experiential summer events

Experiential Summer Events with Royale Tiger Towel

Experiential summer events are the perfect tool to leverage your brand, wouldn’t you agree? There are thousands of high traffic events across the country happening every week! Of course, not every event will suit your brand. It’s important to decide on a theme that directly relates to your mission and product. As a result, consumers will understand why your brand is attending the specific festival, concert or event.

Tigris teamed up with 6 Degrees Communication, Royale and Irving Oil once again for their 2016 Summer Tour. To leverage and promote Tiger Towel’s “Food Truck” TV spot, the brand decided to participate in food related events across Canada. In addition to promoting the TV spot, their main goal is to drive product trail.

What comes to mind when you think of Tiger Towel Paper Towel? If strong, durable and tough comes to mind (like a Tiger), you’re correct! Tiger Towel Paper Towel can stand up against the toughest messes – it can even withstand washing dishes emerged in water.

Creating Experiential Summer Events to Amplify Royale Tiger Towelexperiential summer events

How do you excite consumers about paper towel? Our client designed an interactive, informative, engaging and memorable activation for each food related event. These experiential activations were designed to created a memorable brand experience for the consumer.

The experiences at the experiential summer events were also designed to promote Royale Tiger Towel’s newest product, the Full Sheet (big sheets designed for big messes). Our brand ambassadors are responsible for bringing each activation to life, and clearly communicating Royale’s main point of difference, “Tiger Strong. Tiger Clean.”

Consumers are more likely to purchase a product they’ve had a memorable, positive experience with. To extend the Food Truck TV spot into real life, Royale is activating at numerous food truck festivals across Canada. These include the Toronto Food Truck Festival, Mississauga Rotary Rib Fest, Taste of Calgary, Le Grande Poutine Fest Montreal, and ManyFest Winnipeg. These events are high traffic, family friendly festivals that correlate directly with the food truck theme.

Bringing Experiential Summer Events to Life with Tigris Brand Ambassadors

experiential summer events

Experiential summer events can include couponing, prize giveaways and product sampling. At each event, Royale Tiger Towel has multiple ‘touch points’ that were extremely relevant to the brand and theme. As a result, consumers become interested and excited about paper towel!

Branded Dispensers & Tablecloths

Because food festivals can become quite messy, Royale Tiger Towel created branded paper towel dispensers throughout the eating area of each festival. They also designed branded adhesive table cloths for the festival eating areas. This subtle way of branding implements the brand into the guests mind. Although it is not experiential, it is a great way to introduce the brand to the consumer so they become familiar with the product.

Scrub and Win Game

Most of all, guests absolutely love the interactive “Scrub and Win” game, where they are able to win great prizes! Our brand ambassadors are responsible for preparing the game, distributing prizes, and briefing consumers on how to play. Consumers receive one piece of Royale Tiger Towel Paper to ‘scrub’ the coating off a game tile of their choice to reveal a prize. Prizes include branded beach towels, tote bags, coupons and stuffed Tigers!

Life Size Cut Out 

For families, Tiger Towel designed a life size Tiger cardboard design with a cutout on the face, for kids and families to take their pictures in. Our brand ambassadors promoted #TigerStrong, and encouraged families to share their photos on social media.

Are You Interested in Creating Experiential Summer Events?

The Tiger Towel 2016 Summer Tour is extremely unique and impacts thousands of potential consumers. If you’re interesting in incorporating experiential marketing into your summer, contact Tigris today! We are able to assist with the planning, staffing and execution of your event. Tigris operates in over 15 markets across Canada with over 1,500 events staff including Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.

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Summer Sampling Event

Sushi Summer Sampling Event with Edo Japan

Our Edo Elves are swapping their holiday costumes for a sushi summer sampling event! Edo Japan is teaming with Tigris once again. This time around, our sushi summer street team will promote their new summer menu. The menu includes 4 new sushi rolls and a sushi combo platter. Talk about a delicious promotion! The sushi summer sampling event will increase awareness and sales for the brand. Edo Japan believes the best way to get customers to order the new rolls and platter is to get them to try a sample! Sounds like a plan, wouldn’t you agree?

Sushi Summer Sampling Event – Increase Sales by Building Trust

Tigris has been busy planning teams of brand ambassadors across Alberta for the sushi summer promotion. The sushi summer street team will visit local businesses to deliver sushi platters and refreshments from the new menu. For the second half of their shift, the team will sample the new product in-store and give customers the opportunity to try the new rolls. Each member of the sushi summer street team is responsible for working independently day by day. The program spans 6 cities in Alberta from June 17 – August 5. Cities include Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Brooks and Grand Prairie. The goal of the promotion is to motivate local businesses to stop by Edo Japan for lunch or dinner. The team will also encourage current consumers to try new items and keep them coming back for more!

