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Tigris Turns 13! Celebrating a Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

The number 13 comes with negative connotations; take Friday the 13th for example. However, there’s nothing unlucky about this Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency’s 13th anniversary; we have so much to celebrate! As of March 31st, we’ve staffed over 140,000 hours for close to 600 clients. This July, we are taking possession of a new office space that will allow us to double in size. In addition, after ten months of development, Tigris will be launching our new staffing software to streamline our current system. 

As you know, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. To learn more about our company history, read this personal message from Serena Holmes, Tigris President & CEO. You’ll discover how her journey began, and why our team is so grateful to work alongside such a powerful female entrepreneur.

Highlights from our 13 Years as a Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency 

In our boardroom, we have a highlight photo from each year hanging on the wall. Along with showcasing the various hairstyles over the years (haha), this wall motivates us to keep aiming higher. It also reminds us of our achievements as a team and the types of events we see ourselves executing in the next 13 years.

We’d like to share this motivational wall with you, giving our clients and brand ambassadors the recognition they deserve. This Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency is built on teamwork, trust, and many talented individuals.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2004 Apple Lounge 

In 2004, our team was quite small. One of our main events was providing management and cocktail servers for the Apple Lounge and steakhouse grand opening. Upon arrival, guests were given an “Apple Invitation” and a complimentary drink voucher. There was over 100 people that attended this night! 

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2005 KRG Children’s Charities

Event planning has always been part of our roots. For KRG Children’s Charities, we were responsible for planning an entire gala from start to finish. This includes sourcing the catering, venue, personnel, volunteers and entertainment. In addition, Tigris managed sales, games and a silent auction. Invitations were designed and we sourced promotional giveaways and guest entertainers. 

Candian Experiential Marketing Agency

2006  Krista Slack and Associates

You know we love big and splashy outdoor promotions! In 2006, we teamed up with KS&A to provide talented, outgoing staff to promote the TV show Deadwood. Back then, we called our staff ‘Tigris TSS’ – temporary sales staff. This promotion took place over 4 days before the premiere on Labour Day. Equipped with Western accents, our team engaged with pedestrians and asked them themed questions such as, “Where’s the nearest saloon? That trail dust has me damn thirsty!”


Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2008 Peroni Sampling

Tigris teamed up with Speed Promotions to book a team of “Italian looking” exotic promotional models for the launch of Peroni Beer in Canada. With 34 executions in Toronto and 19 in Vancouver, the promotional models were busy at bars and restaurants in each city. While onsite, the promotional models sampled the product and communicated important key messaging to distinguish the high-end brew from others on the market.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2009 Rogers OP Sports Week 

We love this happy bunch! Above, you can see 6 brand ambassadors and 3 event managers. This team worked with Rogers and Fan Fair to execute an engaging two-week experiential activation at Ontario Place. They managed a series of free games for children all tied into the top local sports teams. Over two weeks, our team gave out over 10,000 prizes and flyers!

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2010 Summers at Blur Motorola Promotion 

Tigris teamed up with Hill & Knowlton Strategies for a summer street promotion called MOTOBLUR. Consumers were asked to ‘like’ the Motorola Canada Facebook Fan page for their chance to win amazing prizes.

Tigris was proud to represent Motorola on the streets of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver to promote the online initiative.  The teams of brand ambassadors rode around on dickie dee’s to hand out 30,000 flyers and popsicles. The goal was to cool people down on a hot day and heat them up with excitement about the amazing contest during the blitz of each city. Needless to say, the public absolutely ate up the program – and our popsicles! They loved the concept of the program, eager to sign up online.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2011 Sun Rype Promotion 

This was the 5th consecutive year our bubbly promotional model sampled Sun-Rype’s new juices and fun bites at the Grocery Showcase West Tradeshow. Our temporary trade show staff are food-safe certified and help push sales through key messaging at each event. Working with this delicious brand was always a treat!

Canadian Experiential

2012 Appleton Promotion 

Tigris began working with Peter Mielzynski Agencies in May/12 to provide promotional models to execute their sampling events for Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. You may recognize the woman in the photo above – that’s Evangelia, who worked in the Tigris head office for 5 years! 

In addition to providing a team of stunningly beautiful, knowledgeable promotional models to serve Appleton mixed cocktails at restaurants throughout the GTA, we also managed supplies, set up and tear down. Each promotional model was responsible for discussing the brand while offering samples to patrons at the bar in order to promote sales. 

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2013 Tide Test with Zoom Media

Tigris teamed up with the biggest ad agency in the business to plan and execute a unique experiential activation to promote the new detergent, Tide Sport + Febreze. Our Tigris “Tide” brand ambassadors were stationed at 24 gyms in Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver Jan. 28 & 30 to collect gym members laundry.

We actually did their laundry Feb. 2-3 and returned the items in Tide-branded laundry bags, along with a free bottle of detergent, on Feb. 4. In addition to staffing brand ambassadors, Tigris also coordinated the laundromats and uniforms for the program. In total over 800 people participated in the program!

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2014 CGC Mud Tour

Tigris’ energetic events staff worked tirelessly for CGC’s national promo tour, appropriately called#MudTour2014! Our brand ambassadors literally made their way, coast to coast, across Canada from May 5 through to Sept. 1. 

