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Tigris Turns 13! Celebrating a Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

The number 13 comes with negative connotations; take Friday the 13th for example. However, there’s nothing unlucky about this Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency’s 13th anniversary; we have so much to celebrate! As of March 31st, we’ve staffed over 140,000 hours for close to 600 clients. This July, we are taking possession of a new office space that will allow us to double in size. In addition, after ten months of development, Tigris will be launching our new staffing software to streamline our current system. 

As you know, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. To learn more about our company history, read this personal message from Serena Holmes, Tigris President & CEO. You’ll discover how her journey began, and why our team is so grateful to work alongside such a powerful female entrepreneur.

Highlights from our 13 Years as a Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency 

In our boardroom, we have a highlight photo from each year hanging on the wall. Along with showcasing the various hairstyles over the years (haha), this wall motivates us to keep aiming higher. It also reminds us of our achievements as a team and the types of events we see ourselves executing in the next 13 years.

We’d like to share this motivational wall with you, giving our clients and brand ambassadors the recognition they deserve. This Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency is built on teamwork, trust, and many talented individuals.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2004 Apple Lounge 

In 2004, our team was quite small. One of our main events was providing management and cocktail servers for the Apple Lounge and steakhouse grand opening. Upon arrival, guests were given an “Apple Invitation” and a complimentary drink voucher. There was over 100 people that attended this night! 

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2005 KRG Children’s Charities

Event planning has always been part of our roots. For KRG Children’s Charities, we were responsible for planning an entire gala from start to finish. This includes sourcing the catering, venue, personnel, volunteers and entertainment. In addition, Tigris managed sales, games and a silent auction. Invitations were designed and we sourced promotional giveaways and guest entertainers. 

Candian Experiential Marketing Agency

2006  Krista Slack and Associates

You know we love big and splashy outdoor promotions! In 2006, we teamed up with KS&A to provide talented, outgoing staff to promote the TV show Deadwood. Back then, we called our staff ‘Tigris TSS’ – temporary sales staff. This promotion took place over 4 days before the premiere on Labour Day. Equipped with Western accents, our team engaged with pedestrians and asked them themed questions such as, “Where’s the nearest saloon? That trail dust has me damn thirsty!”


Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2008 Peroni Sampling

Tigris teamed up with Speed Promotions to book a team of “Italian looking” exotic promotional models for the launch of Peroni Beer in Canada. With 34 executions in Toronto and 19 in Vancouver, the promotional models were busy at bars and restaurants in each city. While onsite, the promotional models sampled the product and communicated important key messaging to distinguish the high-end brew from others on the market.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2009 Rogers OP Sports Week 

We love this happy bunch! Above, you can see 6 brand ambassadors and 3 event managers. This team worked with Rogers and Fan Fair to execute an engaging two-week experiential activation at Ontario Place. They managed a series of free games for children all tied into the top local sports teams. Over two weeks, our team gave out over 10,000 prizes and flyers!

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2010 Summers at Blur Motorola Promotion 

Tigris teamed up with Hill & Knowlton Strategies for a summer street promotion called MOTOBLUR. Consumers were asked to ‘like’ the Motorola Canada Facebook Fan page for their chance to win amazing prizes.

Tigris was proud to represent Motorola on the streets of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver to promote the online initiative.  The teams of brand ambassadors rode around on dickie dee’s to hand out 30,000 flyers and popsicles. The goal was to cool people down on a hot day and heat them up with excitement about the amazing contest during the blitz of each city. Needless to say, the public absolutely ate up the program – and our popsicles! They loved the concept of the program, eager to sign up online.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2011 Sun Rype Promotion 

This was the 5th consecutive year our bubbly promotional model sampled Sun-Rype’s new juices and fun bites at the Grocery Showcase West Tradeshow. Our temporary trade show staff are food-safe certified and help push sales through key messaging at each event. Working with this delicious brand was always a treat!

Canadian Experiential

2012 Appleton Promotion 

Tigris began working with Peter Mielzynski Agencies in May/12 to provide promotional models to execute their sampling events for Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. You may recognize the woman in the photo above – that’s Evangelia, who worked in the Tigris head office for 5 years! 

In addition to providing a team of stunningly beautiful, knowledgeable promotional models to serve Appleton mixed cocktails at restaurants throughout the GTA, we also managed supplies, set up and tear down. Each promotional model was responsible for discussing the brand while offering samples to patrons at the bar in order to promote sales. 

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2013 Tide Test with Zoom Media

Tigris teamed up with the biggest ad agency in the business to plan and execute a unique experiential activation to promote the new detergent, Tide Sport + Febreze. Our Tigris “Tide” brand ambassadors were stationed at 24 gyms in Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver Jan. 28 & 30 to collect gym members laundry.

We actually did their laundry Feb. 2-3 and returned the items in Tide-branded laundry bags, along with a free bottle of detergent, on Feb. 4. In addition to staffing brand ambassadors, Tigris also coordinated the laundromats and uniforms for the program. In total over 800 people participated in the program!

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2014 CGC Mud Tour

Tigris’ energetic events staff worked tirelessly for CGC’s national promo tour, appropriately called#MudTour2014! Our brand ambassadors literally made their way, coast to coast, across Canada from May 5 through to Sept. 1. 

Our events staff in Western Canada travelled from Victoria through to Winnipeg, our Central gal roamed Ontario and our Eastern events staff spanned Kingston to St. John’s Newfoundland. While on tour, the events staff drove branded trucks and partnered up with local sales reps to network at construction sites, gathering important data on CGC products and handing out swag. To read up more on this rugged mud tour, click here.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2015 NBA All-Star Tour with FILO Productions 

Our Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency has had the opportunity to work with lots of companies from the States over the past few years and this event was no exception. Tigris teamed up with FILO Productions to provide teams of athletic brand ambassadors for community-based initiatives in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Fredericton, New Brunswick, and Regina, Saskatchewan. For each event, Tigris supplied over 15 athletic brand ambassadors per city who were skilled in basketball and had experience working with children. The tour continued into 2017 with Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and Windsor, Ontario.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2016 Uncle Ben’s Roaming Hunger 

What better way to celebrate a new, delicious product than with a Food Truck Challenge? That’s why Uncle Ben’s decided to execute a Rice and Grains Food Truck Challenge in 3 major markets across Canada; to showcase the convenient, versatile and delicious new dish amongst these large communities. The event was executed in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto with the help of our dynamic Tigris brand ambassadors.

