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Tigris Turns 13! Celebrating a Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

The number 13 comes with negative connotations; take Friday the 13th for example. However, there’s nothing unlucky about this Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency’s 13th anniversary; we have so much to celebrate! As of March 31st, we’ve staffed over 140,000 hours for close to 600 clients. This July, we are taking possession of a new office space that will allow us to double in size. In addition, after ten months of development, Tigris will be launching our new staffing software to streamline our current system. 

As you know, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. To learn more about our company history, read this personal message from Serena Holmes, Tigris President & CEO. You’ll discover how her journey began, and why our team is so grateful to work alongside such a powerful female entrepreneur.

Highlights from our 13 Years as a Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency 

In our boardroom, we have a highlight photo from each year hanging on the wall. Along with showcasing the various hairstyles over the years (haha), this wall motivates us to keep aiming higher. It also reminds us of our achievements as a team and the types of events we see ourselves executing in the next 13 years.

We’d like to share this motivational wall with you, giving our clients and brand ambassadors the recognition they deserve. This Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency is built on teamwork, trust, and many talented individuals.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2004 Apple Lounge 

In 2004, our team was quite small. One of our main events was providing management and cocktail servers for the Apple Lounge and steakhouse grand opening. Upon arrival, guests were given an “Apple Invitation” and a complimentary drink voucher. There was over 100 people that attended this night! 

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2005 KRG Children’s Charities

Event planning has always been part of our roots. For KRG Children’s Charities, we were responsible for planning an entire gala from start to finish. This includes sourcing the catering, venue, personnel, volunteers and entertainment. In addition, Tigris managed sales, games and a silent auction. Invitations were designed and we sourced promotional giveaways and guest entertainers. 

Candian Experiential Marketing Agency

2006  Krista Slack and Associates

You know we love big and splashy outdoor promotions! In 2006, we teamed up with KS&A to provide talented, outgoing staff to promote the TV show Deadwood. Back then, we called our staff ‘Tigris TSS’ – temporary sales staff. This promotion took place over 4 days before the premiere on Labour Day. Equipped with Western accents, our team engaged with pedestrians and asked them themed questions such as, “Where’s the nearest saloon? That trail dust has me damn thirsty!”


Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2008 Peroni Sampling

Tigris teamed up with Speed Promotions to book a team of “Italian looking” exotic promotional models for the launch of Peroni Beer in Canada. With 34 executions in Toronto and 19 in Vancouver, the promotional models were busy at bars and restaurants in each city. While onsite, the promotional models sampled the product and communicated important key messaging to distinguish the high-end brew from others on the market.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2009 Rogers OP Sports Week 

We love this happy bunch! Above, you can see 6 brand ambassadors and 3 event managers. This team worked with Rogers and Fan Fair to execute an engaging two-week experiential activation at Ontario Place. They managed a series of free games for children all tied into the top local sports teams. Over two weeks, our team gave out over 10,000 prizes and flyers!

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2010 Summers at Blur Motorola Promotion 

Tigris teamed up with Hill & Knowlton Strategies for a summer street promotion called MOTOBLUR. Consumers were asked to ‘like’ the Motorola Canada Facebook Fan page for their chance to win amazing prizes.

Tigris was proud to represent Motorola on the streets of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver to promote the online initiative.  The teams of brand ambassadors rode around on dickie dee’s to hand out 30,000 flyers and popsicles. The goal was to cool people down on a hot day and heat them up with excitement about the amazing contest during the blitz of each city. Needless to say, the public absolutely ate up the program – and our popsicles! They loved the concept of the program, eager to sign up online.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2011 Sun Rype Promotion 

This was the 5th consecutive year our bubbly promotional model sampled Sun-Rype’s new juices and fun bites at the Grocery Showcase West Tradeshow. Our temporary trade show staff are food-safe certified and help push sales through key messaging at each event. Working with this delicious brand was always a treat!

Canadian Experiential

2012 Appleton Promotion 

Tigris began working with Peter Mielzynski Agencies in May/12 to provide promotional models to execute their sampling events for Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. You may recognize the woman in the photo above – that’s Evangelia, who worked in the Tigris head office for 5 years! 

In addition to providing a team of stunningly beautiful, knowledgeable promotional models to serve Appleton mixed cocktails at restaurants throughout the GTA, we also managed supplies, set up and tear down. Each promotional model was responsible for discussing the brand while offering samples to patrons at the bar in order to promote sales. 

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2013 Tide Test with Zoom Media

Tigris teamed up with the biggest ad agency in the business to plan and execute a unique experiential activation to promote the new detergent, Tide Sport + Febreze. Our Tigris “Tide” brand ambassadors were stationed at 24 gyms in Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver Jan. 28 & 30 to collect gym members laundry.

We actually did their laundry Feb. 2-3 and returned the items in Tide-branded laundry bags, along with a free bottle of detergent, on Feb. 4. In addition to staffing brand ambassadors, Tigris also coordinated the laundromats and uniforms for the program. In total over 800 people participated in the program!

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2014 CGC Mud Tour

Tigris’ energetic events staff worked tirelessly for CGC’s national promo tour, appropriately called#MudTour2014! Our brand ambassadors literally made their way, coast to coast, across Canada from May 5 through to Sept. 1. 

Our events staff in Western Canada travelled from Victoria through to Winnipeg, our Central gal roamed Ontario and our Eastern events staff spanned Kingston to St. John’s Newfoundland. While on tour, the events staff drove branded trucks and partnered up with local sales reps to network at construction sites, gathering important data on CGC products and handing out swag. To read up more on this rugged mud tour, click here.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2015 NBA All-Star Tour with FILO Productions 

Our Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency has had the opportunity to work with lots of companies from the States over the past few years and this event was no exception. Tigris teamed up with FILO Productions to provide teams of athletic brand ambassadors for community-based initiatives in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Fredericton, New Brunswick, and Regina, Saskatchewan. For each event, Tigris supplied over 15 athletic brand ambassadors per city who were skilled in basketball and had experience working with children. The tour continued into 2017 with Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and Windsor, Ontario.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2016 Uncle Ben’s Roaming Hunger 

What better way to celebrate a new, delicious product than with a Food Truck Challenge? That’s why Uncle Ben’s decided to execute a Rice and Grains Food Truck Challenge in 3 major markets across Canada; to showcase the convenient, versatile and delicious new dish amongst these large communities. The event was executed in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto with the help of our dynamic Tigris brand ambassadors.