Our events staff in Western Canada travelled from Victoria through to Winnipeg, our Central gal roamed Ontario and our Eastern events staff spanned Kingston to St. John’s Newfoundland. While on tour, the events staff drove branded trucks and partnered up with local sales reps to network at construction sites, gathering important data on CGC products and handing out swag. To read up more on this rugged mud tour, click here.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2015 NBA All-Star Tour with FILO Productions 

Our Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency has had the opportunity to work with lots of companies from the States over the past few years and this event was no exception. Tigris teamed up with FILO Productions to provide teams of athletic brand ambassadors for community-based initiatives in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Fredericton, New Brunswick, and Regina, Saskatchewan. For each event, Tigris supplied over 15 athletic brand ambassadors per city who were skilled in basketball and had experience working with children. The tour continued into 2017 with Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and Windsor, Ontario.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2016 Uncle Ben’s Roaming Hunger 

What better way to celebrate a new, delicious product than with a Food Truck Challenge? That’s why Uncle Ben’s decided to execute a Rice and Grains Food Truck Challenge in 3 major markets across Canada; to showcase the convenient, versatile and delicious new dish amongst these large communities. The event was executed in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto with the help of our dynamic Tigris brand ambassadors.

The purpose of the promotion was to promote Uncle Ben’s new product: Rice and Grains. Three local food trucks from each city competed to see who could create the most delicious recipe using the new product, which contains wholegrain brown rice and quinoa. Tigris assisted Roaming Hunger and FleishmanHillard for the planning and execution of these events.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2017 Brita & ME to We with 6 Degrees 

Although we are only 3 months into 2017, this Brita activation is one we hold close to our hearts. Brita is executing a national program where each specially-marked Brita product will directly contribute 1 year of clean water to someone in Kenya. At Square One Centre Court, shoppers are invited to discover the Virtual Reality Activation we are hosting for 6 Degrees March 20th – April 9th. You’ll be taken on a journey with 13-year-old Beatrice on what life is like in Irkaat, Kenya before and after your Brita purchases!

A Very Thankful Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

From creating, planning and staffing events that build our clients brands and businesses to giving talent on our roster fun, flexible, great paying part-time opportunities – we truly love what we do. Thank you to our clients for giving us the opportunity to collaborate on ideas and bring their brands to life with our dynamic events team. Cheers!

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best event staffing agency toronto

Memorable Experiences with the Best Event Staffing Agency Toronto

Companies that take care of their talent are the best to work for, wouldn’t you agree? We want our team to consider us the best event staffing agency Toronto. We’re doing our best to make our brand ambassadors happy. 

Because our team of events staff are independent contractors, they are booked on an event to event basis. Although we can not offer traditional benefits, Tigris offers many opportunities for our team to grow financially and intellectually. We encourage our staff to bring in business for Tigris through their own efforts. Doing so will bring them a commission worth 10% of the profit. This is on top of the hourly rate they receive working our events. The highest commission paid to date was $3,000! 

Intellectually, we offer our team the opportunity to grow within the company by working as a Team Lead or Event Manager. In addition, specific members film a Facebook Live Video showcasing their role at each event.  This allows staff to contribute to our social media channels. On Facebook alone, we are nearing 50,000 followers!

We believe we offer our team unique opportunities, but it’s always better to hear it first-hand. Our Toronto roster shares some of their most memorable experiences with #TeamTigris. 

Tigris Testimonials: Memorable Experiences with the Best Event Staffing Agency Toronto 

best event staffing agency toronto

…The best part about working with Tigris are the great relationships you build, with not only your team but the customers as well. I absolutely love meeting new people and making someone’s day! Whether it be giving out free samples or just informing people about great events and initiatives, the take back is so rewarding. My favourite Tigris experience was probably when I worked with Tiger Towel at Woodbine Park. The great team I worked with made the day fun, entertaining and eventful. We all had each other’s backs and were quick to help out where needed. Working with the public was amazing as well. They were so excited to play the game and try to win the tiger stuffed animal. I truly look forward to many more events like this in the future. – Stephanie C

best event staffing agency toronto

My favourite Tigris event so far has been the GQ NBA party, working for a very popular fashion magazine during the NBA All-Star Tour. This was truly  an experience of a life time especially after seeing my photo published on the GQ Blog (as seen above) – Fady Z

Positive Experiences with Tigris’ Promotional Models 

best event staffing agency toronto

Working with Tigris has been amazing! They have always been so inclusive. I feel like they genuinely care about my well-being when I work with them. I met one of my closest friends working with Tigris at the Auto Show last year, and I also scored the best pair of black leggings I own. A win-win situation, very common when I’m with Tigris! I even scored a two month full-time work opportunity with them this past fall. I learned so much! – Alyssa O

best event staffing agency toronto

I would have to say my favourite Tigris experience was the Tigris group interview. This was the first time I got to meet the Tigris team in person and it was such a positive experience, I still remember being asked what the name of my autobiography would be and having a great laugh about it afterwards! I knew that I wanted to work with Tigris when I saw how dedicated the team was and how passionate they were about what they did! – Angela Z

Team Up With Tigris Events, Best Event Staffing Agency Toronto

If these testimonials got you excited to join the team, apply today! We are consistently recruiting nationwide across Canada. To apply, send 2-3 recent photos and your resume to If you’re interested hiring Tigris brand ambassadors or promotional models for your next event, contact us today for a free quote. 

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Contest Marketing for Under Armour #BoostYourHealth

Feature Image courtesy of: Hudsons’s Bay Company

Hudson’s Bay Company announced that January is the month to #BoostYourHealth. In addition to sharing tips online, an in-store event at Hudson Bay Queen Street was executed to help shoppers accomplish their wellness goals. Several vendors used interactive contest marketing to participate and acknowledge their support for the #BoostYourHealth movement.