The purpose of the promotion was to promote Uncle Ben’s new product: Rice and Grains. Three local food trucks from each city competed to see who could create the most delicious recipe using the new product, which contains wholegrain brown rice and quinoa. Tigris assisted Roaming Hunger and FleishmanHillard for the planning and execution of these events.

Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

2017 Brita & ME to We with 6 Degrees 

Although we are only 3 months into 2017, this Brita activation is one we hold close to our hearts. Brita is executing a national program where each specially-marked Brita product will directly contribute 1 year of clean water to someone in Kenya. At Square One Centre Court, shoppers are invited to discover the Virtual Reality Activation we are hosting for 6 Degrees March 20th – April 9th. You’ll be taken on a journey with 13-year-old Beatrice on what life is like in Irkaat, Kenya before and after your Brita purchases!

A Very Thankful Canadian Experiential Marketing Agency

From creating, planning and staffing events that build our clients brands and businesses to giving talent on our roster fun, flexible, great paying part-time opportunities – we truly love what we do. Thank you to our clients for giving us the opportunity to collaborate on ideas and bring their brands to life with our dynamic events team. Cheers!

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trade show booth ideas

21 Examples of Effective Trade Show Booth Ideas

Trade shows are like Halloween. Each booth resembles a house handing out delicious treats to children in the best costumes. Except, in this case, the ‘children’ are your potential consumers.  Just like Halloween, kids ran to the houses with the best candy and decorations. How do you make your booth the best on the block? Better still, how do you create a booth that is so amazing, people are lined up just to get in? We’ve got 21 trade show booth ideas to help you have your best show yet. 

trade show booth ideas

Use branded giveaways

Consumers love free things and they aren’t picky either. Whether you’re giving away branded pens, phone cleaners or hats, they will take just about anything they can get. Your branded giveaways don’t even have to be related to your brand. Of course, if it does, that’s even better.

At the ACMO Condo Conference, Condor Security gave away sleek, branded baseball caps. Although the hats are unrelated to security, guests loved them and came to the booth just to grab one. What could be better than an entire trade show walking around wearing your branding. Talk about great advertising!

If you’re on a budget, you may want to come up with a unique way to distribute giveaways to manage your inventory. A plinko game, prize wheel or other games can slow down how quickly giveaways disappear. Create a fun activity and also segway into conversation with potential customers.

This tactic is extremely successful when we are hosting events for Wonderlist. Just the sound of the prize wheel brings people over! While waiting in line, our dynamic brand ambassadors engage guests to enter Wonderlist. Once they’ve entered, they can take a spin on the wheel or play Plinko to get a prize. These from hand sanitizer or chapstick to other small, helpful giveaways. On top of that, they have the chance to win AWESOME prizes. At Taste of the Danforth, a free trip to Greece was up for grabs. As you’ll read below, at the Auto Show, $50,000 towards a car was awarded to one lucky winner. 

trade show booth ideas

Incorporate a contest

Not everyone has the budget to offer a grand prize of $50,000 towards a new car. Although with a prize like that, it’s no wonder people are lining up at the Toronto Star booth, shown above. If you decide to organize a contest, make sure it’s easy to participate and the prize is worthwhile. Unsure what to give away? Incorporate your prize into the theme of the trade show. For example, if your company is exhibiting at the Home and Garden Show, you could give guests a chance to win a free garden makeover, gardening gloves or a tool of some kind. By giving away something people will actually use, they will consistently remember your brand over and over again – long after the trade show has come and gone. 

Back in 2014, Tigris created an interactive pop-up closet for Express. In addition to trying out the clothing, passersby had the opportunity to enter a text to win contest. Not only did the contest give participants on the spot prizing (e.g. $50 to use in-store), it also enabled the brand to send our weekly offers and discounts to drive traffic to the store. This helped achieve maximum long-term impact outside of the small period of time we were onsite at each location. The Express activation toured locations in Toronto, Southwest Ontario, Ottawa, Vancouver and even Calgary for a year!

Make room for seating space

Trade shows can be long and tiresome (for vendors – as well as guests!). Offer trade show go-ers an inviting place to relax and unwind. Big, comfy chairs and couches are irresistible at a trade show. Once you’ve got them in your ‘arena’, use this time to build relationships and pitch your services. Back in 2011, Tigris teamed up with Rogers at the National Home Show. Since the Olympics were in full swing, Rogers designed a ski lodge to create a unique and comfortable space for their customers. What could be more tempting than relaxing by a warm fire after hours of walking around? Creating a relaxing atmosphere is one of our favourite trade show booth ideas. 

trade show booth ideas

Lots of samples

If you’re in the food industry, giving away samples is crucial.  It’s what most people love most about these types of trade shows. Especially if you have a unique product that’s difficult to describe, it’s easier to promote your product when people can taste it on the spot. More often than not, consumers go back to their tried and true products. From food and beverage to beauty and health, people are loyal. But give them the chance to try your product out – make them fall in love – land a new customer. We can’t speak more highly about the impact of this trade show booth idea.

trade show booth ideas

Visual Marketing

Let’s jump back to the Halloween analogy. Can you remember which house was your favourite to visit as a child? Maybe it was the house that enclosed their walkway into a haunted path or the house with the smoke machine. Either way, it was the visuals that caught your attention. The same can be done with your trade show booth. When designing visuals, keep the messaging simple and clear, prioritize visuals over text and use your brand colours. Humans are simple – they are attracted to bright and shiny things and people 🙂 The design of your booth should be aligned with your brand image – but keep in mind what is attractive to customers to bring as many of them in as possible.

