, many events do occur on the weekends so Monday is the perfect day to recap a weeks worth of events.

Once a month our team picks a local restaurant to discuss business strategies and evaluate our progress. So far we’ve indulged in sushi, pho and pad thai at our monthly meetings! Give your team something to look forward to and they will appreciate a break from the office. They may be more inspired to contribute ideas in a new atmosphere.


2. Employee Outings

Plan an exciting outing for employee team building. This could incorporate networking events, events your clients may have invited you to, or fun activities. Tigris attended the 2014 Notable Awards as a team and had a blast mingling, dancing and networking. Last summer, our team had a blast on a boat cruise! We recently went to a local Paint Nite where we created our own masterpieces at a local bar. These outings helped us bond as a team and learn more about each other outside of work. Really think outside of the box for these events. Tigris recently provided staff to act as bus captains on an employee ski day at Horseshoe Valley for one of our clients. The employees had a blast!


3. Celebrate Each Other & Holidays

As a small business, it’s easier for our team to remember special occasions from birthdays to an employee’s 5 year anniversary. We celebrate each milestone with cards and gifts to ensure everyone is recognized on these special days. We also go out of our way to celebrate mainstream holidays such as Christmas & Halloween. Last Christmas, Tigris had a Kris Kringle where we exchanged gifts and went out to lunch. For Halloween, everyone baked spooky treats to bring to the office.


4. Help Each other Grow

As an experiential marketing agency, it’s important for our employees to be aware of the latest technologies and strategies. We encourage each other to take classes and learn more about sales, marketing and advertising. Be sure to give your employees the opportunity to grow – it will benefit the employee and your business! Whether it’s night classes to obtain a new degree or workshops, giving your employees this option will encourage them to learn to skills and apply them in the workplace.

Do You Want To Boost Morale With Employee Team Building?

Employee morale is such an important component of the workplace – be sure not to overlook spending quality time with your team! If you need assistance planning an employee event or are looking for brand ambassadors to assist with the event, give us a call today! Tigris operates in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa. Send an e-mail to or call the head office at 416-283-9119. We look forward to helping you create a happy workplace!

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4 Essential Steps To Plan A Product Launch Party

Burt’s Bee’s Lipstick Product Launch Party & Gallery Showing

When a small office full of women are approached to assist with a charitable lipstick launch, you know we’re going to jump at the opportunity! Tigris teamed up with Brandfire to plan a unique exhibition to promote the launch of Burt’s Bees new line of lipstick appropriately called, “Shades”.

If you’re familiar with Burt’s Bees, you already know that the brand believes in people and the planet. It is part of their philosophy, called “The Greater Good”. From their kitchen chemistry to strategic partnerships, Burt’s Bees is basically “a bunch of hands-on, tree-hugging, greased elbow do-gooders”, which is why all proceeds raised from Shades by Burt’s Bees Gallery Show were donated to Wildlife Preservation Canada.

Burt’s Bees Moisturizing, Long Lasting Lipstick 

Shades by Burt’s Bees is a luscious, full-coverage colour lipstick complete with 8-hours of moisture – so it’s truly a lipstick that loves you back! The lipstick is made with 100% natural ingredients, with a smooth satin finish that comes in 14 vibrant shades. It’s made with beeswax, moringa oil and raspberry seed oil. You’ll be able to purchase your favourite colours in participating stores this April.

 4 Essential Steps To Plan A Product Launch Party

Our client came to us with their idea of exhibiting artwork completed by commissioned artists who used mixed media in conjunction with Burt’s Bees new collection of lipsticks to create unique, dramatic works of art. In collaboration with ten of Canada’s most vibrant artists, this original artwork would be presented at the exhibit, where guests were able to bid on the pieces with all proceeds going to Wildlife Preservation Canada. It was up to Tigris to source the venue, talent, caterer and coordinate logistics for the launch party on February 26th (media & beauty bloggers only) and gallery showing (open to the public) February 27th to March 11th from 3pm-8pm each day.