Because 2017 wellness goals and resolutions start now. – The Point, HBC

Athletic Events Staff

January 14th was a full day of in-store events celebrating different ways to boost your health. Tigris joined forces with Under Armour for a contest marketing campaign, Spin to Win. Shoppers can jump on an exercise bike to win a complete Under Armour look (that’s including the shoes!). The number of entries each participant receives is related to how many calories they can burn on their bikes. For example, if you were to burn 10 calories in 30 seconds, you can enter the contest 10 times. As you can imagine, it got a bit competitive! 

Because shoppers came in non-athletic attire the latest Under Armour shoes were available for participants to try on. The right shoes can increase your athletic performance because it’s impossible to spin in heels! After participating, each contestant was given a 20%-off coupon for in-store purchases, valid that day only. Many people loved the shoes so much, they bought them on the spot!

4 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Contest Marketing Into Your Next Event

contest marketing

Increase your database & learn valuable information about your consumer

In order for shoppers to participate in the contest, they must enter through an online waiver via iPad. This waiver collects various data about each participant including gender, phone number and e-mail. With permission, each e-mail is entered into the Under Armour e-newsletter database. Consumers are now eligible to receive e-mails about upcoming sales and new products. Consumers are less hesitant to give their information when they receive something in return. 

Participants become brand ambassadors

Throughout the day, close to 200 shoppers participated in the Spin to Win contest. Each participant, eager to share their experience online, took multiple photos and videos of the activation. In addition, our team snapped action shots as the calories burned away. Because this is such a fun and unique opportunity, everyone was eager to share their experience on social media. As a result, participants became brand ambassadors for, Under Armour. They spread awareness by posting their photos with their experience, along with tagging Under Armour and using #BootYourHealth. As a result, these images were shared with hundreds of their friends and followers. It’s like a domino effect! 

Athletic Events Staff

Contests are affordable!

The overall concept of a contest is extremely affordable. Gathering information is free. In addition, brands usually give away products they have available in stock, therefore there is minimal to no out of pocket cost. For the #BoostYourHealth campaign, Under Armour designed a branded metal cube installation, complete with 2 spin bikes, a spin instructor, multiple iPads, and Tigris brand ambassadors. However, all of these extra components did come at an extra cost. Therefore it’s up to you how interactive and big you want your contest marketing to be! 

Increase Sales 

Ultimately, this activation encourages onsite sales by allowing participants to try on the shoes while spinning. The comfort, look and feel of the shoes are impossible to ignore. It was easy to see participants falling in love with the shoes as they slipped them on. In addition, the activation was in the middle of Under Armour’s clothing section. Participants were surrounded by the newest clothing, and Tigris brand ambassadors were wearing the latest apparel. It was impossible NOT to buy something!

Try Contest Marketing At Your Next Event

Contest marketing works for all types of brands, from retail to alcohol. Consumers love the opportunity to win something free. This especially true if it’s from a brand they value and love. Try contest marketing at your next event. You can even tie the concept into social media!

Because contest marketing has multiple benefits, it’s a great tactic to use. However, it must be done properly. Even if a contest provides a great prize, people may be reluctant to provide you with their contact information. That’s where our brand ambassadors come in. Our team is trained to take on a brand’s persona and encourage contest participation. Contact Tigris today to learn more about our event staffing services. We operate nationwide across Canada with over 2,000 events staff on the team.

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Holiday Staff Parties for Tigris in 4 Cities

How do you go about celebrating your best year yet? Throw nationwide holiday staff parties of course! Tigris events staff could be found working more than 32,000 hours on 4,500 shifts and 1,200+ activations in 2016. That’s a 30% increase over our 2015 events. Needless to say, we have lots to be thankful for and want to show gratitude with the hard-working members of our team.

We’ve been working with and getting to know some amazing staff across the country. What better way to ring in the New Year and celebrate our successes than with holiday staff parties in not only 1 but 4 of our major markets?  This past Sunday, Tigris held its 13th Annual Holiday Staff Party in Toronto as well as our 1st Holiday Staff Parties in Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver!

Planning for our Holiday Staff Parties

Planning holiday staff parties is not an easy feat, especially when your party is coinciding with so many others over the holiday season. With family gatherings, last minute gift shopping, traveling plans, vacations, and exams, it’s hard to get everyone under one roof. Even though we have nearly 600 people on our Toronto roster, past years have proven that only 10-15% of our roster makes it out. That’s why this year, we did things a little differently.

The Schedule
In previous years, holiday staff parties have been held in late November or early December. This year, however, we opted to schedule the parties for Sun., Jan. 8. Our team was interested in selecting this date to avoid conflicts with other commitments. Being a Sunday evening, guests can run their errands before the party, but go home early enough to take on the new week!

The Venues
Our Account Coordinator, Joanna, spent lots of time researching tons of cool venues in each of the four cities before deciding on locations (named below) worthy enough for our holiday staff parties. We brainstormed a few places in Toronto, including iDarts, Ripley’s Aquarium, and Skyzone.

The Invites
We utilized a variety of methods to round up the guests for our holiday staff parties. EventBrite was a huge help, as our guests could RSVP directly on their website. EventBrite has an instant notification system so we were consistently in the know about who was attending.  In addition, Facebook event invites were created so our staff can see the guest list. We get it, most of us make decisions about whether to attend an event based on who else is going! As the deadline to purchase tickets neared, we also sent out personal reminders via email, text and phone calls. Each city had a sizeable guest list by Jan. 5 and we were pumped!