Quick, informative takeaways

“I’m just on my way to hear the guest speaker”. Trade shows can be packed with speakers, lectures and workshops. Attendees only have a limited amount of time to browse the floor. If someone is eager to cut the conversation, hand them one of your company cards, a brochure or a magazine (pending what you have accessible). If you don’t have time to get into detail about your products, at least they leave with some information about your company. Who knows – they may send you an e-mail later. Alternately, you can take their business card for a draw – so you can follow up with them later. This may not be ideal for some brands, but for service based businesses, this could be the butter to your bread!

trade show booth ideas

Host a photo booth

Whether you have an instant Polaroid print out or send the photos by e-mail, guests always enjoy taking photos. Use this opportunity to include a branded backdrop, banners, flags, props and/or decor. If you’re hosting at a corporate trade show, an effective idea to attract guests is to give them VALUE. Set up a LinkedIn photo shoot so guests can have an updated professional head shot taken for their profile. You’ll see a line up all day long – and you’ll get their info to send them the photo! For more fun trade shows, like the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo, you could incorporate the same photo booth – but with fun props to dress up. For these photos, you could include your company branding so each photo shared digitally reaches even MORE people. How great is that?

Trade Show Booth Ideas – Be strategic with your layout

Purchasing prime real estate at a trade show can get pricey. Even if you’re not front and centre, make sure you consider the layout of your booth. What do people see when they first approach you? How are they entering? From the front or the side? Will they be walking past or through your booth? By considering foot traffic patterns, you’ll be able to place the components of your booth strategically. This is especially important if you have a corner booth – or a booth so large people can enter from all sides. 

trade show booth ideas

Standout with great uniforms

Whether you prefer branded shirts or business casual, it’s easy to stand out with great uniforms. Opt for your brand colours, and ensure the logo is large enough to read from a distance. If you prefer business casual, coordinate with your team beforehand. An example would be for each of the men to wear a black suit with a tie in your brand’s colour. The women could wear black dress pants, with your brands colour for the top. As simple as this sounds, a cohesive team appears more professional – even down to the footwear.

Make lead capturing less invasive

Have you noticed most guests walk around with their name tags flipped backwards? That’s because they don’t want to be harassed while walking the floor. By remaining anonymous, we have no idea if they are a fellow exhibitor or potential client. How do you know if it’s worth your time to speak with them? Make capturing leads less invasive by ditching the scanner. Incorporate a contest where guests give their business cards to enter. This way it’s not invasive and guests give you their information out of their own free will. Place a bowl at the front of your booth with a clear call to action. You’ll notice the bowl full by the end of the day!

 trade show booth ideas

Host a game

Make your booth interactive with a game.  Incorporate virtual reality, iPads, touch screens and more. A great example is the Jeopardy-style game Occupational Health and Safety hosts at their booth. Because they focus on training, the Jeopardy game is extremely relevant. The trivia game runs off iPads, and participants are able to pick from 5 categories. There are 3 basic questions in each category, where each participant will have to answer in the form of a question. Total scores are tallied and a grand prize is awarded at the end of the day. This trade show booth idea gets competitive and keeps your booth looking busy! 

Have a charging station

What could be worse than seeing your phone dip to just 1 bar of power amidst a busy work day? You’d be surprised how many people don’t keep a charger on hand. By having a charging station at your booth, you’ll get lots of guests coming over. As a result, they’ll be forced to stay awhile as their phone charges. Use this opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations while you’ve literally got them plugged-in! 

trade show booth ideas

The right amount of staff

An over staffed booth is overwhelming. No one will want to come over and talk if they see 5 people standing at a booth, eager to pounce. It’s intimidating and uncomfortable. Whether your booth has temporary trade show staff or simply staff from your head office, take space into consideration. For a 10×10 booth space, you wouldn’t want to book more than 2-3 staff. For larger booths, such as 10×20, 4 staff would be sufficient and for 20×20+, 5-6 staff would be optimal. This said, it depends on where you are exhibiting. Different rules apply for vending at outdoor concerts, festivals and special events.  

Hydrate guests

I was once at a trade show where almost every guest was holding a fruit-infused reusable water bottle. The whole time I was thinking, where can I get one?! I searched the trade show floor and finally found the booth I was looking for. Unfortunately, when I got there, they were out of stock, and apparently had been for a few hours. The key lesson here is to have a giveaway people want, and they will find you (even when you’ve run out). More important, make sure you bring enough or come up with a strategic solution to slow down your giveaways (see point above regarding a prize wheel or plinko game). Water is much more efficient than handing out sweets due to the nature of trade shows. They are long and people don’t always remember to stay hydrated. You can also get bottles branded if you want to get really fancy! 

Play music

Make your booth an environment people want to be in. Bring your own speakers, set up your phone and play some tunes. Your playlist is extremely important. Depending on the trade show, consider your demographic and what they want to hear. Whether it’s 90s rock or Taylor Swift, your audience will stop to dance if it’s something they like. While trade shows are geared towards creating customer relationships, obtaining leads and improving sales – it doesn’t mean they also can’t be FUN! Create a memorable experience so the next time your customer hears a song from your playlist, maybe they will think of your brand. 

Use Social Media

You don’t have to create your own hashtag – each trade show usually has their own. For example, the Calgary Home & Garden shows hashtag is #CHGS17. Look up the hashtag on Twitter and see which influencers are talking about the event and whose attending. Make a connection and invite those talking about the trade show to your booth. Everyone likes a personalized invitation. By including the event hashtag, others searching that hashtag are bound to come across your brand. Creating awareness outside of the trade show floor creates added value that extends beyond the limited reach of those who walk by your booth.

trade show booth ideas

Be Prepared and Practice 

How do you break the ice? Regardless of how long you’ve been working for the company, it’s important to practice your opening lines. You may know what you do, but are you good at talking to others about it? Rehearse your opening lines so it seems natural when you’re approaching people. Don’t rush into a hard sale and let the conversation naturally lead to your services.