The purpose of the promotion was to promote Uncle Ben’s new product: Rice and Grains. Three local food trucks from each city competed to see who could create the most delicious recipe using the new product, which contains wholegrain brown rice and quinoa. Tigris assisted Roaming Hunger and FleishmanHillard for the planning and execution of these events.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2017 Brita & ME to We with 6 Degrees 

Although we are only 3 months into 2017, this Brita activation is one we hold close to our hearts. Brita is executing a national program where each specially-marked Brita product will directly contribute 1 year of clean water to someone in Kenya. At Square One Centre Court, shoppers are invited to discover the Virtual Reality Activation we are hosting for 6 Degrees March 20th – April 9th. You’ll be taken on a journey with 13-year-old Beatrice on what life is like in Irkaat, Kenya before and after your Brita purchases!

A Very Thankful Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

From creating, planning and staffing events that build our clients brands and businesses to giving talent on our roster fun, flexible, great paying part-time opportunities – we truly love what we do. Thank you to our clients for giving us the opportunity to collaborate on ideas and bring their brands to life with our dynamic events team. Cheers!

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Contest Marketing for Under Armour #BoostYourHealth

Feature Image courtesy of: Hudsons’s Bay Company

Hudson’s Bay Company announced that January is the month to #BoostYourHealth. In addition to sharing tips online, an in-store event at Hudson Bay Queen Street was executed to help shoppers accomplish their wellness goals. Several vendors used interactive contest marketing to participate and acknowledge their support for the #BoostYourHealth movement.

Because 2017 wellness goals and resolutions start now. – The Point, HBC

Athletic Events Staff

January 14th was a full day of in-store events celebrating different ways to boost your health. Tigris joined forces with Under Armour for a contest marketing campaign, Spin to Win. Shoppers can jump on an exercise bike to win a complete Under Armour look (that’s including the shoes!). The number of entries each participant receives is related to how many calories they can burn on their bikes. For example, if you were to burn 10 calories in 30 seconds, you can enter the contest 10 times. As you can imagine, it got a bit competitive! 

Because shoppers came in non-athletic attire the latest Under Armour shoes were available for participants to try on. The right shoes can increase your athletic performance because it’s impossible to spin in heels! After participating, each contestant was given a 20%-off coupon for in-store purchases, valid that day only. Many people loved the shoes so much, they bought them on the spot!

4 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Contest Marketing Into Your Next Event

contest marketing

Increase your database & learn valuable information about your consumer

In order for shoppers to participate in the contest, they must enter through an online waiver via iPad. This waiver collects various data about each participant including gender, phone number and e-mail. With permission, each e-mail is entered into the Under Armour e-newsletter database. Consumers are now eligible to receive e-mails about upcoming sales and new products. Consumers are less hesitant to give their information when they receive something in return. 

Participants become brand ambassadors

Throughout the day, close to 200 shoppers participated in the Spin to Win contest. Each participant, eager to share their experience online, took multiple photos and videos of the activation. In addition, our team snapped action shots as the calories burned away. Because this is such a fun and unique opportunity, everyone was eager to share their experience on social media. As a result, participants became brand ambassadors for, Under Armour. They spread awareness by posting their photos with their experience, along with tagging Under Armour and using #BootYourHealth. As a result, these images were shared with hundreds of their friends and followers. It’s like a domino effect! 

Athletic Events Staff

Contests are affordable!

The overall concept of a contest is extremely affordable. Gathering information is free. In addition, brands usually give away products they have available in stock, therefore there is minimal to no out of pocket cost. For the #BoostYourHealth campaign, Under Armour designed a branded metal cube installation, complete with 2 spin bikes, a spin instructor, multiple iPads, and Tigris brand ambassadors. However, all of these extra components did come at an extra cost. Therefore it’s up to you how interactive and big you want your contest marketing to be! 

Increase Sales 

Ultimately, this activation encourages onsite sales by allowing participants to try on the shoes while spinning. The comfort, look and feel of the shoes are impossible to ignore. It was easy to see participants falling in love with the shoes as they slipped them on. In addition, the activation was in the middle of Under Armour’s clothing section. Participants were surrounded by the newest clothing, and Tigris brand ambassadors were wearing the latest apparel. It was impossible NOT to buy something!

Try Contest Marketing At Your Next Event

Contest marketing works for all types of brands, from retail to alcohol. Consumers love the opportunity to win something free. This especially true if it’s from a brand they value and love. Try contest marketing at your next event. You can even tie the concept into social media!

Because contest marketing has multiple benefits, it’s a great tactic to use. However, it must be done properly. Even if a contest provides a great prize, people may be reluctant to provide you with their contact information. That’s where our brand ambassadors come in. Our team is trained to take on a brand’s persona and encourage contest participation. Contact Tigris today to learn more about our event staffing services. We operate nationwide across Canada with over 2,000 events staff on the team.

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Product Promotion & Sampling for Original 16

When the Presidents slogan is “We eat, drink and sleep beer”, we figured we could get behind a company like that! As a fellow small business with a lot of passion, Tigris is pleased to announce our series of samplings with Original 16.  

Product Promotion for A Unique Canadian Brewery

Imagine your workplace was about to close down, and everyone was going to lose their jobs. Pretty scary thought, isn’t it? Thankfully, in most businesses, you are surrounded with like-minded individuals. When an impending closure spelt the end of an area and the loss of jobs for 40 employees, 16 brave men put their life savings together to start their own brewery (Great Western Brewery). They took a chance and founded Original 16. Today, Great Western Brewery is one of Canada’s most successful regional brewers and an internationally recognised producer of world-class beer.