Summer Sampling Event

Selecting the Right Staff for a Summer Sampling Event

Brand Knowledge: Staff work independently so it’s important that they are knowledgeable about Edo Japan’s brand, product and target market. In order to effectively communicate key messages about Edo Japan, our BA’s participate in a training prior to their first shift. The staff are also given a training package outlining key messages that the team can review on their own time. It’s crucial that the brand ambassadors are confident executing the summer sampling event. After all, they need to educate consumers on everything Edo Japan!

Managing Onsite Traffic Flow: When putting together a team for the summer sampling event, our  account manager ensures the staff selected were mature, outgoing, and confident. The brand ambassadors are responsible for speaking to every consumer that fits the target market, so they can’t be shy! It’s their duty to engage consumers with conversation and key messaging (that they learned during their training call). BA’s must be able to relay key messaging in a conversation so it appears casual, and not forced. No one wants to be “sold” to!Summer Sampling Event

Consumer Interaction: Although the primary objective is to reach the target demographic, with a sampling program, there will be many people outside of the target demographic that will approach the staff. The brand ambassadors must be happy and excited to introduce Edo Japan to all consumers. A dynamic, cheerful sampling with a positive attitude is bound to get positive results. Like they say, you can attract more bees with honey than vinegar! 

Abundance of Collateral: Our staff are prepare with brand knowledge and a positive attitude to start. This said, it’s also important to ensure they have an abundance of collateral. Our talent are given sushi brochures with an incentive for the local businesses to visit their closest restaurant. The brand ambassadors will visit each store with a fresh sushi platter and even beverages! 

Is a summer sampling event the right marketing tactic for your brand?

Sampling is an extremely effective way to increase sales. It’s natural for customers to want to try before they buy! . Sampling can become very expensive however, so you must consider your ROI. Tigris has executed thousands of sampling initiatives during our 12 years in business. If you’re looking to discuss a sampling program, or find dynamic staff to execute your campaign, contact us today! We operate in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver and Edmonton.

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Canada Day Weekend

Free Canada Day Weekend Events with Tigris Brand Ambassadors!

Are you looking for free Canada Day weekend events? Our Tigris brand ambassadors are representing top brands at 3 experiential marketing events this weekend in Toronto and Vancouver. These free, interactive events are fun for the entire family! Check out what we’ve got going on – we hope to see you there!

Free Canada Day Weekend Events in Vancouver and Toronto

Free Canada Day Weekend Events

Uncle Ben’s National Food Truck Tour – Vancouver

Remember the Nationwide Food Truck Challenge? Well, the Uncle Ben’s Rice and Grains Food Truck will tour across Vancouver June 25th to July 2nd. This food truck offers recipes from the winners in each region – Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. These recipes were created with Uncle Ben’s newest offering, Rice and Grains. The following food trucks that won each challenge are: Buster’s Sea Cove (Toronto) , Le Tigre (Vancouver) and Landry et Filles (Montreal).

To get your mouth watering, here’s a list of the winning dishes our brand ambassadors will be handing out:

  • Buster’s Sea Cove (Toronto) with their winning recipe: Whole Grain Wild Rice w/ Garlic Herb Avocado Shrimp and Baby Clams
  • Landry Et Filles (Montreal) with their winning recipe: Riz Au Lait and Baies (Rice Pudding and Berries)
  • Le Tigre (Vancouver) with their winning recipe: Flew the Coop

The Uncle Ben’s Rice and Grains Food Truck will be at David Lam Park Canada Day Weekend. This is one of the free Canada Day weekend events you do not want to miss!

Free Canada Day Weekend Events

Redpath Waterfront Festival – Toronto 

The Redpath Waterfront Festival is an annual summer event that provides on-land and on-water programming for people of all ages! The purpose of the event is to promote Toronto locally and intentionally as a premiere waterfront destination. There are many fun events going on throughout the festival such as the Ship Shape Obstacle Course, and a Waterfront Artisan Market with over 50 crafters, bakers and chefs!

Harmony Marketing contacted Tigris to provide a team of brand ambassadors to assist with a re-branding promotion for The Quay, formerly known as Maple Leaf Quay. The Quay is  the only dedicated rental development on Toronto’s waterfront. It includes 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites, a fitness facility, luxury theatre, patio, business centre, billiard, party and conference rooms.

Are you interesting in renting an apartment in the waterfront area? Why not go for a tour of the suit and premium amenities! Our brand ambassadors will be at the Redpath Waterfront Festival promoting the premium waterfront apartments. Be sure to ask them all about The Quay, and how you can book a tour of the apartments.

Free Canada Day Weekend Events

Pride Parade – Toronto

Toronto’s Pride Parade has a glorious 35-year history, and it continues to grow and renew each year. If you’re looking to party with your community, continue the fight for justice, and dance in the streets, this is one of the free Canada Day weekend events you MUST attend!

Tigris is providing a team of 12 brand ambasadors to represent Pfizer and man the float at the Toronto Pride Parade. While representing the brand, our brand ambassadors will show their pride and join in on the fun and inspiration.