How were the Holiday Staff Parties?

On the evening of the 8th, Tigris staff filed into pubs and bars in each of the four major cities for their respective holiday staff parties. Our Toronto staff dressed to impress at the trendy Ballroom in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Tigris Head Office Team gave each guest drink tickets for the Turkey Bar as well as a raffle ticket for the prize draw. Delicious food platters were spread throughout the private party room and servers emerged in waves with additional mouthwatering appetizers. The BBQ grilled chicken skewers and mini mac n’ cheese were team favourites!

The party came in full swing around 7pm. Serious smack talking could be overheard by the two pool tables, coupled by the thunderous crash of bowling pins in the two private bowling lanes.

Holiday Staff Parties Toronto

Over in Montreal…

Tigris staff could be found indulging in goodies at the Bishop & Bagg, an authentic British pub in Mile-End. At 7:01pm, our Regional Account Manager & host, Tommy posted a live Facebook video of guests clinking glasses for a toast. This led to a chain of live videos from each party being posted across the country. While we only had a small group of guests attend this party, they were touched that they finally had the opportunity to partake in a holiday celebration with some of their co-workers

Holiday Staff Parties - Montreal

A couple time zones behind in Calgary…
Tigris staff were mixing and mingling at the Hose and the Hound. Our regional account manager for Calgary went live on Facebook interviewing guests about their favourite part about working with Tigris. One events staff, Tara said, “it’s the different sorts of events, the level of professionalism, and the follow through with what they [Tigris] say.” Rayna said she really enjoyed working the Canada Beef event, which is always well organized and fun.

Holiday Staff Parties - Calgary

On the West Coast…

Tigris Event Manager, Jaime was busy chatting with Tigris promotional models at Doolins, an Irish Pub. When asked why she loves working with Tigris, Paris exclaimed, “because of the people I get to work with!” Holding up her wine glass, Yvonne said her reason was because of the awesome holiday staff parties that Tigris throws. YAY! We had closer to 30 team members hit up our Vancouver party – the 2nd largest crowd next to Toronto. What a great group!

Holiday Staff Parties - Vancouver

Near the end of the night, we raffle prizes were drawn to further to show our appreciation for staff who made it out to party in the freezing cold. We gave away lots of sweet prizes, including $25-$100 gift cards to The Keg, Sportchek, Cineplex and many other places. Congratulations to all of our team members who took home added bonuses in each of our cities. The parties went off without a hitch and team members had a blast. Our management team had so much fun chatting with old friends and meeting new ones. Even our CEO came into the office on Monday morning with no voice so you know we had a good time! To check out all of the photos from the parties, check out our facebook fan page!

Since the Tigris holiday staff parties this year were so fun, we’re thinking of throwing Tigris Summer Staff Parties! What do you think?

I’m already daydreaming about those pink drinks on a patio or a friendly game of volleyball by the beach!

To find out more about what Tigris does when we’re not having holiday staff parties, please visit the rest of this website or call us at 416-283-9119. If you’re interested in joining the team, please send 2-3 photos in addition to your resume to If eligible, one of our recruiters will be in contact to schedule an interview.


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Staff Appreciation Gifts for Top Tigris Team Members

Staff Appreciation Gifts for the Top Tigris Team Members of 2016

At the end of each year, Tigris awards a top team member from each region for their performance onsite and communication leading up to, during and after events. Below are your top 2016 Tigris team members! Our staff appreciation gifts include a certificate for Top Team Member of their region, along with a gift card to use at their favourite restaurant.

staff appreciation gifts

Ashley Martin-Longstaff, Alberta

Congratulations Ashley! Ashley has been on the Tigris Team since 2014 and has proven herself continuously at each promotion. This year, she worked at a variety events including a Calgary Stampede party with Trend Mirco and the Calgary Petapalooza with Petcurean. In addition, Ashley receives great feedback from her teammates, describing her as hard working, friendly and positive.

Ashley received Top Team Member of Alberta for 2016 because we notice and value her commitment to each event. Most of all, she is extremely accessible by e-mail and/or phone and always quick to reply. Her feedback forms are descriptive and informative. After reading her experience, you feel like you were working the event with her!

Thank you, Ashley for your commitment, hard work and positive attitude throughout 2016.

staff appreciation gifts

Cody Dixon, Maritimes (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island)

Cody joined the Tigris Team near the end of 2015, specifically for the NBA All-Star Event with FILO Productions in Fredericton, ND. This year, Cody was Team Lead for the NBA All-Star Event in Charlottetown, PEI. He was responsible for working alongside the client and managing a team of 15 brand ambassadors Jan. 7th to 10th.

The team was required to facilitate athletic clinics as part of community-based initiative to promote the NBA All Star Tour in Canada. Cody did an amazing job onsite as Team Lead, and the client loved his enthusiasm.

Thank you, Cody for taking on such an important role and ensuring the event was a success!

staff appreciation gifts

Tanya Laporte, Montreal

Tanya joined the Tigris Team in March 2015. Since then, she has represented multiple brands through Tigris including RentMoola, Victoria’s Secret and Kijiji. Onsite, she is a bright ray of sunshine that attracts consumers to each promotion.

Additionally, her fellow brand ambassadors find her a pleasure to work with and they have created strong friendships outside of work. We appreciate Tanya for her warm enthusiasm, eagerness and her efforts to go above and beyond at each event.