Product Promotion

Brewed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, this is a Canadian success story we are proud to represent. Here at Tigris, we promote great brands and businesses to potential and current consumers. What’s the best way to promote a beverage? In-store sampling!  

GWB provided Tigris with a list of 25 stores to target throughout January 13-28. The samplings were only to occur on Fridays and Saturdays, which are known for high traffic within the selected stores. We reached out to our qualified brand ambassadors and created a team of certified individuals to rotate product sampling each weekend. Once we had the right people in place, our client was to send supplies to the staff. 

Product Promotion is All About the Branding!

Product PromotionAs you know, most people are usually in a rush to get in and out of stores. Especially within a liquor store on a weekend, because customers usually know what they want and aren’t browsing around. To grab their attention, a brand must have an eye-catching product promotion. Original 16 sent our team Original 16 black t-shirts, plastic branded table covers and branded sampling cups.  Doesn’t Courtney look professional in her uniform?

Although our team looks the part, it’s important that they are also able to sell the product. It’s important to have realistic sales goal in mind while sampling. For each shift, our team was to sell a minimum of 12 Mixer Packs.  That’s 3 cases per hour, which is a reasonable goal! The purpose of the Mixer Pack is to give customers a deal for purchasing their two favourite products. The pack includes 6 Canadian Pale Ale + 6 Canadian Copper Ale.

Our team was able to consistently sample and sell the product to beer drinkers. As a result, Original 16 has selected another 25 stores for a sampling in February. Our team is excited to meet and surpass those sales goals!

Making Your Product Promotion Measurable 

It’s not enough to simply track sales. Because you need to know everything you can about the people purchasing your product. Our team observes and tracks down various facts about each person that samples the product. This includes gender, age and weather conditions. In addition, our team asks each sampler for feedback. They ask them about the branding, taste and price. All of this informative is documented into a detailed report for the client after each product promotion. 

product promotion

This information will help our clients learn more about their target demographic. As a result, you can see why product sampling is so valuable. You increase sales and new consumers while learning more about your audience!

Execute an Effective Product Promotion 

Gain exposure, increase sales and collect valuable information with a product promotion. Tigris operates in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver. Contact us today for a free quote on our experiential staffing services. 

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4 Experiential Strategies to Use This Holiday Season

Don’t Miss Out on the Opportunity to Incorporate Experiential Strategies into your Marketing Campaigns

Have you ever wondered what experiential strategies could help your brand shine during the holiday season? With the busiest time of year for shoppers upon us, it’s the perfect opportunity to turn potential customers into your very own brand advocates. Here are 4 simple tips you can leverage!

1. Recognize Cultural Differences

When you are creating experiential strategies, remember that it’s important to understand what really matters to your target audience. The holiday season may mean different things within different cultures. If you’re going to target a specific multicultural market during the festive season, you need to know a few things. What do they like about it? Why is it so important to them? What can your brand offer them? How people celebrate the season might not be the same – one person’s present may be someone else’s lump of coal.

2. Get Into the Christmas Spirit

So you’ve discovered your target audience is all about Christmas. Keep the spirit of the season in mind: goodwill and generosity. One of your experiential strategies could be about giving back to the community. Are you a retailer looking to increase gift card sales? For every customer that purchases a $200 gift card, offer them an extra $10 and inform them that you’re donating another $10 to a children’s foundation in your area.

Tigris had the opportunity to work with Ivanhoe Cambridge and Toolbox Design on a holiday campaign in December 2015. The experiential strategies were all encompassing from themed costumes and gift card giveaways to a digital marketing contest to reach beyond the eyeballs we could encounter on the street. Below is a photo of our team in action!


3. Make Gift Giving Easy

Just because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, it doesn’t mean your target consumer isn’t still on a mission to find the perfect gift! It’s only 3 Monday’s t’ill Christmas and your audience might not have the time or patience for a long-winded campaign. Make sure your experiential strategies for the season are simple and effective. How about an elf flash mob handing out vouchers towards a purchase? Just make sure you deliver a brand experience that will make people stop and engage.

In 2008, Tigris teamed up with Rogers and Fuse Marketing Group for an AWESOME campaign. Our experiential strategies incorporated 9 malls, 3 pairs of elves driving mall shoppers and their gifts back to their cars in decks out golf carts. How cool is that? The activation was appropriately called “Share the Joy” Holiday Shopping Shuttle.


4. Social Media – Santa’s Little Helper

No matter which experiential strategies you use, make sure you utilize your social media platforms. Tweet updates or post daily advent calendar-like announcements on Instagram pre-event. Incorporate brand ambassadors who can publish live tweets, photos and video streams during your event. Involve your target audience: create a catchy hashtag and encourage them to retweet, repost, snapchat, like and share.

The holiday season may be weeks away, but with these experiential strategies there’s still time to make an impact – and a difference – with your target audience. Wouldn’t it be great to to be on their nice list forever?


Experiential Strategies, Professional Brand Ambassadors and More!

Here at Tigris, we create, plan and staff memorable experiences that build brands and businesses. Contact Tigris today for a free quote on our event staffing services. We operate nationwide across Canada with over 2,000 dynamic events staff on our team!

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4 Types of Holiday Marketing Promotions to Create a Positive Brand Impression

Create a Positive Brand Impression with 4 Meaningful Marketing Promotions

How do you feel about the brands surrounding you? A brand expresses who a company is, including their products and services. How a consumer feels about a brand includes more than just their logo and slogan, it encompasses their identity in the marketplace, products, and the experience they deliver to consumers. The perfect approach for brands to make a positive influence on their consumer is through holiday marketing promotions. We’ve listed 4 types of meaningful marketing promotions that have proven to imprint a positive image in the consumers mind.