Our brand ambassadors have been assisting with the Pfizer float since 2011, and are excited to be participating again this weekend. The float is impossible to miss – it features a large VIAGRA pill surrounded by a rainbow of balloons. A DJ will also be playing music on the float and VIAGRA brand ambassadors will be on and around the float, dancing and interacting with the crowd!  Through this float, VIAGRA will encourage Canadians to be proactive and get educated about health issues.

Which Of The 3 Free Canada Day Weekend Events Will You Attend?

Don’t miss Canada’s 149th birthday! Celebrate with your friends and family at one of these free Canada Day weekend events, and you may run into our Tigris team! If you’re interested in using Tigris brand ambassadors to bring your brand to life, contact us today. We’d love to assist with your Canada Day event in 2017

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Event Marketing Industry

Tips to Market and Lead in Your Own Business

Tigris’ CEO & Marketing Manager were featured on Rogers Daytime TV on June 2 to discuss our recent award wins and the event marketing industry. Daytime delivers a daily lifestyle show that shines the spotlight on everything Durham Region has to offer. Check out what we had to say below!

Tell us about Tigris.

Serena: Tigris is a brand experience agency specializing in brands, promotions, personnel and events. We have about 1,500 dynamic events staff from coast to coast.

You’ve won some pretty big awards recently! Can you share some?

Serena: Yes! It’s been a really exciting awards season. We’ve actually been nominated and won the award for Top Choice, for the best 2016 Event Staffing Agency in the GTA.  More recently, I was ranked #95 on the W100 with Profit and Chatelaine Magazine. That was really exciting as well, it’s based on growth in your business and we’re ranked with some other really amazing female business leaders in the event marketing industry, as well as other industries!

That’s remarkable! How long has Tigris been around?

Serena: We were founded in April of 2004, so it’s been 12 years.

12 years and a whirlwind of success for you! I went to your website and you have some great information on how to help businesses flourish. One thing that really caught my eye, which is important for business owners, is capturing a market survey. Talk a little bit about how people could capture information, and get people to fill it in.

Nicole: It’s definitely easier to lead with an incentive – even a $10 Tim Horton’s gift card to make it worth their while. A lot of the surveys are conducted on iPads, or sometimes we could give them a card for them to do it at home, so I think an incentive is a big one. Also our staff are very encouraging and welcoming, which makes it easy to engage in conversation with the target demographic.

Event Marketing

One of the other things you do is parties and events. Let’s talk a little bit about launching a product and having a party for that. What are some of the tricks and things we need to consider, and what do you do?

Serena: Well, we do as much or as little as any client wants us to do. It could be as simple as staffing an event with a couple of people, or it could be planning a party, conference or product launch.

We were actually involved with Samsung a few years back when they launched the Samsung Galaxy, which was one of the hottest smart phones around. We basically created an idea for “Tell Us Your Most Brilliant Summer Story”. So instead of just showcasing the handset in the stores, they captured people telling their most brilliant summer story which also showcased the video features on the handset. We were sold out of the handsets within a couple weeks, it was a very successful program!

That would be an example of a unique way that we can get people to experience the product, instead of just talking to them about it, or seeing an ad, or something like that. I think people are really becoming desensitized to ads, there’s just so much out there, so I think it’s almost gone grassroots now where people have to make that personal connection and have a memorable experience if they are going to invest in a brand.

Speaking of investing in a brand, and having a memorable experience, you really have created a remarkable team. In your opinion, what is the importance for businesses to get that right team in place, and how do you go about doing that in the event marketing industry?

Serena: Nicole has been a great example of someone who has started as one of our events staff, who has now grown to come on board in our office as a Marketing Manager, and she’s literally done a bit of everything. For us, when we are interviewing people, Nicole actually takes care of that. We’ll interview, it could be anywhere between 8-10 people at once in group setting all across the country, and we’re looking for a range of traits, but Nicole can talk more about some of the things that she looks for, since she handles that scope of the business.

Event Marketing Industry (1)

Nicole: Yes! Actually, our next set of interviews for promotional models and brand ambassadors is Wednesday, June 8th. I host with another coworker, and we’re essentially just looking for outgoing individuals. Candidates will send in their resumes and photos, and even though a photo can say a thousand words, we like to meet them in person and make sure they are reliable, trustworthy, outgoing, work well with a team, and are able to communicate a brand and act like a chameleon, because as an events staff for Tigris, it’s different roles, different jobs… you get to wear many hats!

What has been one of your most exciting and memorable events that you’ve done in the event marketing industry? 

Nicole: I would say our Motorsport events, that we do every long weekend in the summer. It recently happened in May, so we had over 30 events staff that would drive shuttle karts, and take campers from their campsite all the way over to watch the NASCAR races. This event is really exciting because we have a large team out there, it’s a great bonding experience for the team, enjoying the sunshine at the first long weekend of summer. We’re also raising money for Jumpstart t, a Canadian Tire charity.

That’s a great charity! And we were talking about some of the work you do in the survey component, you said you do a lot for airports as well. Tell us more about that.