Thank you, Tanya, for helping Tigris bring brands to life with the power of presence throughout 2016!

staff appreciation gifts

Taha Asif, Toronto

Taha has been on the Tigris Team for 3 years now, but it was in 2016 that he was given the opportunity to manage a large scale promotion. What we initially thought was a 3-day event (Rise Real Estate, ICON) turned into a 4-month program!

Taha took the lead as the full-time onsite Event Manager. Each day, he was responsible for managing a team of up to 35 brand ambassadors a day at ICON. His teammates appreciate his role as a leader but also feel comfortable speaking to him as a friend. One of his fellow brand ambassadors said, “Taha has been an excellent manager and has been doing his best throughout this event to make sure everything is going perfectly well at ICON. He always made sure we maintained a level of professionalism, and also made sure that everyone was on the same page to help run things smoother and better. Taha is really respectful and friendly, and I am really glad to have him as my manager.”

Thank you, Taha, for taking the lead on a difficult program while making our team feel motivated and respected in 2016!

staff appreciation gifts

Justin Cheung, Vancouver

Justin joined the team in August of this year, and has proven himself as a top team member in a short amount of time. This year, Justin has represented top brands with Tigris include Soleterra, Coca Cola and Bacardi.

It was at the Satori Communications Group Inc. in association with Barcardi’s Fine Whisky Emporium promotion that Justin truly shone. The BA received excellent praise directly from Bacardi, after seeing him in action. As a result, this speaks volumes to the success of the program and his performance. In addition to excellent onsite performance, Justin sends his Account Managers at Tigris hilarious check-in photos at each event. Let’s just say he takes the selfie to another level!

Thank you, Justin for being an absolute pleasure to work with and for your outstanding efforts onsite at your events in 2016.

staff appreciation gifts

Abdallah Kasfah, South Western Ontario

Abdallah was recruited to assist with the Rise Real Estate promotion at ICON. From his initial interview, it was easy to see some of his top qualities: passionate and hard working.

From September to December, Abdallah worked weekly at the ICON building assisting contractors with deficiencies. He went above and beyond at his shifts, bonding with contractors and students onsite. He provided excellent communication daily with his onsite Event Manager and off-site Event Coordinator.

Thank you, Abdallah for dedication, passion, and communication at your first event with Tigris in 2016.

Staff Appreciation Gifts & Our Award Winning Team

Staff appreciation gifts boost team morale and can be as simple as a cash bonus or gift card. Show your team you care with some extra recognition!

Are you interested in joining the Tigris Team? We are always recruiting top brand ambassadors and promotional models across Canada. To apply, please send 2-3 photos and your resume to our recruiting department. If hired, you will have the opportunity to work exclusive events nationwide.  Who knows- you may even be receiving one of our staff appreciation gifts for 2017!

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temporary trade show help

Need Temporary Trade Show Help?

With the One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale happening this weekend in Toronto, who’s not excited!? With everything from artwork & clothing to jewelry & handicrafts, it’s the perfect place to go for that one of a kind gift for that special someone this holiday! If and when you do go, you’ll notice that most of these booths are not only run by the makers themselves but additional temporary trade show help. They are Brand Ambassadors, who were specifically trained to educate the thousands of consumers. In addition, they are trained to engage with those who attend this trade show about the unique products they represent.

Tigris has provided Temporary Trade Show Help, or “booth assistants” for countless shows across Canada over the years, including the following shows just to name a few:

  • Pacific Dental Conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Vancouver International Auto Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre
  • The Condominium Conference at the Toronto Congress Centre
  • Toronto International Auto Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • The Building Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • CanWEA Windpower Expo at the BMO Centre (Calgary)
  • The Farm Forum at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre

Here’s 5 reasons why you should hire Temporary Trade Show Help

1. You’ll have more time to network while they run your boothtemporary trade show help

With Temporary Trade Show Help, no longer will you be stuck at the booth all day long. You now have free time to check out the rest of the show, distribute business cards, make professional connections, and conduct lunch meetings! If you have a smaller booth, simply hire one Brand Ambassador to give you that flexibility.

2. You can be in multiple trade shows across the country by using local staff
Since Tigris has rosters in all the major markets across the country, we provide Temporary Trade Show Help in any city you want. Can’t travel to that city to train staff onsite? No problem! You can opt to lead online webinars or conference calls to train your staff instead. We even handle shipment of supplies and contract our local Event Managers to manage setup, staff training, and tear down. That way, you can have piece of mind knowing someone’s in charge. Just give us enough notice to  collect availability, and you can choose your perfect Brand Ambassador. Because we provide a candidate deck of available staff, you will have enough information to make an informed decision.  Find the best brand ambassador for your brand!

3. You’re an expert on your product but you’re not a salesperson

You may know everything there is to know about your product and why it’s the most amazing product out there, but can you sell it? Do you have the charismatic personality needed to not only engage but influence your consumers? At Tigris, we have over 1,500 staff boasting a wide range of talents, so we can find a Temporary Trade Show Helper who can talk the talk and walk the walk! Once they’re trained on your brand, they become the brand expert and you can sit back and relax.

temporary trade show help

4. The staff can relate better to your target market

If your product is microwaveable bean bags to help women alleviate menstrual cramps, then you’ll want a female Temporary Trade Show Helper to relate to your target market! If you’re demonstrating a new product using the Oculus Rift, then you’ll want a millennial who can carry on a conversation with the tekkies. By gearing the staff towards your target market, you can instantly improve the impression that your product makes on your consumers. With thousands of staffing options at Tigris, we can help you find the perfect Brand Ambassador to represent your brand.