1. Charitable – Give Back To Those In Need 
Have you dined at EDO Japan? This grill and sushi restaurant is famous for their sweet, delicious Teriyaki sauce which is made fresh daily in every restaurant. To celebrate the holidays, Edo Japan created the “Edo Elf”, the iconic symbol of Edo’s “Simply Better Giving” program throughout the holiday season. Tigris was contacted by Edo Japan to provide staff to work as the Edo Elves street team in Calgary and Edmonton. During the holiday campaign (Nov. 2nd – Jan. 4th) Edo Japan will donate 25 cents of each veggie and desert spring roll sold to the Food Bank. This is the perfect example of a charitable holiday marketing promotion that illuminates a positive brand image.


The elf costumes were provided by the client and included a red pea coat, bags, black gloves, gold scarfs, gold branded hats, black boots and gold leggings for the girls. As an Edo Elf, our Tigris brand ambassadors were responsible for elevating the brand, educating people on the spring roll promotion and engaging with people by taking photos and handing out promotional items. They also teamed up with Virgin Radio for specific live events to create mass awareness of the special holiday campaign. Consumers were pleased to hear that a company with over 30 years of experience was making an effort to donate to those in need, and they also liked the fact that they were able to personally assist by purchasing a spring roll.

2. Shareable – Make Sure Your Promotion is Social
Along with giving, the holidays are also about sharing! Holiday marketing promotions that are socially shareable are extremely effective. Tigris teamed up with Toolbox+ Designs to provide a unique holiday promotion for Woodgrove and Mayfair Shopping Centres. Tigris provided the interactive street team members to surprise, delight and spark shoppers to share the Woodgrove + Mayfair gift card solution. Our “Gift Card #SantaSquad” was responsible for visiting shopping centres and city streets, dressed in special bright pink Santa outfits. The team traveled with an interactive social media photo frame and sharing system with a giant Santa sack to share the joy of this simple gift card solution.


Some of those on your list may be a little tougher to shop for than others, but you can’t go wrong with a mall gift card! Our #SantaSquad triggered curiosity and created a fun photo opportunity for consumers which made the promotion shareable. When creating a shareable promotion, it’s important to remember that participants do not always feel comfortable using their own phones and personal data to share on social media. To avoid this issue, our #SantaSquad took photos of participants with their own iPads and shoppers were able to entire their social media information into the iPad. The photo was instantly shared on the shoppers’ social media platform. As an extra bonus for participating, the shoppers were entered to win a grand prize of $1,000 in gift cards.

3. Make It Instant – Automatic Prizes for Busy Shoppers
This time of year can be extremely stressful and expensive for all types of consumers. Shoppers are extremely busy and when they finally do find the time to shop, they are pressed for time. That’s why each interaction with a potential consumer must be quick, but also memorable and valuable. Tigris teamed up with Midfield in association with EXPRESS for a holiday promotion at Square One in Brampton, ON. Our events staff rocked the latest holiday fashions while encouraging guests to participate in a text-to-win contest for automatic prizes including gift cards and exclusive EXPRESS offers.


Our #SantaSquad from the promotion mentioned earlier also had an instant prize/thank-you for participants including a Santa-wrapped gift box from the Santa sack. These boxes included a Santa Bonus Ballet for a chance to win $500 in gift cards, as well as pre-loaded gift cards with values ranging from $10-$100! It’s important to give consumers a reason to use your services right away, which is where a gift card or special discount comes into effect.

4. Community Based
Last but not least, effective holiday marketing promotions can be community based. Try sponsoring a local event, such as a Santa Claus Parade! Tigris worked alongside one of our reputable clients to provide staffing support for the Caledon Santa Claus Parade. This was the perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness, distribute promotional items and imprint a positive message on current and potential consumers. Other ideas include sponsoring a local food drive, Christmas markets, gift drives or even host your own event.


Holiday Marketing Promotions – Use These Techniques All Year Round!

Consumers will react positively to events that are charitable, shareable, provide instant results and are community based. These 4 types of promotions do not have to be limited to the holiday season, but can be incorporated all year round. If you are interested in creating a memorable, positive brand impression on your current or potential consumers, contact Tigris today. Send an e-mail to or call 415-283-9119 for a free quote on any of our event staffing services. We operate in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa.

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5 Secrets of Successful Street Team Brand Ambassadors

How To Create Results Driven Street Team Brand Ambassadors

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create an exceptional street team of brand ambassadors to distribute, educate and promote your product? You probably already know that experiential marketing works best; allowing your consumers to directly experience your brand is the number one way to create brand loyalty and increase brand awareness. Using street team brand ambassadors to distribute your product or spread key messaging is a form of experiential marketing. The brand ambassadors that comprise of your street team are forming relationships with your consumers for a relativity low price compared to television and print advertisements.

Have you noticed yet that not all street teams are effective? Just think about that time an individual tried to offer you a free sample and you kept your head down or picked up your pace. You’ve got to wonder why some street teams are successful while others are not. We’ve outlined 5 secrets of a successful street team so your next outdoor promotion can achieve maximum results.

street team brand ambassadors

5 Secrets Of Successful Street Team Brand Ambassadors

  1. Research The Perfect Location

You can’t just stick a team in the middle of Timbuktu and expect them to distribute 300,000 samples of your product. You also can’t place a street team for organic food in front of a McDonald’s. It’s crucial to select an appropriate time and location for your street team to appear. Figure out where your target audience will be and place the product directly in their path.

For example, Tigris is working with Maverick Brands to execute a street promotion for a pure organic beverage. They picked the ultimate location – outside of the Vancouver Convention Centre, during the weekend of CHFA.  The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) is Canada’s largest trade association dedicated to natural health and organic products. The brand is aware of the event and realizes that their target audience will be in attendance. What better way to get noticed than to stop by an event where you know your consumer will be?

  1. Select The Right Team

Age, gender, ethnicity, appearance, education, languages, and availability all play a role in selecting the right team of brand ambassadors to promote your product. An event staffing agency will assist you by creating a team that aligns with your brand, but it’s helpful if you know what you’re looking for. Be aware of your product and brand image to narrow down the perfect representatives for your product. Who does your target audience relate to?

A great example of a diversified team of brand ambassadors was for the Metropolis at Metrotown Black Friday promotion in November 2014. The client requested staff bilingual in Chinese, Cantonese or Mandarin because they knew their consumers base well and were able to identify an appropriate team for the special promotion.