How do you begin to plan a product launch party and art exhibit for such a renowned company with an upstanding reputation? Take a look at our event planning check list:

1. Venue Selection

Where would one host a launch party and 14 day gallery showing in Toronto in a high volume location with steady foot traffic? In the distillery district, of course! The Distillery is Toronto’s heritage district, and one of the city’s largest hubs for arts and culture. It’s easily accessible with a stunning atmosphere. Located inside the distillery district is the Arta Gallery, known for exhibiting artworks from international artists. This was the venue the client preferred and ultimately selected for the event, but before their final decision was made, Tigris sourced and provided availability and costing for 12 prospective venues. The list was narrowed down to the top 3 options for site checks and ultimately, Burt’s Bees selected ARTA – the perfect venue to showcase #LipstickThatLovesYouBack.

2. DJ and Musician


Due to the unique nature of the event, Tigris believed an acoustic solo instrument performance would provide the best ambiance for the product launch party. The main focus of the event was to showcase the products, so the music needed to be soft and enjoyable. After reviewing 3-4 DJ/Entertainment companies, Bongo & B was selected to provide all AV equipment, as well as an electric violin performance and a classic guitar performance.

3. Food & Beverage


The product launch party on February 26th required hors d’oeuvres and signature cocktails for up to 30 VIP guests. Our account managers collected options and costing from 8 caterers, which we narrowed down to 5 to present to the client. BrandFire selected Lindsay Shaw Catering, who created a beautiful menu for the event. Delectable appetizers included poached lobster on petit chive scones, roast beef tenderloin on brioche box and mini lemon curd tartlets with meringue peaks. A signature cocktail was also created, a wildflower honey and white cranberry elixir with fresh mint. Beautiful and delicious!

4. Photography & Videography


It’s crucial to have an experienced photographer and videographer to capture special moments at your event. Along with capturing raw footage, the production company was required to create a post production video edit. For any type of event, it’s important to use a professional photographer versus a smart phone for high quality images. When selecting a photographer/videographer, be sure to discuss copyright, their knowledge of the venue and request a current portfolio. Remember, a photo is worth a thousand words!

If you’re in Toronto, make sure to stop by the Arta Gallery to check out Shades from 3pm-8pm until March 11th. Along with viewing the amazing artworks, you’ll be able to snag a free sample of the lipstick and a coupon!

Are You Looking To Promote A New Product & Generate Massive Brand Awareness?

Are you ready to plan your product launch party? Tigris is a dynamic event staffing and experiential marketing agency that is able to bring your brand to life; whether that’s by creating a concept and designing an event from scratch, or simply booking the right brand ambassadors to enhance the experience for your consumers. Tigris has been in business for over 12 years and has expanded with 1,500 brand ambassadors in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary. Contact Tigris today at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to to learn more about our services.


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Tigris Attends Student Marketing Competition at the Ryerson Marketing Conference

Did you know that 3 of the employees at the Tigris head office are Ryerson Alumni? Serena, Tigris CEO graduated with a Journalism degree, Evangelia, our Regional Account Manager graduated with a business degree, and Nicole, the Marketing Coordinator graduated with a degree in Radio & Television Arts. When Tigris received an invitation to a student marketing event from Daniel Petz, the Vice President of Corporate Relations with the Ryerson Marketing Association (RMA), were were more than happy to visit our old stomping grounds for the Ryerson Marketing Conference.

Tigris Leads Student Marketing Competition at RMC

The RMA is a student-run organization within the Ted Rogers School of Management that serves the largest undergrad major in the school. On February 6th, the RMA held its 3rd Annual Ryerson Marketing Conference (RMC) and extended an invitation to Tigris to participate.  The two-day, student-run marketing conference was held in downtown Toronto at the Marriott Downtown Eaton Center Hotel. Over the course of the two days, the RMC featured engaging workshops, inspiring speakers and panels, and a case competition.

student-marketing.jpgTigris attended the Agency Hour portion of this event, where students were assigned to agencies and given cases to complete among the other agencies. Tigris CEO, Serena Schwab, gave a short presentation to the students, describing Tigris and showcasing some of our recent events. After each agency spoke, Tigris was assigned a group of 11 aspiring marketers to tackle a competitive case. The students were split into 3 groups, where they were then given an hour to brainstorm the perfect pitch. The task was to develop event marketing concepts that will help a specific brand to connect with small business owners to generate leads with and ultimately, sales from, new customers. The campaign would potentially run from May to August in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Students were asked to present 3 options for their top concept for $50,000, $100,000 and $200,000.