Serena: We have done a lot of work in different capacities, but the airport was one, a really big client that we worked with from 2008 to 2012, where we liaise with Hotspex that designs the actual studies. It could be customer satisfaction or brand perceptions. Our staff actually get their police checks and go post-security with special documentation at the airport, and we may collect anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 surveys in a week to two week time span. If you’ve been to the airport in the last ten years, you’ll notice that there have been a lot of changes, a lot of which has come out of the research that we’ve gathered based on which type of restaurants people like to eat at, what type of stores they like to shop at, what they like at the airport, what they dislike at the airport, so they can continue to make improvements.

Leverage Your Brand With Experts From The Event Marketing Industry

If you’re interested in connecting with Tigris, get a free quote now! We operate in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Tigris is also able to providing staffing support in niche markets including Charlottetown, Saskatoon and Windsor. Learn more about the event marketing industry and how we can help bring your brand to life with the power of presence.

Watch the Interview on Rogers Daytime

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Family Channel National Pop Up Tour

Tigris Brand Ambassadors Pump Up the Crowd at the Backstage Studio Pop Up Tour.

Looking for something fun and free for the children in your family this summer? Check out the Family Channel National Pop Up Tour! The pop up tour promotes a new show on Family Channel, Backstage. Backstage “follows a group of very talented teenagers as they sing, dance, and perform their way to the top at the famous Keaton School of the Arts”. Guests are encouraged to experience the dance, music and fashion of Keaton School of the Arts at the Backstage Studio Pop-up Tour this summer. Seems like the perfect opportunity for a family outing!


The first stop of this family friendly event, presented by Family Channel and Krista Slack, is at the Pickering Town Centre May 28th – 29th. Tigris provides a duo of energetic, professional brand ambassadors to assist in each city. Fans are encouraged to visit interactive stations where they can learn new dance moves and  listen to hit songs from the show. In addition, they can play a fashion game, purchase merchandise, and watch scheduled musical performances from cast member and recording artist, Mckenzie Small!

In each city, autographs from talent are first come, first serve. Because of the high demand, there is a limit of 250 wrist bands. Therefore, be sure to grab a wrist band prior to the event if you’d like to snag an autograph from your favourite character!

Check out when the Backstage Studio Pop-Up Tour will be at a mall near you!


For tour details including mall hours, performance, autograph times and wristband distribution locations, please visit New episodes of Backstage air Friday’s at 7PM on Family Channel and can also be seen on the new Family Channel App.

Providing Top Talent for a Nationwide Pop Up Tour

Our Tigris brand ambassadors are responsible for encouraging guests to use specific hashtags when posting and sharing their photos. In addition, they encourage overall participation in the interactive stations, and manage merchandise sales. In each city, Tigris has provided our top talent that work well with children and are able to pump up a crowd!


You may be thinking, why not use the same staff that worked at the Pickering Town Centre in Vancouver, Edmonton, Fredericton and Mississauga? Because it’s cost effective! Below are 3 reasons why we have provided different staff to assist in each city of the Backstage Studio Pop Up Tour.

COST EFFECTIVE :: Businesses and brands save big bucks when they use talent native to each city. If Krista Slack/Family Channel wanted to use the same staff for the entire Pop Up Tour, extra costs would be involved. This would include travel costs and per diems, in addition to the staff hourly rate. As a result, the cost can add up fast! By using staff that live in each city, our client is able to avoid the extra travel cost. Because Tigris has supplied different events staff in each city, each group of brand ambassadors must be trained for an hour onsite before the weekend event begins. This one hour of training per staff in each city is a very nominal fee compared to the cost of accommodating staff from province to province. 

TOP TALENT IN EACH CITY :: Tigris has Regional Account Managers in our top markets across Canada that manage events onsite. They also recruit and hire top talent in each city. We rely on our Regional Account Managers to hire the best of the best for our roster. Today, our team has grown to 1,500 events staff nationwide in over 15 markets across Canada. Our clients can rest assured that the staff in Edmonton will be of the same caliber as our staff in Toronto. 

FAMILIARITY WITH THE CITY :: By using talent that are local to the city the event is taking place, our clients are able to use the staff to their advantage. For many of our staff, the malls they are working at are the same malls they’ve been shopping at for several years. They know the area inside-out, and are able to assist our clients onsite with any additional support they may need. 

Dynamic Staff for a Pop Up Tour and other Nationwide Programs

If you’re looking for professional, talented events staff to represent your brand in various cities across Canada, contact Tigris today! Here at Tigris, we create, plan and staff memorable experiences that build brands and business. Give us a call at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to for a free, no obligation quote.

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Inspired Wedding Themes

Wedding Themes, Venues, Decor and More

Tigris is heavily involved in event staffing but over the last 12+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve also planned lots of events from start to finish. This includes inspired wedding themes! While our business is corporate focused, we have planned surprise birthday and anniversary parties. More recently, we planned a post-wedding reception for our very own CEO, Serena Holmes! Her and her husband were married in Thailand on their 9 year anniversary. Because they eloped, they wanted to plan an amazing reception for friends and family when they got home.