  1.  Design Eye Catching Uniforms

You don’t need to cover your brand ambassadors in feathers and sparkles (although that may help draw attention!) but it’s important to provide your street team with an appropriate uniform. You also need to be aware of the weather conditions! Do you need branded t-shirts and umbrellas? Or branded t-shirts and matching jackets? Your team will be impossible to miss if they are all clearly branded and matching. It will also increase the level of professionalism and their level of authority to the public.

If you want to go above and beyond branded uniforms, try a walking billboard promotion! Lightweight and comfortable, brand ambassadors are able to wear these backpack billboards for several hours at a time. The billboard will display your brand and literally turn heads. It’s an effective method to get consumers to stop, and once they do, the street team can place your product in their hands! Speaking of which, we have events staff showcasing advertising using these billboards for Zoocasa and RBC in Toronto this month – so keep on the look out!

  1. Provide Clear Product Messaging (And Conversation Starters!)

So now you’ve got the best looking street team ever. Here’s the bottom line; if you’re street team isn’t well informed, they won’t be able to accomplish anything. Be sure to tell the temporary staffing agency the main features and benefits of your product so they aren’t simply handing out items they know nothing about. What makes your product unique? Why should consumers choose you? Relay this information to the agency so they can prepare your street team and make people desire your product.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, people don’t want free stuff. They are too preoccupied, busy or afraid of the individual selling for them to accept the product. Conversations starters are super important and effective. Instead of saying “Would you like a free sample?” have your brand ambassadors say “Have you got your free sample of ____”? This is effective because it outlines FOMO (the fear of missing out). The consumer isn’t given a choice; instead they automatically begin to think “Wait, no, I haven’t gotten one! Who else did? What is it?” That’s when the brand ambassador begins to relay the product information and create a memorable experience for the consumer.

  1. Be Ready for FAQ’s

Street team brand ambassadors are walking, talking advertisements for your product. They need to know as much as they can about your product to represent your brand as accurately as possible. Be transparent and tell the truth! Prepare your brand ambassadors for the tough questions. Do you test on animals? Where do you get your ingredients? What does fair trade mean? Your street team will engage with thousands of people per day, and some are bound to ask the hard questions. It’s better to be prepared then have your team stammering for answers.

Are you ready to create an amazing street team, increase brand awareness, brand loyalty, and sales? Spring has just begun and this is the perfect opportunity to have a street team of brand ambassadors distributing your product. Tigris has brand ambassadors all across Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary. Call us today for a FREE quote on street teams, event staffing, or creative services at 416.283.9119.

Street team brand ambassadors

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B2C Experiential Marketing Opportunities

The Power of Experiential Marketing Opportunities in the Ever Evolving World Of Advertising

If a picture is worth a thousand words than how about an experience? We’d bet on well over a million!

It’s safe to say that traditional methods of marketing are still widely used and undeniably will continue to be for some time to come but although this flame is still far from burning out, there are several alternative approaches unremittingly surfacing and conquering the minds of millennials. All of this made possible through something we like to call the “web” and you know exactly where and what we’re talking about – social media and online marketing that utilize platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the filmstrip of advertisements they support on the invisible margins of your screen. Perhaps the success rate of customer acquisition is not all that bad using this method of marketing but is it also making retention increasingly more challenging? We can bluntly tell you that it is and it’s no surprise either. Our computer and phone screens have become battlefields where corporations and even individuals are fighting to claim their share of popularity, likes, views and ultimately, you guessed it – sales.

So they say believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear but we say trust a lot more of what you experience, especially when it comes to marketing. Imagine something extremely effective that goes beyond the e-world where real connections are made with those you want to make them with. Now imagine your brand living, breathing and making real-time connections with your target consumers. Experiential marketing makes this possible and you’re about to learn why experiential marketing opportunities are far greater and more beneficial than you ever thought!

Bringing B2C Experiential Marketing Opportunities To Life

B2C companies employ different marketing campaigns for publicizing their goods and services but in many cases they do not have the specialized manpower necessary to execute for experiential. This is where a marketing agency such as Tigris becomes the hub of all of your campaigns in the experiential marketing world which include street promotions, trade shows, conferences, sales assists and special events just to name few possible initiatives. B2C campaigns are relatively short in duration thus the urgent need to secure the prospective customer’s interest very quickly and swiftly. A key way to do this when it comes to experiential initiatives such as those outlined above is to secure the right people to represent your brand and communicate the benefits effectively to seize these experiential marketing opportunities.

Here are some (not all!) different experiential approaches that several reputable companies have used to engage customers and how Tigris helped them make it happen:

1. PMA Brands (Campari Group) – Product Sampling
Tigris has been working with PMA Agencies (now known as Campari Group) regularly since May 2012 to help get a series of brands from their portfolio into the hands of consumers across the GTA and central Toronto as well as Calgary and Banff. For two and a half years, Tigris has booked and managed teams of 12-15 promotional models in each market for 2-12 events monthly. These core teams who were hand picked and trained were dedicated to executing alcohol sampling at various bars, lounges, restaurants, golf courses, concerts and special events. Not only are the girls stunning, extremely knowledgeable and friendly but they have take care of set-up and tear-down which includes a mini bar, banners/signage and supplies. The goal behind these sampling initiatives was to introduce consumers to a brand they may or may not have tried before, give them a VIP experience and communicate the key tasting notes, drink recipes and interested information about the spirits to drive awareness and sales.

2. EXPRESS – Mall Promotion
Who likes shopping for the latest fashion trends? We sure do! Tigris drew up a comprehensive marketing campaign with our media and creative partners to help EXPRESS strengthen its presence in the Canadian market with style! We couldn’t think of a better time than TIFF to show off the custom made pop-up closet, stet and repeat photo op, customer tote bag logo printing and best of all – EXPRESS gifts cards valued up to $500 that were up for grabs with an instant win text messaging contest! The pop up display, amazing prizes and beautiful brand ambassadors traveled around the GTA to various shopping centres including Toronto Eaton Centre and Bramalea as well as Rideau Centre and Byward Market in Ottawa. The buzz generated was tremendous and the client confirmed an incremental lift in sales at each of the locations.