Are you using promotional models at your booth? Ensure they know their roles onsite. If you simply want them to engage with guests to start a conversation, it’s important they know to pass along serious, potential clients to others within the booth. On the other hand, if you want the staff to become experts on your services, consider a webinar or onsite training prior to the show. 

Trade Show Booth Ideas – Have You Hear of Suggestology?

Use the power of asking questions to engage your customers. Get to know them – people naturally love to talk about themselves and knowledge is power. By learning a bit about them, you can better tailor your conversation and suggest products/services suited to their needs. What could be worse than someone promoting something that is of absolutely no relevance to you? This little trick may take an extra couple minutes per interaction but they will be FAR more impactful.

Speaking of questions, make sure you ask open-ended ones. A great example could be asking a customer what flavour they prefer – blueberry or strawberry. What colour car they like – red or green? Ask them something that requires them to give a thoughtful answer vs. a yes or no, that could result in them simply walking away. This is called the “which close” – by giving a customer options, they are more likely to choose something – in the beginning – or at the close. Rather than asking “do you want to buy ………?” – ask them, “do you want to take home the basic package or the enhanced package today?”. If they are really uninterested, they will let you know. If they are, this is a subliminal and effective tool to guide them on the path to purchase.

Schedule Live Performances 

Make your booth more exciting by scheduling live presentations or inviting a special guest. Promote the performance/person via social media and within the trade show. Try to get it printed in the trade show agenda, or have a speaker announce it during one of the lectures. This gives all guests an incentive to visit your booth. The more awareness, the better. 

A great example is Java Brew. At each of their trade shows, a spokesperson for the brand conducts scheduled performances throughout the day. These performances attract crowds of over 20 people per session. The spokesperson explains the business opportunity on a stage, next to their booth, complete with a microphone and slide show. It’s extremely engaging and therefore, people were inspired to get more information. 

trade show booth ideas

Offer a Special Discount

Can you offer your services and/or products at a special discount? Enlist the ‘fear of missing out’ into your potential clients and consumers. Offer a special discount, unique to the trade show. This will create an incentive and urgency to buy – whether it’s BOGO, or 20% off.  These deeply discounted “act now” deals work best when the potential customer is in a unique place for them, a place they are not likely to be in again for a while. That way, if they want this great deal they have to act now.

Have a Sales Goal 

A clear, realistic sales goal will motivate your employees and give them purpose. If you give each member of your team a specific sales goal (even better, with a performance incentive), they will work that much harder to push sales. Track your inventory each night and re-group with your team each morning. With a goal in mind, divided per person per day, bigger numbers become more realistic rather than saying, sell as much as possible! 

Check in with your team throughout the trade show to assess performance, and reward positive behaviours  – 

In addition to achieving these goals, setting them in advance will also help you benchmark the inventory you need to bring onsite, how much space is required, how many staff you need and even to calculate your return on investment – so you know if participating at the show will, in fact, be worth it. 

Trade Show Staffing Agencies Toronto

Promote the event like it’s your own

Make it known that you are going to attend this trade show. Promote it on your website and social channels. Create a newsletter to send to all of your current and potential contacts. Follow the trade shows social accounts and start engaging. These tactics will gain extra awareness, and people may even think you are sponsoring the event (even if you aren’t!)

Did we miss any of your favourite trade show booth ideas? Let us know in the comments section below our favourite trade show techniques. We hope you enjoyed reading our 21 Examples of Effective Trade Show Booth Ideas – and find it helpful the next time YOU need to attend a trade show!

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marketing sales manager

Nicole Delorme – Marketing Sales Manager

As the Marketing Sales Manager at Tigris, Nicole is responsible for Tigris’ internet marketing, social media, and sales.  In addition, she assists with event planning and coordination. Nicole earned her Digital Marketing and Sales Certification in 2015 to support her role at Tigris. Currently, she is completing her Social Media Marketing Certificate at George Brown College. With all this education in addition to her Bachelor’s Degree from Ryerson, she’s fully equipped for the job!

Learn more about Nicole and how far she’s come since her very first event as a brand ambassador with Tigris! 

marketing sales managerHow did your journey as the Marketing Sales Manager with Tigris begin?

I’m scrolling through Instagram one day and spot a post for upcoming Tigris group interviews in Toronto.  At the time, I was attending Ryerson for Radio and Television Arts,  working for 99.9 Virgin Radio on the events team and as a Barista at Second Cup. Like many of our staff, I am a serious multi-tasker! I had never heard of brand ambassadors or promotional models before, and after taking a quick look at the Tigris website, I was instantly intrigued.

As instructed, I followed the process and submitted my photos and resume, then attended the group interviews in Toronto. I remember leaving those interviews truly inspired – not only by the women leading the interview but from the people who attended. Little did I know, one year later I would be hosting those group interviews!

My very first event was the Canadian Tire NASCAR weekend. I worked alongside 30 other brand ambassadors and was blown away that I was actually getting paid to have this much fun.

That spring, I graduated from Ryerson and started applying for full-time jobs. Coincidentally, Serena was hiring within the head office. Although I applied for a position I wasn’t quite yet qualified for, Serena met with me and offered me a part time position. today I am the Marketing Sales Manager at Tigris and I am responsible for our social media, website content, incoming sales, quotes, recruiting, as well as managing events. 

marketing sales managerWhat motivates you to get up and do a great job every day?

Definitely, the people I work with. Our clients, brand ambassadors and the women that work alongside me in the head office are all truly inspiring people. Especially the women in the office – we are all so different and talented in various ways that it makes each day pretty interesting!

If you could go one place in the world, where would it be and why?

There isn’t one specific place I’d like to go, but I aim to travel to two destinations per year. Tackle the world one trip at a time!

What makes your life rewarding?

That feeling you get when you’ve helped, motivated or collaborated with someone.

marketing sales managerIs what you’re doing now (Marketing Sales Manager) what you always wanted to do growing up?