After the hour was up, each group presented their ideas directly to Tigris. It was interesting to see their bright ideas – from mobile truck tours to small business consulting, these marketing students had a great understanding of the task we presented and how to successfully approach it. Tigris presented the winning team with a small gift bag, including gift cards and a branded Tigris scarf. Ultimately, the winning group won due to their creativity, attention to detail and presentation skills.

We received a thoughtful e-mail from one of the aspiring marketing students (who also happened to be part of the winning team) :

“I wanted to send you a quick email today to say that it was a pleasure meeting you at the conference, and to thank you for donating your time, on a Saturday no less, to help us learn as marketers.  As I had mentioned on the weekend, I really enjoyed working with you and your group from Tigris because experiential marketing is one of the factions of marketing that interests me the most, so it was great to learn from people who are not only experienced, but very successful in their trade.” – Scott Fasano, Ryerson

We had an amazing time speaking with ambitious marketing students and connecting with the other 5 agencies who participated in Agency Hour. With a large portion of our brand ambassadors and promotional models currently post-secondary students, Tigris has a passion for helping young people succeed. Tigris had our first student intern last summer, who completed an Event Management Internship with Tigris for school credit.

Student Marketing Competitions and Marketing Directly to Students

Tigris spends a lot of time with various clients whose main objective is to market directly to students by targeting them on university campuses. It was interesting to see the ideas presented by this popular target demographic and which experiential marketing ideas they found the most appealing. There’s no better way to study a demographic than to spend some quality time with them! If you’re interested in learning more about marketing to millennials, check out our 3 marketing tactics that have proven to be a success.

Are you interested in developing an experiential marketing campaign to increase brand awareness or sales? Tigris does more than provide exceptional events staff – we are able to develop, design and execute campaigns from start to finish. If you are interested in any of Tigris’ event staffing, event, marketing or personnel services, contact us today! Give us a call at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to

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Top Choice Award

Top Event Staffing of 2016 in the Greater Toronto Area

The results are in!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for Tigris between December 1st, 2015 – February 1st, 2016. The votes have been tallied and it’s official – Tigris is the Top Choice Awards Winner for Top Event Staffing Agency of 2016 in the Greater Toronto Area!

The Top Choice Award is a “Mark of Excellence, worn by today’s leading businesses and professionals, representing the trust and loyalty they have earned from the people they serve”. Below is a letter from Monica Couto, the President of the Top Choice Awards, that Tigris received on Feb. 4th.


Tigris wins Top Choice Award for Top Event Staffing Agency of 2016

The Top Choice Awards are an international market research firm that have been conducting surveys annually since 2005. The survey receives nominations from the public and allows them to vote in numerous categories for their top choice in businesses and professionals in their city, based on quality, service, image, value and professionalism.

When Tigris was notified of our nomination for Top Event Staffing of 2016 in the Greater Toronto Area, we reached out to our valued clients, friends, family and 1,500+ brand ambassadors across Canada. We are grateful and proud of the nomination but we are ecstatic that the Tigris team has won this award. What’s different about the process for these awards is that is not simply a rating system; voters are actually able to provide specific feedback on why they believe in our business, making each vote and review extremely meaningful.

Serena Schwab - editSerena Schwab, Tigris CEO, was excited to share the news with her clients and staff and had this to say:

“I am honoured and humbled to receive the news that Tigris is the winner of the 2016 Top Choice Award for Top Event Staffing Agency in the GTA. This is a huge opportunity for our team to be recognized – from our account managers who work tirelessly to plan every detail of our projects to our 1,500+ events staff and managers nationwide who are out there executing our projects day in and day out.

While the mission of our business is to create, plan and staff memorable experiences that build brands – I believe what sets us apart in the industry is our passion for our people; those who work for us, with us and around us.

Winning the Top Choice Award for event staffing is a testament to the hard work we’ve put in, not only in this past year but in the 12 years we have been operating. We are often asked, what makes Tigris different?

Clients have told us our staff are exemplary but it’s also the “before and the after” – from the moment they reach out to us for a quote to the final wrap up, they know they can trust us, get a hold of us and we will go above and beyond to ensure success for them.

For those on our roster, we offer top wages, pay within 2 weeks by direct deposit, offer incentives and out of pocket expenses. We believe in building people up and giving them opportunities that allow them to develop as young professionals and young adults. Our business would not be possible without them and we do our best to take great care of them.”

Tigris will be in attendance at the Top Choice Awards Gala at the Royal York Hotel on Saturday, October 22 to receive the awards statue on behalf of our team.