5. They can assist with setup and tear down to save you time

Temporary Trade Show Staff are very experienced in set up and tear down, having worked in multiple trade shows setting up banners and displays. They can help ensure that your booth look sleek and professional without having you lift a finger.

Interested in trade show assistance? Contact Tigris today for a free, no-obligation quote on our event staffing services. In addition, we create and plan events for clients nationwide across Canada.

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Alcohol Sampling Promo Models

Providing Alcohol Sampling Promo Models for Over a Decade!

Did you know Tigris alcohol sampling promo models represent top brands across the country, for over a decade? We have hundreds of Smart Serve and Serving It Right certified promo models across Canada.

We provide top quality promotional models with sales experience for our clients. However, everyone loves to go down memory lane! Let’s take a look at some highlight events throughout the decade. You may be familiar with some of the products we’ve sampled!

Successful Events Leveraging Tigris Alcohol Sampling Promo Models

Alcohol Sampling Promo Models (1)

Churchill Cellars – If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’d definitely like the cream coolers our team was sampling each holiday season. Caramilk Cream Liquor, French Vanilla and Chocolate Vodka Mudshakes were sampled at LCBO’s across Canada. Incorporating a tasting into a holiday season is the perfect opportunity to increase sales. It’s an affordable gift, and consumers can test the product firsthand.

The most important aspect of a liquor sampling is enticing new consumers. With so many options on the shelves, shoppers may never try a product simply because it’s unfamilar. Most shoppers are interested in trying free samples, especially when the sampler is friendly and encouraging. In addition to spreading awareness, a secondary goal is to impact onpsite sales during and following a tasting.

Alcohol Sampling Promo Models

Labatt Brewing Company – Did you know Tigris has been working with Labatt since 2007? Labatt produces many products including Kokanee, Bud Light, Bud Light Apple and Corona. Because of the nature of the product, majority of these events are thrown at club/bar promotions and golf tournaments. We also host annual Super Bowl parties with Labatt, where guests can win a pair of tickets to the game and other great prizes!

Labatt products are well known amongst the public so our alcohol sampling promo models focus on creating memorable experiences for consumers. Of course, samples and sales are important. But each client has a different goal in mind. Our promotional models create a unique experience by handing out samples and free swag. At many events, the promo models join in on the fun by dancing, taking pictures and chatting with guests.

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum & Phasion Estates Samplings with Promotional Models

Alcohol Sampling Promo Models

PMA Agencies –  For over two consecutive years, our alcohol sampling promo models were regularly representing PMA Agencies across Alberta and Ontario. These brands include Appleton Rum, American Honey, Aperol and Cabo Wabo.

The uniform for these events are especially important. Depending on the alcohol the staff were sampling, they were given eye-catching dresses and tops to stand out from the crowd. Everyone was excited to see the Appleton girls in their bright red dresses or gold shirts. The promotional models sold an image and lifestyle, along with the premium products.

Alcohol Sampling Promo Models

Phasion Estates – This brand wants you to “sip with style”. Throughout 2014, our promotional models sampled for this one of a kind brand across Alberta and British Columbia. With wines named ‘Tres Chic” and “Haute Couture”, it was easy to get to get shoppers excited about the wine. Phasion Estates Winery combines wine and fashion, so it was crucial to create an elegant display, with an elegant promotional model.

Our promotional models created a stylish display to attract consumers. To go with the theme, a black table cloth is draped over the sampling table. In addition, acrylic diamonds were scattered next to the wine to create a dazzling display. People were attracted to the display immediately after entering the store.

How Our Alcohol Sampling Promo Models Prepare for their Sampling

To prepare for an alcohol sampling, it’s crucial that the alcohol sampling promo model has a tasting kit for the event. What’s in a tasting kit? This typically includes a table (if the store is unable to provide one), table cloth (in the brands colour and/or logo), sample cups, ice, and signage or decorations (such as acrylic diamonds). Some sampling events may require food pairing such as crackers, cheese and crackers to meet government regulations. In addition, the promotional models bring their smart serve certification and photo identification.

While onsite, a tasting report is completed. This report is used to verify the opening and closing inventory, less sample bottles used, to confirm the total sales. Calculating these numbers onsite allows us to report back accurately to our clients from event to event.

In advance of an event, our promotional models take extra time with their appearance. Hair must be clean, styled and worn down for every shirt. Makeup should be professional but not overdone. This includes eye shadow, mascara, blush and lipstick at all times. We want them to stand out from the crowd, not blend in! Think of them as walking and talking commercials. They need to look the part.

Securing Top Promotional Models for a Liquor Sampling

Whether you’re looking to get your product into the hands of consumers at special events or liquor stores, having a consistent team to sample your products is important. This should include a similar appearance in staff along with their level of product knowledge, key messaging and sales experience. This will create a unique brand experience for your customers – and keep them coming back for more!

Start building your team of experts today. Contact Tigris for an event staffing services quote. We operate nationwide across Canada with over 1,500 events staff on our roster.

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Toronto Promotional Models

Toronto Promotional Models at Rogers Cup 2016

If you go to Rogers Cup 2016, you’ll see lots of Toronto promotional models. Large scale events, such as Rogers Cup, present a perfect opportunity for brands to gain exposure. From July 23-31, our Tigris team will be hosting the Revlon booth in the Aviva Centre. This tennis stadium has a capacity of 12,500!

If you’re unfamiliar with Rogers Cup, it’s a well respected tennis tournament, organized by Tennis Canada. Since 1892, the best players in the world have competed on Canadian courts. This event attracts the biggest stars in tennis year after year – and some of the biggest crowds!