The wedding industry is a special beast, isn’t it? There are so many emotions flowing, family dynamics (or drama) to work through, a budget to manage and a relationship to keep healthy. Weddings are beautiful but they can also be stressful. From wedding themes and venues to catering, decor and a DJ, here are a few things our CEO learned along the way.

Nautical Inspired Wedding Themes at The Avalon Lounge!

When our CEO and her husband made the decision to elope in Thailand, their respective families weren’t exactly overjoyed that they couldn’t be involved in their day. This couple is a unique pair. They believe that marriage is about the two people involved. As a result, it was an easy decision to go on a whirlwind trip of a lifetime, saying “I Do” on an 11km long private beach in Khao Lak. They also toured 5 cities to create irreplaceable memories to build the next step of their life on. They love their families but thought it would be really cool to plan their wedding day in a tropical destination. They saved photos from the private beach ceremony and intimate candlelit waterfall dinner for a post-wedding celebration. In a nutshell, the post-wedding celebration was the exact same thing as a wedding reception without the stress of a ceremony the same day. Like any event, the first step in figuring out wedding themes – or anything else for that matter – is finding a location.

VENUES :: there are tons of venues in the GTA to choose from but they widely vary in size, cost, location, etc. With so many years of event planning under her belt, our CEO decided to book the party at The Avalon Lounge in Whitby. This is different from most halls because you’re only renting a room. This means you need to hire your own caterer, stock the bar, hire bartenders, get a permit – and set up/tear down – all by yourself. While this may sound like a lot  of work, it cuts your costs in half (if not more!) and you still get everything you need. This includes a beautiful, open concept room with a bar, kitchen, indoor and outdoor space. Best of all, it’s on the waterfront in south Whitby. Guests had a GREAT time sprawling out on the patio, picnic tables and roaming the docks checking out the boats. With a location like this, it lent itself perfectly to nautical wedding themes. The location already had lots of great decor so this didn’t require nearly as much effort as it would have by choosing a regular hall.  which adds to the savings.

2016 06 07 Blog 2











Back in 2012, Tigris planned a couple of Moulin Rouge themed corporate parties. The marketing company that hired us booked the venues before hand which created some issues. Given the theme, the events required major installation of staging/drapery. This comes included with select venues in each city. Had they thought it through before hand, they could have cut their costs significantly by allowing Tigris to research and submit these venues for consideration in advance. However, since they did not, nearly $15,000 was spent re-creating what is readily available at some venues. In addition, they were forced to absorb a $10,000 cost to cancel one venue and switch to a better one in Calgary. It’s important to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line – that was a very costly cancellation!

DECOR :: pay close attention to the decor when you are checking out different venues. Some may have what you need already! For Serena, she noticed that The Avalon Lounge had lots of great decor already which would compliment the nautical wedding themes. The venue already had boating inspired paintings and a marlin on the wall behind the bar. They even a table with a ships wheel as a base along with a book shelf, with books on boating.

To enhance the venue, white chair covers and navy satin table cloths were rented. Navy/white runners were also purchased to set the tone for the guest tables. LED lit wire-framed lanterns were purchased as centerpieces. Vases were filled with 2 white hydrangeas and decorated with white rope, burlap string and anchor prints. The front table featured the same table linens along with a decorated gift jar. In addition, name tags were placed on a wire framed board and lots of sea shells. It’s safe to say everyone was aware of the theme!

FOOD STATIONS & BAR :: the catering company selected offered an array of delicious passed and stationary appetizers followed by 3 food stations. Keeping in mind guest preferences, Serena and her husband chose a variety of options. This included a carvery with prime rib, chardonnay chicken, spring salad and rolls, a Greek souvlaki station with chicken skewers, gyros, traditional salad and spanokopita and a mashed potato bar. The potato bar was a HUGE hit! Following dinner was a coffee/tea service and dessert – 3 mini cakes (turtles tart, caramel crunch and molten lava), a flaming crepe station and even a Lithuanian wedding cake.

2016 06 07 Blog 7











One key learning from hiring the caterer was not to assume you’ll get to keep any left overs. This caterer in particular had a clause indicating all left over food is disposed of to ensure there are no risks of food poisoning from spoiled food. Unfortunately, this was one detail that wasn’t clearly communicated. Therefore, all left overs went into the garbage including the dessert – and the wedding cake that had been provided by Serena’s mother in law 🙁  Needless to say, it was a little disappointing.

The bartenders dressed in wedding themes to further enhance the guest’s experience. The navy and white striped shirts were perfect! The bar featured a decorated lemonade dispenser, 3 floral arrangements and 4 fish bowls with themed candy and snacks (peanuts aka “fish food” | gold fish crackers “catch of the day” | shark gummies “shark bites | gummy rings “life preservers”). Even the patio tables outside had small LED lanterns for ambient lighting after the sun went down.