I didn’t even know my job existed when I was growing up (I had no idea what experiential marketing was). Growing up, I wanted to be an orthodontist but me and physics didn’t work out so well. I went to Ryerson hoping to be the next Cheryl Hickey. Along with classes in front of the camera, my program included several writing courses. I’m an avid reader and realized writing was something I enjoyed much more than reading off a screen, so I worked on pursuing those skills instead. Now I write Tigris’ blog posts, social media, event portfolios, newsletters and press releases! 

Describe your ideal weekend.

My ideal weekend includes getting in a quick workout, singing karaoke with friends and eating dessert. 

If You Could Live In A Book, TV Show Or Movie, What Would It Be?

Right now I’m obsessed with Nashville –  I’d love to live in that TV show and be a singer under Rayna James’ record label.

What are the three top traits you look for in a best friend?

I surround myself with people who motivate, inspire and make me laugh uncontrollably.

Dead or Alive, who would you have dinner with and what would you order?

I absolutely love Blake Lively – from her sense of style to the roles she’s played, I’m a definitely a fan. We’d go for dessert and I’d order either a chocolate molten lava cake or New York style cheesecake.

Tigris works with many young professionals. Do you have any advice for the staff you work with?

Value each and every relationship you make, and stay in contact with the people you meet.

– Nicole Delorme, Marketing Sales Manager 



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promotional advertising

Promotional Advertising for HP at Toronto’s Bridal Show

Trade show season is upon us! At each trade show, there are hundreds of exhibitors,  so it’s crucial to develop a strategy to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Currently, companies are looking for promotional advertising strategies to build their brands. One company who is undertaking these initiatives is HP Canada.

As a leading technology company, HP Canada focuses on products and service, while offering a wide range of business solutions. Their recent promotion ensures users that printing from home is right the first time and every time.

You probably already know that even the simplest DIY project requires some effort. Anyone else spend hours on Pinterest? But with original HP Ink, Do-It-Yourself projects from home are completed effortlessly with high quality and performance.

promotional advertising

Promotional Advertising for Toronto’s Brides

Have you ever planned a wedding? I’m sure you can imagine all of the work that goes into planning a day many have looked forward to their entire lives. This includes venue, wedding dress, caterers, musicians, invitations and more!

In a survey of 2,309 Canadians, couples nearing or just coming away from the big day indicated they believed the average expected cost of a Canadian wedding should ring in at around $22,429 – or $27,899 with a honeymoon. – Golden Girl Finance

As you can see, weddings come with a hefty price tag. That’s why many brides plan to DIY several components of their big day to avoid accumulating costs. HP Canada’s promotional advertising initiative at the Toronto Bridal Show was to show brides they can use their products to print high-quality images at home. 

promotional advertising

The Ultimate DIY For The Creative Bride 

Tigris teamed up with Starshot and HP Canada to promote original HP ink. Other products on site consisted of HP Envy 7640 e-All-in-One Printer,  HP Sprocket*, and HP Deskjet 3755 Wireless All-in-One Printer. HP Sprocket allows consumers to print photos from their smartphones instantly using Hp ePrint app. Brides and grooms are able to print all their wedding needs, such as, Save the Date, wedding invitations, shower decorations, and wedding photos from the comfort of home. By making your wedding your way, brides are able to customise and personalise their special day. Because we all know if we want something done right, we do it ourselves!

HP Contests & Giveaways for the Bride to Be 

promotional advertisingAs mentioned earlier, it’s important to make your booth stand out from the hundreds of exhibitors on site. You want people talking about your brand! You may be wondering how HP Canada maintained a busy booth for the entire duration of the trade show. Well, they offered a unique contest that any bride would love to win. Ten very lucky brides (plus their guests!) had a chance to win an exclusive dinner with celebrity wedding planner, Jeffry Roick. The dinner will be held on Valentine’s Day, and he’s there to talk weddings with the winners!

Now, if you’ve ever been to a trade show, you know it’s all about the freebies. Contestants were able to walk away with a package of HP Social Media SnapShot Paper and a HP Original Ink postcard. The postcard offered $10 off of HP ink and $50 off on HP printers online. Coupons encourage people to buy and keeps them thinking about your product. 

HP Social Media SnapShot Paper makes printing from your camera roll or social media fun and easy. By using the HP app, brides and grooms can print their favourite memories from their special day onto peel and stick backing paper. 

Promotional Advertising At Your Next Trade Show

Look out for HP Canada at the Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa Bridal Shows! Our Tigris team will be hosting their booths at each show. 

As you can see, exhibiting at a trade show is similar to planning a wedding. There are many components to consider including contests, giveaways, engagement and promotional staff. Here at Tigris, we create, plan and staff memorable events for clients across Canada. Whether you need the ideas or simply the staff to bring your brand to life, we’ve got you covered! Contact Tigris today for a free quote on our experiential services. 

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temporary trade show help

Need Temporary Trade Show Help?

With the One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale happening this weekend in Toronto, who’s not excited!? With everything from artwork & clothing to jewelry & handicrafts, it’s the perfect place to go for that one of a kind gift for that special someone this holiday! If and when you do go, you’ll notice that most of these booths are not only run by the makers themselves but additional temporary trade show help. They are Brand Ambassadors, who were specifically trained to educate the thousands of consumers. In addition, they are trained to engage with those who attend this trade show about the unique products they represent.

Tigris has provided Temporary Trade Show Help, or “booth assistants” for countless shows across Canada over the years, including the following shows just to name a few:

  • Pacific Dental Conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Vancouver International Auto Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre
  • The Condominium Conference at the Toronto Congress Centre
  • Toronto International Auto Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • The Building Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • CanWEA Windpower Expo at the BMO Centre (Calgary)
  • The Farm Forum at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre

Here’s 5 reasons why you should hire Temporary Trade Show Help

1. You’ll have more time to network while they run your boothtemporary trade show help

With Temporary Trade Show Help, no longer will you be stuck at the booth all day long. You now have free time to check out the rest of the show, distribute business cards, make professional connections, and conduct lunch meetings! If you have a smaller booth, simply hire one Brand Ambassador to give you that flexibility.