If you’ve been following Tigris on social media, you probably know that this wasn’t the company’s first awards nod. In 2014, Tigris was nominated for a Notable Business Award for marketing and advertising and later won a sales achievement award at the Ultimate Wealth Weekend for doubling company sales in one year. In 2015, Tigris was shortlisted to Canada’s Top 100 List with the Globe & Mail and also nomination in the Best Employee Branding category, alongside Molson Coors and The Keg, for the Canadian HR Awards. We are excited to add 2016 Top Event Staffing in the GTA to our list of achievements!

If you’d like to see the full list of North America’s 2016 Top Choice Award Winners, view list of winners here.

Are You Looking to Work With the Top Event Staffing Agency of 2016?

top-event-staffing.jpgTigris has a team of over 500 events staff in the GTA and 1,500 nationwide that are paid top wages in the industry and receive payment among the quickest –  bi-weekly by direct deposit. If you’re interested in joining the team, please send 2-3 photos and your resume to

If you’re interesting in booking our top events staff to build your brand or business, Tigris not only operates in the GTA, but in over 15 different markets in Canada including Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver and Saskatchewan. Give us a call at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to and one of our experienced account managers will be in touch!

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3 Super Bowl Party Essentials To Ensure Your Sunday Is A Winner

Did you know that the average resale price of a ticket to Super Bowl 50 between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers is over $5,000, according to ticket price tracker SeatGeek? Seeing as most of us can’t afford to attend the game hosted in Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara, California on Feb. 7th, we will be viewing the game from our comfy couches and favourite pubs. Beyoncé, Coldplay and Bruno Mars are all expected to play at the halftime show. Whether you’re into sports or not, the Super Bowl is an event we all love to celebrate. There are so many other components of this popular game day that attract us and bring people together. From the large gatherings, pub parties, delicious themed food to trivia games, we’ve compiled a list of Super Bowl party essentials to ensure your Super Bowl Sunday is enjoyed by everyone.

3 Super Bowl Party Essentials for an Amazing Party

1. Super Bowl Games


What’s a party without some fun, interactive games? For the Super Bowl specifically, we have a few favourites that can be played just about anywhere. For starters, NFL trivia is always a great game to get people talking. Our promotional models play this with guests at pubs and reward the winners with awesome prizes, such as a free drink or branded beer glass! Another great idea is to create a list of questions related to the game that can be answered with either a “yes” or “no”, and the guest with the most correct answers wins. For example, a sample question may be, “Will the coin toss result in heads?” or “Will there be a wardrobe malfunction at half-time?”. Guests must complete the sheet before the game beings. Last but not least, we love Super Bowl Commercial Bingo. There are many websites that offer free, printable Super Bowl bingo cards where the player will cross off a square when they see certain companies’ Super Bowl commercials.

2. Delicious, Themed Party Snacks
Food is definitely one of the most important Super Bowl party essentials. If you’re planning on watching the game at a restaurant, you don’t need to worry about bringing your own snacks. For those of you hosting your own party, it’s important to have lots of delicious food and encourage guests to bring their own contributions. It’s fun to get created with themed parties, and with a Super Bowl event your options are limitless! We’ve listed 3 options below that are sure to leave your guests full and content.

Bacon Cheese Wrapped Tater Tots 
This delicious, mouth watering bite sized snack is the ultimate comfort food, and easy to make with only 4 ingredients!


Turkey Avocado Onigiri Footballs
It’s in the shape of a football and includes avocado… need we say more? This healthy snack is very light and tasty.


Nutella Footballs 
Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you need to try these Nutella football truffles. They are a decadent treat!


We made you hungry, didn’t we? We love these themed snacks that are suited to all types of guests. For the recipes, click on the captions above each photo.

3. Gorgeous, Outgoing Promotional Models


They say the more the merrier, and that rings true at a Super Bowl party. Hosting a Super Bowl party for a large group can easily become stressful, whether it’s in the comfort of your own home or you’re hosting at your own restaurant. Tigris has hundreds of gorgeous, outgoing promotional models that are able to assist throughout the night to ensure all guests are having a great time. They can assist by running the trivia games, distributing prizes, handing out tasty snacks and mingling with guests. Our promotional models will liven up the event and take a load off your plate, so you can enjoy the evening as well!