INVITATIONS / GIFTS :: the theme was revealed with invitations a few months in advance of the party including a ship’s wheel on one side and an anchor on the back side. While return RSVP cards were provided with a stamp, quite a few guests didn’t RSVP on time and had to be contacted by phone, email or social media to confirm. When you’re dealing with a large number of people, confirmations can be a bit of a moving target. Keep calm and be flexible… it’s not ideal but it’s to be expected there could be changes – even up to the day of the event.

Given the nontraditional nature of the event, lots of guests had questions about what to wear. They were encouraged to dress in summer casual apparel they would be comfortable in so they could enjoy the indoor and outdoor space afforded by the venue. Not everyone may understand your vision so be patient and be as clear as possible when providing information.

Gifts were sourced for guests with the nautical wedding themes in mind. They included nautical wine stoppers with an anchor on top and glass coasters etched with a ship’s wheel. Both items were wrapped in white paper bags, stamped with an anchor in navy ink and decorated with royal blue curled ribbons.

When all was said and done, the event went off without a hitch and guests had a great time – some of our Tigris staff included!

No matter what kind of event you’re planning – from wedding themes to birthday parties (for dance lessons you’re on your own), be mindful of details as they are all interconnected. Keeping this in mind may cost or save you down the road. For all of your event planning needs, give us a ring at 416.283.9119 or email us at

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Nationwide Food Truck Challenge

Uncle Ben’s Rice & Grains Food Truck Challenge

What better way to celebrate a new, delicious product than with a Food Truck Challenge? Food truck’s are eye-catching, specialize in a specific product, and bring a sense of community. Food is known for bringing people together; it’s impossible not to bond over something delicious! That’s why Uncle Ben’s decided to execute a Food Truck Challenge in 3 major markets across Canada; to showcase the convenient, versatile and delicious new dish amongst these large communities.


Uncle Ben’s Rice and Grains Food Truck Challenge will be executed in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto this summer with the help of our dynamic Tigris brand ambassadors. The purpose of the promotion is to promote Uncle Ben’s new product, Rice and Grains. Three local food trucks from each city will compete to see who can create the most delicious recipe using Uncle Ben’s Rice and Grains, which contains wholegrain brown rice and quinoa.

Tigris assisted Roaming Hunger and FleishmanHillard for the planning and execution of these events. Our Tigris brand ambassadors will be dressed in bright orange aprons in each city, distributing passports to each attendee. The passport will be used to guide attendees through the event; after visiting each food truck to receive a free sample, the participant will have their passport stamped with the recipe. With a full stomach, participants are asked to vote for their favourite dish/food truck.

The Montreal Food Truck Challenge took place May 26th, and participants loved sharing their experience with the Tigris brand ambassadors. Free food on a beautiful day made the experience even more positive for attendees. There was a long table set up in the middle of the event for participants to sit, relax, eat and debate over their favourite dish. The experience brought everyone together and added a strong sense of community.


You know the old saying, ‘you have to spend money to make money’? This event is a perfect example. An investment was made in the creation of the event, and ROI can be seen by measuring the sales in each city. After having such a positive consumer experience, and giving participants the recipes to re-create an easy, delicious dish at home, brand awareness and sales for the new product will increase. Consumers respond better when they are giving the opportunity to experience a brand, as opposed to being pushed to purchase a product.

The following food trucks that will compete in each market are :Meet 2 Eat, Le Tigre, Super Thai Food (Vancouver), Food Dudes, Buster’s Sea Cove, Fidel Gastro (Toronto) Pas d’Cochon dans mon salon , Le TukTuk and Landry et Filles (Montreal). These events are stacked full of experts!

Uncle Ben’s Food Truck Challenge will occur in Vancouver on June 7th and Toronto on June 9th. Stay up to date with the winners of the  Uncle Ben’s Rice and Grains Food Truck Challenge by visiting their Facebook Page. The winner from each city will be travelling across Canada for the rest of the summer, so be sure to visit to see when the winning food truck will be visiting a city near you!

Become Part of the Food Truck Frenzy with a Food Truck Challenge

This wasn’t our first time participating in a food truck activation. This popular trend utilizes experiential marketing to the fullest extent and is embraced by brands to encourage participation and discussion in their products. In 2015, Tigris teamed up with Grassroots Advertising to execute a Food Truck Sampling Tour in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver for Cloverleaf Tuna Toppers. Along with sampling the different flavours, consumers were given 2$-off coupons on their first purchase of the product.


Remember the thrill of chasing the ice cream truck down the street? Re-create that excitement with a Food Truck Challenge for your consumers. Contact Tigris today at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to Tigris is a brand experience agency specializing in dynamic event staffing & experiential marketing. Not only can we provide the energetic, knowledgeable staff for your event – but we can develop and execute the concept from start to finish. Let us bring your brand to life with the power of presence!