2. You can be in multiple trade shows across the country by using local staff
Since Tigris has rosters in all the major markets across the country, we provide Temporary Trade Show Help in any city you want. Can’t travel to that city to train staff onsite? No problem! You can opt to lead online webinars or conference calls to train your staff instead. We even handle shipment of supplies and contract our local Event Managers to manage setup, staff training, and tear down. That way, you can have piece of mind knowing someone’s in charge. Just give us enough notice to  collect availability, and you can choose your perfect Brand Ambassador. Because we provide a candidate deck of available staff, you will have enough information to make an informed decision.  Find the best brand ambassador for your brand!

3. You’re an expert on your product but you’re not a salesperson

You may know everything there is to know about your product and why it’s the most amazing product out there, but can you sell it? Do you have the charismatic personality needed to not only engage but influence your consumers? At Tigris, we have over 1,500 staff boasting a wide range of talents, so we can find a Temporary Trade Show Helper who can talk the talk and walk the walk! Once they’re trained on your brand, they become the brand expert and you can sit back and relax.

temporary trade show help

4. The staff can relate better to your target market

If your product is microwaveable bean bags to help women alleviate menstrual cramps, then you’ll want a female Temporary Trade Show Helper to relate to your target market! If you’re demonstrating a new product using the Oculus Rift, then you’ll want a millennial who can carry on a conversation with the tekkies. By gearing the staff towards your target market, you can instantly improve the impression that your product makes on your consumers. With thousands of staffing options at Tigris, we can help you find the perfect Brand Ambassador to represent your brand.

5. They can assist with setup and tear down to save you time

Temporary Trade Show Staff are very experienced in set up and tear down, having worked in multiple trade shows setting up banners and displays. They can help ensure that your booth look sleek and professional without having you lift a finger.

Interested in trade show assistance? Contact Tigris today for a free, no-obligation quote on our event staffing services. In addition, we create and plan events for clients nationwide across Canada.

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Event Personnel for Grace Kennedy Foods 2015 Promotions

Event Personnel for Grace’s 2015 Festivals & Trade Shows!

Tigris is excited to announce that we have secured a contract with Grace Kennedy Foods to provide event personnel for a series of summer sampling events throughout 2015! Over the course of 8 months, Tigris will provide top event personnel for their festivals and trade shows across the GTA. The campaign may also expand to include in-store tastings and a mobile tour with a branded truck – and we can’t wait!

Famously known for their coconut water, Grace also manufactures over 20 other products including syrups, organic and natural coconut products, seasonings, sauces, spices, canned fish and meats, and soups! Grace started in Jamaica in 1922 as small traders and wharf operators. Over the years, they have grown and diversified. Their privately owned operation became a public company listed on the stock exchanges of Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Today, the Grace Kennedy Group is a network of companies located across the Caribbean, in North and Central America, and the United Kingdom. Their products are available in major grocery retailers, family-owned stores and restaurants right across Canada. You can usually find their products in the International or Caribbean section of stores.

Where will you find our event personnel promoting these amazing products? Here’s a list of our scheduled events so far:

March 27-29: The Green Living Show at the MTCC (North Building)
April 10-12: The Yoga Conference and Show at the MTCC
May 30: desiFEST at Yonge-Dundas Square
June 20-21: Coconut Festival at the Ontario Science Centre
June 27-28: Taste of Asia, a street festival taking place at Kennedy & Steeles in Scarborough
August 12-16: Canfit Pro Toronto at the MTCC
Oct. 16-18: National Women’s Show Toronto at the MTCC

We are eagerly looking forward to bringing this brand to life with the power of presence with our unique event personnel. We are in the midst of creating a dynamic, professional team for these events who will be equipped with key information about the Grace brand and products. With over 500 event personnel on our Toronto roster alone, there will be no shortage of interest in these events which gives Tigris the opportunity to hand select the right fit for each event, especially those with cultural and language requests!

If you have numerous events you’d like to showcase your brand at, it’s beneficial to choose one event staffing company and stick with them throughout your promotions. This way, the agency can build a team of brand ambassadors unique to your needs. The brand ambassadors will become familiar with your brand’s image and products by working a series of promotions vs. event to event. You will also feel comfortable as the client because you will have complete trust in the company and build relationships with the brand ambassadors.  This is a great strategy to develop a strong team that works well together and one that gives you trust in their performance.

Event Personnel

Choosing The Right Event Personnel For Your Brand

As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of working with one event staffing agency for your yearly events is building a strong team for your brand. This being said, out of our hundreds of Toronto event personnel, our account manager will build a team of 10-12 staff to cover the shifts for the schedule noted above. Each event requires a range of 2-5 brand ambassadors per shift with some shows requiring 2 shifts/day. Taking on a team of this size will allow us to give each events staff a good range of shifts while also giving us a buffer to accommodate availability and unforeseen changes.

Tigris is also excellent at sourcing staff cultural and language requests for our clients. For this specific campaign, we will proactively aim to schedule events staff who are bilingual in Chinese, Cantonese or Mandarin for Taste of Asia and likewise, personnel who speak Hindu, Urdu or Gujarati for desiFEST since it’s Canada’s South Asian Music Concert. It’s important for company’s to consider the demographics who not only consume their products regularly but also who will be at the events where they will be showcasing their brand so they can connect to them on a more personal level.

Over past years, Tigris has supporting multicultural marketing initiatives for Rogers from 2008 to 2010 at everything from the Chinese Lantern Festival and Chinese New Year to Festival of South Asia, Kismet Wedding Show, Multicultural Days at Ontario Place / Canada’s Wonderland and Caribana. We are also supplying a promotional model bilingual in English and Spanish for PUNCH Communications at PDAC Mar. 1-4 and potentially another who is bilingual in English, French and Spanish to MC some events at this summer’s PanAM Games. How amazing is that?

Our goal with any event is to ensure we provide the right staff who not only meshes with the brand’s image but also personable, professional, reliable and enthusiastic – and in some cases such as the examples detailed above, have special skills and/or language abilities to enhance the promotion and result in a more meaningful engagement with consumers.