3. Taste of Nature – Trade Shows
Products with a niche target demographic and lifestyle require very direct marketing strategies. Trade shows are a great way to get a high volume of the right people in the same room at the same time. Taste of Nature teamed up with Tigris to take advantage of these experiential marketing opportunities to set up a truly eye catching booth at the National Women’s Show and Taste of Toronto to accelerate product trial. Between these two events alone, over 40,000 samples were distributed, including many to consumers who had never heard of or tried the amazing delicious and nutrition fruit and nut bars! Consumers are hesitate to spend money on things they’ve never tried before so these sample sized taste tests are an excellent way to convert customers; when you have an amazing product like Taste of Nature does, you don’t have to do much convincing!

4. Canadian Tire – Special Events
Tigris has been working with Canadian Tire since May 2012 and boy do we have a list of exhilarating events to lay out from NASCAR to the Celebration of Hockey, Holiday Product Promotions, Boots & Hearts, Sport Chek, JumpStart and PartSource Promotions, the National Figure Skating Championships, the Baking & Sweets Shows and the list goes on! From a single staff to teams of over 30, Tigris has had the pleasure of assisting with an array of special events for Canadian Tire with something for people of all ages in the mix. Canadian Tire is a retail giant and their involvement in these high recognition and participation events is an excellent way to remain top of mind with consumers in a feel-good kind of way 🙂

5. Cisco Connect & Intuit Quickbooks – Conferences
First impressions are important and putting your company’s best foot forward is imperative when you put in the time and effort to host a conference. To ensure a seamless execution, event marketing agency Starshot teamed up with Tigris to assist with staffing a series of conferences in Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Vancouver and Toronto for Cisco Connects and Intuit Quickbooks throughout Nov-Dec 2014. Our teams, ranging in size from 2-5 event staff per city were responsible for setting up, greeting and registering guests and lead scanning. Why would you want to have on point and polished staff for your corporate events? They are a scalable extension of your current team, effortlessly blending and giving you peace of mind while you get down to business. They also help you give your guests a personalized VIP experience. There is nothing worse than getting to an event and waiting forever to get your badge or not being able to find someone when you have a question that needs answered. By bringing extra support onsite, not only do you save money in associated travel costs to fly your colleagues city to city with you, you can guarantee quick service for your guests and give them a positive and professional experience.

6. Samsung – Product Launch and Sales Assist
There are multiple tiers of marketing initiatives when gearing up for a successful product launch but we feel that getting your product in the hands of consumers and showing them the benefits first hand will be an integral part of the process. Samsung leveraged Tigris’ experiential marketing experience to concept an innovative engagement to launch what is now one of the hottest toys in the telecom world – the Samsung Galaxy. Tigris sales staff were stationed at 48 Source stores across Canada to engage customers, encourage them to participate in a “Brilliant Summer Story” contest for the chance to win a prize pack valued at $3,600, showcase the handset and drive sales. Over the span of the month long program, devices had sold our in over half of the locations! The sales increased exponentially during and post activation and while 4.5 years have passed since this product hit the market, we are not surprised to see it’s still doing so well.

You better believe that among millennials 18 to 34 year olds, that experiential marketing is particularly relevant. This generation alone yields a whopping $200 billion in purchasing power in the North American market and despite how tech savvy and inclined they are to use the net, they are more likely to find value in experiences, not things. Music festivals, trendy restaurants, travel and events are amongst the most common things millennials tend to spend their dollars on. Marketers within companies have increased their experiential marketing budgets by approximately 5 percent annually and this shift isn’t by chance. The beauty of experiential marketing opportunities is that not only are they consumer focused with a personal face-to-face impact but they can later be shared and circulated online as well – talk about integration at it’s finest! Presence is unquestionably powerful but so are the connections made virtually as they extend beyond the reach of individual experiences to much wider audiences. It’s well worth considering the array of experiential marketing opportunities next time you’re looking to connect your brand to users and consumers.

Are you looking for a way to clear cut the clutter and reach your customer better, faster and with a stronger message than ever? Leverage our experiential marketing expertise and vibrant, head turning events staff to strategically connect to consumers and drive results for your business. Whether you’re seeking a creative concept or just need the right people to execute one you’ve already got, the experiential marketing opportunities are endless – give us a call at 419.283.9119 or click here. Let’s bring YOUR brand to life!

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A Year in Review, and What’s Next for Tigris in 2015!

We’ve already opened the bag of treats and spilled the details regarding one of our newest clients, Petcurean, and the integrity staffing we have secured for their 2015 events. But before we share more of our upcoming promotions, we’d like to take a moment to look at Tigris’ amazing year in review.

In 2014, our 10th milestone year in business, Tigris worked with over 115 different clients and executed multiple events for several of these clients. We received just shy of a quote a day (new clients and old) and expanded the amount of full-time employees in our Toronto head office.

Our CEO Serena Schwab had an exciting year, featured as Notable’s Young Professional of the day on Jun. 4, was featured in a full page article in the Financial Post section of the National Post in July, was nominated as a finalist for a Notable Award for Marketing and Advertising AND won an impressive achievement award at the Ultimate Wealth Weekend Dec. 5-7 for doubling company sales from 2013 to 2014.

Further, our company has accumulated a huge tribe on social media. To date, we have 31,500 Twitter followers, 42,500 Facebook followers, and 10,900 Instagram followers – not to mention those we have on Linked In, Google+ and other channels. We take our social media seriously, and these numbers continue to grow! Speakers of numbers, our rosters of temporary staff also continue to grow exponentially all over Canada in cities such as Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. We are extremely proud of our growing team and look forward to working with them throughout the new year.

A Few Favourite Promotions & Events From The Tigris Head Office In 2014 – A Year In Review

When asked about one of her favourite promotion or event in 2014, Serena Schwab (CEO) recalled our longest running promotion held that year – The 2014 Mud Tour for CGC.