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Tigris President & CEO Ranked on the W100 List of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs of 2016

Meet Serena Holmes, W100 Top Female Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk ( Serena Holmes took a risk in 2008 when she bought out Tigris from her partner, who decided to leave the business she had founded 4 years prior, for personal reasons. Serena embraced positive forward thinking, which includes believing yourself, trusting your instincts and seizing opportunities.

Now 9 years later, female entrepreneur Serena Homes has tripled the sales of Tigris, manages 4 full-time employees at the head office, supported by regional account managers in all major Canadian cities. The roster of events staff has grown from 300-400 staff to over 1,500 and this small business just continues to expand. It’s no wonder Serena was recognized by the W100 and has achieved many other awards and recognition to date.

2016 W100: Celebrating the Canadian Female Entrepreneur


Did you know Canada is the emerging hot spot for female entrepreneurs? It makes sense that there would be an entire awards program to celebrate the achievements of these women. The PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 ranking and awards program is Canada’s largest celebration of entrepreneurial achievement by women. The W100 List for 2016 became public on May 16th – and Tigris’ CEO, Serena Holmes was included among 99 other trail-blazing women.

“The members of the 2016 W100 each possess the talent and tenacity to start and grow a successful business,” said James Cowan, Editor-in-chief of PROFIT and Canadian Business.  “Their remarkable achievements serve as proof that ambitious, risk-taking female entrepreneurs are integral to the growth of the Canadian economy.”

The PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 ranks female entrepreneurs by a composite score that considers the size, growth rate and profitability of the companies they own and manage. The full list will be available year round at and on In addition, winners will be honoured in the June 2016 issue of Canadian Business Magazine which is circulated nationally to over 700,000 subscribers.

“I am humbled and honoured to be recognized among so many inspirational women. When I learned about the W100 back in 2008, I made it a personal goal and mission to eventually be included on this list. It took 12 years in business and 8 years since to earn this achievement but I am proud to have finally made it. It is exciting to share this with my team; without them, none of this would have been possible”, says Tigris CEO, Serena Holmes.


Along with being ranked amongst the country’s most successful entrepreneurs, Tigris is the Top Choice Award Winner for Best Event Staffing Agency of 2016. This past year, Tigris was been shortlisted to Canada’s Top 100 List with the Globe & Mail and was nominated for the Best Employer Branding category with the Canadian HR Awards alongside The Keg and Molson-Coors. In 2014, Tigris won a sales achievement award at the Ultimate Wealth Weekend and was nominated in the marketing and advertising category for the Notable Awards in Toronto.

Tigris recently celebrated their 12th year in business, operating in over 15 markets nationwide and has plans to expand to the United States by the end of the year.

Connect With the Female Leaders of Tigris

There are many ways to get connected with Tigris! If you’re interested in working as a dynamic events staff, please submit 2-3 photos and your resume to If you’re interested in learning more about how our experiential event staffing services can be beneficial for your company, contact Tigris at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to

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Effectively Reach Your Audience With An In-Store Sampling

How to Execute an In-Store Sampling to Reach Your Audience and Increase Sales

Get your product into the hands (or mouths!) of your target consumer with an in-store sampling. Not only will sales increase on the day of the sampling, but also increase sales of the product line for several weeks following. There are many factors to consider before executing an in-store sampling such as location, time and day, professional certified samplers, as well as aesthetics.  Review the 3 steps listed below to ensure an effective in-store sampling of your product.


1. Selecting a Store & Time of Day

Have you tried Two Bears Coffee? This bottled, cold brew coffee comes in Original Cold Brew, Hazelnut Sea Salt and Sweet Cacao Coffee. The recipe uses premium direct trade beans, is all natural, 75% less bitter than traditional coffee and lasts up to 6 months. As this cold brew business begins to expand, Two Bears Coffee has teamed up with Tigris to provide promotional models to sample the product.

Where will the sampling occur? At various Goodness Me locations in Barrie, Brantford, Guelph and Toronto. Goodness Me is Canada’s health store that provides the cleanest green and natural foods. These samplings all take place on weekends from 11AM-3PM. Saturday is by far the busiest grocery shopping day of the week, which means it is the ideal day to execute a sampling and reach hundreds of potential consumers.

Be sure to have the store manager announce hourly through the intercom that the sampling is taking place. It’s also crucial to take into consideration where your sampling will be set up in the store. Ensure this is a high traffic location that relates to your product. For Two Bears Coffee, the sampling was executed in the dairy isle of Fiesta Farms. This location made sense because most people pair milk with their coffee.


2. Using the Right People and an Attractive Display

When reaching out to a temporary staffing agency for a trained food handler or smart serve certified individual, take the time to think about what type of person best represents your brand. For a series of samples for Minhas Creek Brewing Company, Tigris has provided attractive female, smart serve certified promotional models to sample their Boxer Gluten Free beer. The staff selected to represent the brewing company all lived close to the assigned stores, had experience sampling and were comfortable selling and working independently.