Do you need professional event personnel for your upcoming promotions?  We would love to work with you and make 2015 a memorable year full of success for your company. Contact us today at 416.283.9119 for a FREE quote on any type of event or promotion, from trade shows to outdoor sampling. Our services are available in over 15 markets across Canada, including Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

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Expand your Reach, Enhance Your Brand and Boost ROI with A Trade Show Promotion

You’re either wondering what all the clean-green-something-free food fuss is all about or you’ve already got the scoop. Ya, you probably got it.

A Trade Show Promotion for the Natural Health Food Bandwagon is a Gold Mine On Wheels… Do you Dig Me?

Better-For-You (BFY) food trends began to emerge about a decade ago and have become more prominent with time as today’s consumer is actually conscious of packaged food labels, the source of produce in their grocery basket and the quality of products they are purchasing as a whole.  BFY foods (yes this is a term!) refers to a category of products where the amount of unhealthy substances has been actively reduced or removed altogether during production (i.e. fats, sugars, salt, and carbohydrates) and this is what consumers now look for.

The Canadian organic food market has experienced significant growth in recent years based on demand which signifies a tremendous opportunity for corporations and business in this sector but keeping up with the pace or even getting a step further ahead is pivotal to claim a maximum share. With global sales of US$160.3 billion in 2010, the BFY category alone is expected to grow by 24.6% to over US$199.8 billion by 2015. (“Health and Wellness Trends for Canada and the World”. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Government of Canada. October 2011)

With that in mind, wouldn’t it be great to showcase your product or service somewhere with the guaranteed that large volumes of potential customers will be present? And we’re not talking plain volumes of just anyone, it’s predominantly your target market. Well we’ve got news for you –  heck yes it would be great and YES you can! A trade show promotion is a proven way to achieve this and help get your brand recognized while making both instant sales and interactions that will continue to generate future revenue and therefore generate a pretty ROI. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the statistics for this method of marketing and see for yourself.

Behold The Wonderful World Of Trade Show Promotion

Let’s begin by recognizing that attendance at most trade shows will range from 10,000-25,000 at smaller shows and 35,000-50,000+ at larger shows that span over an average of 3-10 days. If your company is in the health biz, female consumers are certainly your target as they are often the ones making purchasing decisions within their household. Now, knowing that a healthy serving (no pun intended) of the figures above account for them, it’s fair to acknowledge the quality of reach. What about in scope you ask? Typically 72% of attendees will come from within a city’s greater area and 28% will come from areas farther afield.

We have essentially established that females consistently account for the majority of show-goers at Natural Health, Wellness & Fitness Show but how much is that really? Approximately 79.4% of the demographic is women while 20.6% are males. This confirms the large numbers of women who are seeking information, trying new products, and taking an active role in creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.

From this demographic as a whole, 80% have a university or post-graduate degree and 59% hold a professional/managerial role which affirms these people are likely making careful decisions and doing their homework when it comes to the products they use and consume hence their presence at shows of this nature.

Each trade show is slightly tailored to focus on a core area of health awareness which result in some varying numbers in the statistics presented below but for the purpose of this content, we have analysed numbers of 10 major Toronto Trade Shows & Expos to achieve closely representative figures for the following statistics on the female demographic:

* 2% are under the age of 19 years old
* 11% are between the ages of 19-24 years old
* 21% are between the ages of 25-34 years old
* 20% are between the ages of 35-44 years old
* 28% are between the ages of 45-54 years old
* 18% are 55+ years old

These figures demonstrate that the equally significant buying power of the boomer & early age millennial is prominent at these events. That means there’s no better time or place than a trade show promotion to get your brand in front of them or better yet, in their hands. Tigris has recently secured a contract with Grace Kennedy, you know all those amazing hot sauces, jerk seasonings, coconut water/products (the list goes on) and will be assisting them with executing an array of sought-out trade shows, expos, festivals and special events in the coming months.  Here are some of the most anticipated events you can expect to find us at:

* Green Living Show from Mar. 27-29 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
* Yoga Conference & Show from Apr. 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
* Raw/Vegan Festival from Jun. 6-7 at the Centre for Culture, Arts, Media & Education
* Coconut Festival from Jun. 20-21 at Wychwood Barns
* Vegetarian Food Festival from Sept. 5-7 at Harbourfront Centre
* CHFA from Sept. 19-20 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
* Whole Life Expo from Nov. 27-29 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

We’re calling all natural health food lovers and enthusiasts!  Whether you come visit us at one or all of these shows or want to work with us to get your brand in on the action, we’d be happy to hear from you!  If you’re considering a trade show promotion we can make it easy and oh so rewarding – give us a call today at 416-983-9119 and let’s get started!

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Condor Security Hosts Toronto Self-Defense Seminar With Avital Zeisler

Condor Security Hosts A Life Changing Toronto Self-Defense Seminar With Avital Zeisler

Tigris’ client, Condor Security, is hosting Avital Zeisler on the upcoming Women’s Toronto Self-Defense seminar. Condor Security Inc. is a private security company providing security solutions, services and training in the Greater Toronto Area, and they will be hosting this life changing event at their main office in Toronto.

This self-defense and empowerment program is open to all females who are interested in attending. It is a course every woman should experience. We were honoured and excited when our contact from Condor Security invited us to this amazing event and asked us to promote it within our business network.

Avital Zeisler, world renowned hand-to-hand combat expert and women’s empowerment coach, developed the Soteria Method, named after the Goddess of safety. This technique teaches women a unique and exclusive method of self-defense, fitness and empowerment. This method is designed to guide women towards living life to its fullest, while being armed with the knowledge to defend themselves mentally and physically against a violent threat or attack. The Soteria Method is simple, effective, and retain-able.

Avital was once a victim of sexual assault from a man she trusted. ” [She] chose to face this traumatic experience with courage, strength and plain old guts. [She] needed a new focus; something that would help [her] deal with the negativity and despair — [she] took a self defense class.”(,2013). Her journey led her to train with security specialists, military personnel, and law enforcement officials around the world and ultimately she became a globally sought consultant, coach and trainer.