“One of the highlights of this year was planning the Mud Tour for CGC. Over the past 10 years, Tigris has never worked in the construction industry so this was a first for us. While every event is different, it’s truly the people you work with that make all the difference – and in this case, we absolutely hit it off with our CGC clients. They are such a great group of people (our first meeting was a 5 hour lunch at Harbour 60 so you can imagine how amazing that was!?!). This was our first experience branding trucks and sending staff cross-country for such an extended period of time but we’re proud to say that the program was extremely successful and we look forward to working with them again in 2015.”

One of the newest additions to the head office, Allison Fernandes (National Account Manager) recalled her first event with Tigris as her most memorable – the Canadian Tire NASCAR Camping World Truck Series in Bowmanville.

“This was my first time working an activation with Tigris staff, and with a large number of them no less (25 to be exact!). I got to see the really amazing team work and enthusiasm that each person brought to the table. I was really proud that the event went off without a hitch, and that everyone was more than happy to pitch in and were adaptive in taking on any task that came about. Tigris staff rock! It was a great event that I will always fondly remember.”

We’re seeing a trend here… it’s all about the people you work with, from the clients to the events staff who truly make any experience a memorable one. We have no doubt that the relationships we have built in 2014 and in years previous will continue into 2015 to create even more exciting events and promotions. Actually, we already have several events lined up!

Now That You’ve Seen A Tigris Year In Review, Let’s Take A Look At What’s Coming Up In 2015

We’ve already completed over 45 quotes for new events this year and 10 confirmed bookings for this month alone. These events include trade shows, samplings, a TSN Curling event, and a Pet Expo! For the 12th consecutive year, we will be getting starting on recruiting and event planning for Miss & Mr. CHIN at the 49th Annual CHIN Picnic Jun.28-Jul.1. While this production is months away, we will begin planning late January/early February, seeing as it is the worlds largest free multicultural picnic! In the midst of preparing and executing all these events, the head office will be moving into a bigger space at the end of February. This small business just continues to grow, and we’d love for you to be a part of it!

Thanks 2014.. we’re happy to wrap-up another successful year. Do you want to be a part of our year this 2015? If you are looking to work at our events as a promotional model or brand ambassador, click here. If you are interested in our events services, contact us today at 416.283.9119 for a free quote. We plan, execute and staff events and experiential marketing programs all across Canada! Let’s take on 2015 – together!

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How To Become A Temporary Staffing Account Manager

We’ve talked a lot about how to become a promotional model/brand ambassador on our blog, but we haven’t gone into much detail on what it takes to become a temporary staffing account manager. Some of us in the head office work with our events staff onsite, and many times we get questioned on how we achieved a career in the Tigris head office. How do you turn a part-time promotional modeling or event staffing position into something more? Or, how do you turn your sheer love of events into an amazing full time job? Let us share how we turned our passions into a career (so you can turn your passions into one as well!)

So, You Want To Become A Temporary Staffing Account Manager?

Our temporary staffing account managers at Tigris head office are divided into a couple of roles: the National Account Manager and Regional Account Manager.  As we expand, we are sure the volume of these roles will multiply or potentially break out into some other duties… but first thing’s first. What does an account manager do? Well, they are a part of Tigris’ core team, primarily responsible for turnkey planning and staffing events, compiling reports and delivering payroll information to our bookkeeper. Further, they manage relationships with our clients with routine and regular communication. In some cases they may also assist with prospecting new clients, are consistently and proactively ensuring existing client’s receive superior customer service, and renewing accounts. Our account managers are involved in managing all aspects of campaigns in accordance with the objectives and goals of our client’s to make sure our team is on point and on track to achieve them.

WOAH, wait a second. That sounds like a lot of responsibility.  How do you go from working as a brand ambassador or events staff to this important position? To begin with, education is extremely important. Although there are no courses specializing in account management per se, there are many degrees and diplomas you can obtain that will prepare you for this type of position. For example, our Regional Account Manager Evangelia went to Ryerson University to obtain her degree in Marketing and Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management. Our company CEO, Serena also obtained her degree from Ryerson University, but specialized in Journalism. While a little unrelated to the industry at hand, these programs teach the versatile skills necessary for the experiential marketing and temporary staffing industry like communication, writing, time management, creativity and more. Both Serena and Evangelia had 4-5 years experience in the industry before coming on board in a management capacity so the front-line experience helps significantly as well.

And that’s not all! Due to the speed of technology, there are new programs developed daily that we can utilize to our advantage (there are endless benefits to lifelong learning!). That’s why our CEO Serena secured a 5 year universal membership with a company that specializes in hands on training for small businesses. To date she has earned 6 certificates since 2012. To name a few, these include Advanced Internet Marketing, Dynamic Digital Marketing and Change Management.

Our Marketing and HR Assistant, Nicole, achieved her degree in Radio and Television at Ryerson but through the Ontario Job Grant, will be taking the same courses Serena has from January to May of 2015. By the end of the program, she will have earned a Digital Marketing and Sales Certification valued at over $20,000 retail but will be worth far more for Tigris based on the skills she will be able to leverage for the business. With this hands on training, Nicole will learn skills, tools and techniques to enhance Tigris’ marketing efforts, lead generation and sales.

Below are a few bullet points of responsibilities and characteristics of our temporary staffing account managers:
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
* Strong computer skills.
* Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with team members and clients.
* Ability to work independently, manage work flow and meet deadlines.
* Self-motivated, proactive and a passion for excellence.
* Outstanding customer service skills.
* Ability to respond to frequent demands from multiple customers (locally and nationally)

A Day in the Life of a Tigris Temporary Staffing Account Manager

A typical day for an account manager involves collecting availability from and scheduling staff for events, collecting information from clients for the protocols they need to develop for our team, generating feedback forms, compiling information from staff to report back to their clients and participating in post-event calls/meetings. When our CEO is out of the office, our account managers may may also contribute to quotations and sales proposals.