The primary goal of the program is sampling the product with new customers and directly impacting on-site sales during and following the tasting. Along with selecting the right person to represent your brand, the appearance of the sampling station is just as important. Be sure to always bring a cover for the table; this can be branded or simply all black. Set up the products in an organized, attractive arrangement that attracts and intrigues shoppers. If possible, a branded roll-up banner behind the sampler can be included. This helps make the sampling stand out, and can also highlight key information about your product that will influence the shopper to stop and sample your product.


3. Turn Samples into Business

So you’ve given away hundreds of samples and interacted with as many people as possible throughout the sampling. How does one ensure the samples are turned into sales? By sampling your product to as many people as possible in person, you know that the potential consumers will receive the most compelling information about your product, and be able to ask questions and receive answers they wouldn’t receive through a traditional billboard advertisement.

Once a new customer can taste and experience your brand, it’s more likely they will look for it in the grocery store. Worst case scenario, the shopper doesn’t like your product due to the taste but has had an overall positive experience with your brand by engaging with the experienced sampler. Our staff also take an opening and closing inventory to track onsite sales, so our clients know right after the shift how successful the sampling was.

Execute an Effective In-Store Sampling with Tigris!

There’s no better time than now to get started on an in-store sampling campaign for your product. Tigris operates in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton. Give us a call at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to to get a free, no-obligation quote. We have over 1,500 promotional models and brand ambassadors across Canada to represent your brand. Start turning samplings into sales today!

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Get Your Target Audience To Complete Your Field Market Research Survey

Do you want to know exactly what your target consumer is thinking? Of course you do! The more information you have about your target audience, the better. This valuable information can help you discover a variety of data that will influence the next steps for your company. What is the best way to gather this information? Through a field market research study!

Create a Field Market Research Survey People Will WANT to Complete!

We are always in a rush and constantly distracted. People are always on the move, with somewhere to be, consistently distracted by their cell phones. Once you’ve discovered where your target audience will be, it can be hard to capture their attention, even when you are standing directly in front of them.

Field market researchers know how to break through the noise and get your target consumers to slow down, stop, and put down their phones. They are trained to lead with an incentive to entice consumers, and know how to develop a meaningful conversation.

What are the best incentives to complete a survey?

  • Gift Cards
  • On the spot giveaways (such as branded water bottles)
  • Charity donations
  • Lottery (a chance to win)


Which type of incentive is best for me?

According to, when it comes to increasing response rates, previous research has shown that cash is king, boosting survey response rates the most. Of course, you have to take your budget into consideration, as well as the length of the survey. If the survey takes more than 10 minutes to complete, chances are the individual will not be motivated to complete the survey for anything under $10.

In the photo above, the field market researcher did not use any specific incentive to encourage survey participation, because the topic directly affected and interested the students. The 1-2 minute multiple choice survey was conducted on a user friendly iPad, with questions surrounding student housing options. Tigris provided youthful field market researchers who were able to directly relate to the students.

What method will you use to conduct your survey?

The two most popular methods to complete a survey (in our experience) is on an iPad or online. Each method has it’s own pros and cons. In regards to an iPad survey, one may have a better opt-in rate because the field market researchers are able to ensure the survey is being completed. The participants are able to ask any questions they may have as they are completing the survey. Some negative aspects of using an iPad is the cost, and as well, there may be difficulty physically getting people to stop and complete the survey. With an online survey, there is no guarantee the consumer will go home (and remember) to complete the survey. If they are confused by any questions, they may become frustrated and neglect to complete the survey. A benefit is that the participant is able to complete the survey on their own time, in privacy.

Field Market Research Strategies to Develop an Appealing Survey with High Opt-Ins


Regardless of whether the participant is completing the survey directly in front of the field market researcher or in the privacy of their own home, it is important to ensure the survey is clear, concise and appealing. This will encourage the participant to complete the survey, resulting in more data for your company.

Is my survey clear?

To make your survey clear, ensure each question can be read once, and the reader will understand exactly what you are asking. Refrain from using complicated sentences and jargon. Make it as simple as possible. Do not over complicate things!

Is my survey concise?

The longer the survey, the less participants you will have. Keep it concise and only ask the most important questions to maintain your participants’ interest and obtain a high completion rate.  Include a progress bar at the top of the survey so they are aware of how many more questions they need to complete. You can also include motivational slogans, such as “Two more questions, you’re almost there!”.

Is my survey appealing?

Surveys by nature can be a bit dull. By adding graphics to your questions, the survey can become much more appealing. It’s important to ensure these images relate directly to the survey and the question being asked. Do not add anything that is irrelevant, or may confuse the participant.

Let’s Start Surveying!

We hope you’ve found this information on increasing survey participation informative and beneficial.  Are you ready to gain valuable information from and about your target demographic? Contact Tigris today to achieve high results from your survey with the use of our field market researchers. Give us a call at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to Tigris operates in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal.

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