Our promo models have already assisted with a pre-Super Bowl party this year at Riley’s Olde Towne Pub in Peterborough on January 16th. They hosted a draw for a lucky guest to win a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl! Talk about an amazing draw, and one very lucky winner. On Super Bowl Sunday, you’ll be able to spot our promo models at several pubs across Ontario including Jake’s on Main, Ridges Pub, Bollocks Pub and Club Pro, on behalf of Labatt. Our staff will also be assisting with a few private parties where they will serve drinks, snacks and join in on the party.

Don’t Forget Your Super Bowl Party Essentials!

Now that we’ve covered games, food and professional staffing, we think you’re ready to have your best Super Bowl Sunday yet. If you’re looking for professional, enthusiastic promotional models to assist with your event and help out with the Super Bowl Party Essentials, it’s not too late! We have experienced staff in over 15 markets across Canada including Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Give us a call at 416-283-9119 for a free quote or send an e-mail to

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Top 6 Qualities of the Best Brand Ambassadors

How do you become one of the best brand ambassadors? With various agencies offering multiple job opportunities and hundreds of brand ambassadors applying for the same positions, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd.

Here at Tigris, we invite candidates interested in joining the Tigris team to attend a group interview hosted by an event manager in their city. We recruit in major markets across Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, to name a few. Once successfully hired onto our roster, staff are notified via e-mail of job opportunities in their area.

If a brand ambassador is available for the job, we submit their photo and resume to the client. In some cases, the client allows the account coordinator to have full control and select the staff they believe are best suited for the job. When reflecting on some of our best brand ambassadors, we believe they encompass these 6 qualities that make them stand out from the rest.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be One Of The Best Brand Ambassadors?

1. Focused – Don’t Text on the Job
This may seem pretty obvious, but some brand ambassadors may be tempted to check their cell phones during slower periods at a promotion. It is important to never be seen using your personal phone unless authorized by the client while working onsite. It’s unprofessional and also makes you appear unwelcoming to potential consumers walking past your activation. Also, you never know who could be walking by, whether it’s the client or the agency, to catch you texting on the job! Keep it professional and only check your phone during breaks.

2. Punctual – Arrive Early & Check-In

Always aim to arrive 15 minutes early to an event. This prevents you from being late in case you can’t find parking or can’t find the correct booth at the trade show. By arriving 15 minutes early, you can introduce yourself to the client, get changed, put away your belongings and be fully prepared to start working right on schedule. Don’t forget to check in with your Team Lead or the event manager from the agency you are representing. It’s important that we know you are onsite and ready to work!

3. Prepared & Educated
We take the time to create detailed training packages, webinars, conference calls and onsite training so you are prepared for the promotion. Don’t leave anything until the last minute. Read your training package as soon as you receive it, leaving time to ask questions if anything is unclear. Memorize your key messaging and plan your transportation prior to the event. When people approach you at an event, you want to be able to engage with them and effortlessly promote the brand and products.

4. Communicate Quickly
Communication is important, and it’s vital that you check your e-mail and phone at least once a day after booked for an event. There may be changes to the schedule or location, so it’s important that the agency is able to easily get a hold of you days leading up to your scheduled promotion. With little to no communication, the agency may replace you with another brand ambassador who is quick to respond.

5. Provide Detailed Feedback
After each event, most agencies require a detailed feedback form. This form outlines questions including participant testimonials, your opinion on the activation, uniforms and your team mates. This feedback is used to create a detailed report for the client. Do not be sparse! Provide as much detail as possible so the event manager is aware of everything that occurred onsite. The more information, the better. If you provide valuable feedback on your first event, you have a better chance of a recommendation for future events.

6. Be Engaging Onsite

Last but not least, perform to the best of your abilities onsite. Don’t wait for people to come up to you, approach them! Be welcoming and entertaining. Provide key messaging, hand out promotional products, and be a great team player. Have fun and do your best to bring the brand to life. Your team mates, the client and event manager will all notice your performance and you’ll be recommended to work future promotions.

Are You Looking to Hire the Best Brand Ambassadors?

As mentioned above, Tigris recruits the best talent nationwide and we constantly refresh our roster each year with new talent. If you are looking for the best brand ambassadors to bring your brand to life, give us a call at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to With over 12 years of experience and brand ambassadors in over 15 markets across Canada, we ensure you that we have the right talent for your promotion.

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