“I love my job because of the wonderful people I get to work with. There’s always variety; no day is similar to the next! There is always something different going on in the office. Every day varies depending on the clients; we may be staffing for trade shows, or promotions across Canada that can last up to several months!” – Allison Fernandes, National Account Manager.

Unlike Evangelia, Allison did not have direct experience in the industry before coming on board with Tigris. She leverages skills from her experience working as a volunteer coordinator for the Canadian Cancer Society and Unionville Home Society. Her education includes a BA in Sociology from McMaster as well as a fundraising and volunteer management diploma from George Brown. We love the different skill set she brings to the office and she has adjusted seamlessly to our team.

Now that you know how talented and educated our temporary staffing account managers are, why not give us a call to see what we can do for you? Call us today for a FREE quote at 416.283.9119 for our event planning and temporary staffing services across Canada.

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Recruiting Top Temporary Staff Across Canada

How are small businesses recruiting top temporary staff across Canada? This is a question many of you may wonder. Here at Tigris, we have four hard working, full-time event professionals at head office. We boast consistently that our services are available in over 15 different markets across Canada; Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa to name a few. How is this small team recruiting top temporary staff across Canada with only four full time employees? The answer is organization and communication.

We host interviews in each location depending on the number of events we have available in each city. For example, many of our clients are Toronto based and their events take place in Toronto as well.  That is why we host Toronto talent recruitment sessions every other month throughout the year followed by Calgary which is every 2-3 months consistently.. In other regions like Vancouver and Montreal, we host interviews about 3 times a year. Recently we have been contacted for several events in Edmonton and Ottawa, so we are in the process of expanding our roster in those specific locations.

Recruiting Top Temporary Staff across Canada with the Help of our Regional Managers

Now that you know when and where we host our interviews, you may be wondering how we find and select the best talent for our roster. Temporary staffing, promotional modeling and working as a brand ambassador is not a full time job, and many people that work in these type of positions are simply looking for extra money, and in many casesare students. We choose our staff based on personality, experience, their interaction with others in the group interview, and personal appearance. Individuals are often referred to us by other events staff on our roster or apply to Tigris through our online advertisements that outline who we are and what their role as a brand ambassador or promotional model would entail. They apply with 2-3 photos and their resume. Based on this information, our marketing and HR assistant invites specific candidates for an interview in their area.

In situations where members from the head office are unable to host the interviews in areas like British Columbia and Alberta, we entrust our regional managers to host the interview sessions and select the successful candidates. The regional managers are staff that have been on our roster for several years and have a vast amount of experience as a team lead or event manager and have proven time after time to be an outstanding asset to Tigris. We prepare these individuals thoroughly on how to conduct the interview, which questions to ask, and what to look for in our candidates. After the interview is conducted, our regional manager will submit the results so we can call all of the successful candidates and welcomes them to our team. There are more event staffing and promotional modeling agencies than most realize who choose not to meet their staff face to face and rely entirely on the candidates online profile! This is a big risk for them and the brand’s they represent if they haven’t had the chance to get to know them – and for all intents and purposes, screen them so they know which events they would and wouldn’t be a fit for. Tigris goes the extra mile by interviewing 95% of candidates face to face. The only exception to this may be smaller markets such as the Maritimes where there may only be 1-2 requests per year and the roster isn’t large enough to designate a regional prime. If you’re interested in working with Tigris, join our team!

Enlisting Our Core Values When We Are Recruiting Top Temporary Staff Across Canada

For each event, regardless of the size, our national or regional account manager creates an event protocol including general information and contact information for the client to duties and responsibilities, a schedule, key messaging and sales tips. Along with these details, we list Tigris’ core values that we carry into every aspect of our work. From recruiting, hiring and managing staff to how we plan and execute events to client services, we believe that we are nothing and have nothing without a strong foundation to stand on. We believe in the power of presence – and this starts and ends with our people.

our core value #1: we are PASSIONATE about people
our core value #2: communication is the key!
our core value #3: respectability (respect & accountability)
our core value #4: Tigris is “T.E.C.D” out! TEAMWORK | EXCELLENCE | CREATIVITY | DYNAMIC
our core value #5: happiness makes the world go round!

Our core values remind us why we are in business and what mission we are looking to carry out with each and every event. This being said, people aren’t perfect and while Tigris does go through extensive efforts to recruit, book and manage the best of the best, there are some cases where the day of the event arrives and unforeseen situations can arrive. In rare cases, staff cancel on short notice – or even rarer, some don’t show up with no notice. What we’ve discovered is that even with 1 hours notice, we’ve been able to perform miracles. Recently we secured coverage at 4:30am for a 6am shift. Tigris truly goes above and beyond to deliver for our clients.

No matter how specific we are in choosing the staff that work for us and the amount of effort we put into these interviews and training, it is ultimately up to the individual if they choose to perform at their best. In most cases, there are extra staff willing and able to work in the situation some cancels or books – and our manager are on top of securing coverage when necessary. To further enforce the importance of showing up and showing up on time, there are appropriate penalties. As we’re sure you’d agree, staff who don’t show up to an event without calling their manager with at least 48 hours notice are immediately terminated. This may sound harsh, but staff who choose to cancel or renege on a commitment are not only potentially damaging the success of an event and our relationship with a client, they are also taking away an opportunity from another events staff who wanted and needed the work. It can be frustrating and disappointing – but fortunately, it is not a common occurrence for us. We stress to our staff that communication is key – we want our events staff to be 100% comfortable and dedicated to each event so we can deliver for our customers! We value our relationship with each client and pride ourselves in providing staff not only represent their brand to the best of their ability – but are a reliable, dependent resource for them. Top performers are also regularly rewarded with the opportunity to win monthly incentives and annual bonuses!

For information on how to ace an interview with Tigris, read our blog post here! If you would like to book our outstanding event services, please do not hesitate to call us today at 416.283.9119 for a toll free quote. As you can see, recruiting top temporary staff across Canada is an extensive process that we pride ourselves in and believe is necessary to provide the most professional staff for your events.

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