Toronto Promotional Models: What Do They Do?

Of course, when you’re attending Rogers Cup, the main attraction is the tennis matches. But there’s so much more to see! In the Aviva Centre, you’ll run into big, splashy activations with well-known brands vying for your attention. You may also find yourself distracted by all the beautiful people including our Toronto promotional models.

So what exactly is a promotional model? Promo models are the beauty and brains behind the brands at these activations. They are visually appealing, and are best incorporated into events where image is everything. This may include bar promotions, publicity stunts, product launches and more. They are responsible for representing a brand, attracting consumers and relaying key messaging to drive awareness and sales.

How Revlon Incorporates Toronto Promotional Models to Enhance Their Brand

Revlon is participating in an initiative with Rogers onsite at Rogers Cup 2016. They booked a gorgeous team of Toronto promotional models from our roster to represent their brand. While onsite, our team handles booth setup and tear down. They are also distributing flyers, coupons and samples while delivering key messages to fans.

Toronto Promotional ModelsFrom the way their hair is styled to their make up and apparel, our promo models must maintain a specific image for the event. It’s important that the team is not only attractive but that they image is aligned with the brand. This helps promotes a consistent look and feel for the event.

Although their sleek appearance will attract consumers, our team relies on their charm to engage them. Our Toronto promotional models strike conversations with as many people as possible to pump up booth traffic. They keep consumers engaged, relay key messaging and hand out swag – all of which contributes to the memorable experience a consumer will have with your brand.

At Rogers Cup, our Toronto promotional models are promoting CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer and American Crew. During the tournaments, our gals will hand out prizing and distribute samples of each product. Everyone loves free samples!

At first glance, it may seem strange to promote nail polish and hair products at a tennis event. but, it all makes sense when you learn more about the products at the booth. For example, CND Creative Play encourages ‘playing’ with different colours and celebrating different styles. Seems like ‘playing’ with fashion can relate to ‘playing’ on the court. The same can be said for American Crew. Their products maintain all types of hair for a smooth finish. This would be perfect for the players on the court!

Hire Toronto Promotional Models for Your Brand

Tigris has hundreds of promotional models on our roster. Not only in Toronto, but in over 15 markets across Canada including Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa. From brunettes to blondes, bartenders and bilingual staff, we provide the best talent in the business for our client’s brands.

If you’re interested booking our team for your event, contact Tigris today for a free, no-obligation quote. We have dynamic personnel, promotions, marketing and events services available nationwide.

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Are you interested in working as a promotional model for Tigris? We host group interviews nationwide every month! To apply, send 2-3 photos and your resume to For tips on how to ace your interview, read out blog post ‘Get Recruited’. Our team continues to grow with talent – we have over 1,500 events staff on our roster across Canada.

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Event Marketing Industry

Tips to Market and Lead in Your Own Business

Tigris’ CEO & Marketing Manager were featured on Rogers Daytime TV on June 2 to discuss our recent award wins and the event marketing industry. Daytime delivers a daily lifestyle show that shines the spotlight on everything Durham Region has to offer. Check out what we had to say below!

Tell us about Tigris.

Serena: Tigris is a brand experience agency specializing in brands, promotions, personnel and events. We have about 1,500 dynamic events staff from coast to coast.

You’ve won some pretty big awards recently! Can you share some?

Serena: Yes! It’s been a really exciting awards season. We’ve actually been nominated and won the award for Top Choice, for the best 2016 Event Staffing Agency in the GTA.  More recently, I was ranked #95 on the W100 with Profit and Chatelaine Magazine. That was really exciting as well, it’s based on growth in your business and we’re ranked with some other really amazing female business leaders in the event marketing industry, as well as other industries!

That’s remarkable! How long has Tigris been around?

Serena: We were founded in April of 2004, so it’s been 12 years.

12 years and a whirlwind of success for you! I went to your website and you have some great information on how to help businesses flourish. One thing that really caught my eye, which is important for business owners, is capturing a market survey. Talk a little bit about how people could capture information, and get people to fill it in.

Nicole: It’s definitely easier to lead with an incentive – even a $10 Tim Horton’s gift card to make it worth their while. A lot of the surveys are conducted on iPads, or sometimes we could give them a card for them to do it at home, so I think an incentive is a big one. Also our staff are very encouraging and welcoming, which makes it easy to engage in conversation with the target demographic.

Event Marketing

One of the other things you do is parties and events. Let’s talk a little bit about launching a product and having a party for that. What are some of the tricks and things we need to consider, and what do you do?

Serena: Well, we do as much or as little as any client wants us to do. It could be as simple as staffing an event with a couple of people, or it could be planning a party, conference or product launch.

We were actually involved with Samsung a few years back when they launched the Samsung Galaxy, which was one of the hottest smart phones around. We basically created an idea for “Tell Us Your Most Brilliant Summer Story”. So instead of just showcasing the handset in the stores, they captured people telling their most brilliant summer story which also showcased the video features on the handset. We were sold out of the handsets within a couple weeks, it was a very successful program!

That would be an example of a unique way that we can get people to experience the product, instead of just talking to them about it, or seeing an ad, or something like that. I think people are really becoming desensitized to ads, there’s just so much out there, so I think it’s almost gone grassroots now where people have to make that personal connection and have a memorable experience if they are going to invest in a brand.

Speaking of investing in a brand, and having a memorable experience, you really have created a remarkable team. In your opinion, what is the importance for businesses to get that right team in place, and how do you go about doing that in the event marketing industry?

Serena: Nicole has been a great example of someone who has started as one of our events staff, who has now grown to come on board in our office as a Marketing Manager, and she’s literally done a bit of everything. For us, when we are interviewing people, Nicole actually takes care of that. We’ll interview, it could be anywhere between 8-10 people at once in group setting all across the country, and we’re looking for a range of traits, but Nicole can talk more about some of the things that she looks for, since she handles that scope of the business.

Event Marketing Industry (1)

Nicole: Yes! Actually, our next set of interviews for promotional models and brand ambassadors is Wednesday, June 8th. I host with another coworker, and we’re essentially just looking for outgoing individuals. Candidates will send in their resumes and photos, and even though a photo can say a thousand words, we like to meet them in person and make sure they are reliable, trustworthy, outgoing, work well with a team, and are able to communicate a brand and act like a chameleon, because as an events staff for Tigris, it’s different roles, different jobs… you get to wear many hats!

What has been one of your most exciting and memorable events that you’ve done in the event marketing industry? 

Nicole: I would say our Motorsport events, that we do every long weekend in the summer. It recently happened in May, so we had over 30 events staff that would drive shuttle karts, and take campers from their campsite all the way over to watch the NASCAR races. This event is really exciting because we have a large team out there, it’s a great bonding experience for the team, enjoying the sunshine at the first long weekend of summer. We’re also raising money for Jumpstart t, a Canadian Tire charity.

That’s a great charity! And we were talking about some of the work you do in the survey component, you said you do a lot for airports as well. Tell us more about that.

Serena: We have done a lot of work in different capacities, but the airport was one, a really big client that we worked with from 2008 to 2012, where we liaise with Hotspex that designs the actual studies. It could be customer satisfaction or brand perceptions. Our staff actually get their police checks and go post-security with special documentation at the airport, and we may collect anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 surveys in a week to two week time span. If you’ve been to the airport in the last ten years, you’ll notice that there have been a lot of changes, a lot of which has come out of the research that we’ve gathered based on which type of restaurants people like to eat at, what type of stores they like to shop at, what they like at the airport, what they dislike at the airport, so they can continue to make improvements.

Leverage Your Brand With Experts From The Event Marketing Industry

If you’re interested in connecting with Tigris, get a free quote now! We operate in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Tigris is also able to providing staffing support in niche markets including Charlottetown, Saskatoon and Windsor. Learn more about the event marketing industry and how we can help bring your brand to life with the power of presence.

Watch the Interview on Rogers Daytime

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Tigris President & CEO Ranked on the W100 List of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs of 2016

Meet Serena Holmes, W100 Top Female Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk ( Serena Holmes took a risk in 2008 when she bought out Tigris from her partner, who decided to leave the business she had founded 4 years prior, for personal reasons. Serena embraced positive forward thinking, which includes believing yourself, trusting your instincts and seizing opportunities.

Now 9 years later, female entrepreneur Serena Homes has tripled the sales of Tigris, manages 4 full-time employees at the head office, supported by regional account managers in all major Canadian cities. The roster of events staff has grown from 300-400 staff to over 1,500 and this small business just continues to expand. It’s no wonder Serena was recognized by the W100 and has achieved many other awards and recognition to date.

2016 W100: Celebrating the Canadian Female Entrepreneur


Did you know Canada is the emerging hot spot for female entrepreneurs? It makes sense that there would be an entire awards program to celebrate the achievements of these women. The PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 ranking and awards program is Canada’s largest celebration of entrepreneurial achievement by women. The W100 List for 2016 became public on May 16th – and Tigris’ CEO, Serena Holmes was included among 99 other trail-blazing women.

“The members of the 2016 W100 each possess the talent and tenacity to start and grow a successful business,” said James Cowan, Editor-in-chief of PROFIT and Canadian Business.  “Their remarkable achievements serve as proof that ambitious, risk-taking female entrepreneurs are integral to the growth of the Canadian economy.”

The PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 ranks female entrepreneurs by a composite score that considers the size, growth rate and profitability of the companies they own and manage. The full list will be available year round at and on In addition, winners will be honoured in the June 2016 issue of Canadian Business Magazine which is circulated nationally to over 700,000 subscribers.

“I am humbled and honoured to be recognized among so many inspirational women. When I learned about the W100 back in 2008, I made it a personal goal and mission to eventually be included on this list. It took 12 years in business and 8 years since to earn this achievement but I am proud to have finally made it. It is exciting to share this with my team; without them, none of this would have been possible”, says Tigris CEO, Serena Holmes.


Along with being ranked amongst the country’s most successful entrepreneurs, Tigris is the Top Choice Award Winner for Best Event Staffing Agency of 2016. This past year, Tigris was been shortlisted to Canada’s Top 100 List with the Globe & Mail and was nominated for the Best Employer Branding category with the Canadian HR Awards alongside The Keg and Molson-Coors. In 2014, Tigris won a sales achievement award at the Ultimate Wealth Weekend and was nominated in the marketing and advertising category for the Notable Awards in Toronto.

Tigris recently celebrated their 12th year in business, operating in over 15 markets nationwide and has plans to expand to the United States by the end of the year.

Connect With the Female Leaders of Tigris

There are many ways to get connected with Tigris! If you’re interested in working as a dynamic events staff, please submit 2-3 photos and your resume to If you’re interested in learning more about how our experiential event staffing services can be beneficial for your company, contact Tigris at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to

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