Avital Zeisler’s method has already transformed the lives of women from all walks of life including Hollywood actresses struggling to overcome trauma from violence and sexual assault. Amanda Seyfried, best known for her role in Dear John and Mean Girls, states”I have this confidence I don’t feel I ever had…this is so much more than self-defense”.

Condor Security Self Defense (6)

The Hard Facts:
* Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16.1
* In a 2009 Canadian national survey, women reported 460,000 incidents of sexual assault in just one year. 2
* Only about 10% of all sexual assaults are reported to police.3
* When it comes to sexual assault, women are frequently not believed, blamed for being assaulted, “or subjected to callous or insensitive treatment, when police fail to take evidence, or when their cases are dropped arbitrarily.” 4
* Only a handful of reported assaults ever result in a conviction: each year, only about 1,500 sexual assault offenders are actually convicted.

Regardless if you are a victim of assault, it is important to be prepared. Once you have the tools to defend yourself, you will not only be able to disable an attacker, but you will also radiate confidence which will lower your chances of physical or sexual assault. Women are constantly alone in Toronto – whether they are taking public transit, grabbing the groceries, or leaving a bar/club, there is always a chance for an attack. Prepare yourself and gain confidence by hearing Avital’s empowering story and learning your own self-defense techniques.

Avital Zeisler’s Toronto Self-Defense Seminar: RSVP Today!

Option #1: Friday March 6th 9:30-11:30am ($19.99)
Option #2: Friday March 6th 12:00-2:00pm ($19.99)
Option #3: Intensive – Sunday March 8th 10:00-2:00pm( $45.00)
Location: 4610 Dufferin St. Unit 1B Toronto, Ontario

Space is limited! RVSP: or contact 416 665 1500 Ext. 277. Tigris head office team will be attending Option #2. We hope to see you there!

As mentioned above, Tigris has provided promotional models and trade show services for Condor Security. If you are interested in any of our services, from event planning to event staffing, call us at 416.283.9119 for a FREE quote. Our services are available in over 15 different markets across Canada included Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto and Alberta.

Condor Security Self Defense (1)

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Time to Warm Up Toronto! Winter Trade Show Displays to get you Geared Up for Summer!

The February ‘blahs’ are weighing down on us, it’s been cold and grey just a little too long!

Why not perk yourself up by taking a look at some hot trade show displays in our city?

February in Toronto is a month full of trade shows that are designed to rev up your warm weather engine, and have you day-dreaming about cottage docks and outdoor sports! The companies exhibiting at these trade shows are presenting their brands and products in a way that will make you put your shovel away and enjoy the newest trends and innovations being displayed for your upcoming, warm-weather enjoyment!

On February 5th through 8th at the Direct Energy Centre be sure to deck yourself out in your camo as you attend the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show! With a multitude of interactive exhibits from indoor pond fishing to learning how to cook your catch on stage with the pros, it’s a great way to get off the couch and learn some new skills. See some of Ontario’s most intriguing wildlife up close and personal. Take a look at the latest in fishing and leisure boats, tents and backpacks, ATVs and motorcycles, and canoes and kayaks. This show will exhibit some incredible products that they’ll even allow you to test! The West Coast Lumberjacks will amaze you with their unbelievable axe-throwing skills. You won’t want to miss a minute of the action…and you might even be lucky enough to give axe throwing try!

If you’re impatiently awaiting the water’s thaw, perhaps a good start would be to attend the International Centre’s Spring Fishing and Boat Show on February 13-15. If you’re looking for a new boat, motor and trailer, this is the show you won’t want to miss. A large selection of boat brands and motors are on display making comparison-shopping a breeze. Friendly local dealers are set up with everything you’ll need for a summer full of fishing fun on the water. You will be allowed to step into the boats, give them a feel, and pretend that you’re a captain of the seas!

If it’s speed that makes you hot under the collar, there’s a major event not to be missed! The Canadian International Auto Show runs February 13-22 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and is sure to draw in a huge audience. Exhibitors will be displaying the newest in next generation of hybrids, advanced fuel cells, and electric plug-ins. There will be no shortage of amazing advances to discover at the show. 2015 is new automotive era with displays characterized by innovation, experimentation and the introduction of new technologies. This show will be sure to wow attendees with a peep into the future of the industry!

If spring cleaning and new designs are more your forte, there is also something for you! February 13-16 brings The GTA Home Show to the International Trade Centre. From pre-engineered homes, DIY projects and home decor, to dining and entertaining ideas, the GTA Home show has lined up a spectacular array of celebrities, local experts, exhibitors and eye catching trade show displays to make sure you have everything you need under one roof!

Other notable shows to attend include:
• February 20-22 The Toronto Motorcycle Show @ The Direct Energy Centre
• February 20-22 The Outdoor Adventure Show @ The International Centre
• February 20-22 Toronto Star Golf & Travel Show@ The Metro Toronto Convention Centre
• February 26-March 1 Toronto International RV Show @ The International Centre
(And if you’re looking for something even steamier than summer)…
• February 27-March 1 Sexapalooza @ The International Centre

There are a multitude of ways to get involved in the above described trade shows beyond just attending as a consumer!

Tigris partners with many companies in creating dynamic and engaging trade show displays that are sure to draw in a crowd. Whether it be working with our clients to suggest creative methods to display their products, creating original installations to attract an audience, organizing event logistics to ensure the most impact, or employing charismatic and approachable brand ambassadors to work the front lines, Tigris can help exhibitors fine tune and achieve their trade show goals!

Tigris is also always looking for energetic, attractive, and hardworking staff to work at the trade show events as well! At the moment, we have a team of brand ambassadors booked to work the International Auto Show for Toronto Star and another prospective activation with Accuwrap at the National Home Show next month. Our brand ambassadors will be hosting their booth, entering people into a contest to win $40,000 towards their dream car from Wonderlist. Not familiar with Wonderlist? Well, you should be!! It’s a free premier contest program providing a one of a kind experience to its subscribers with exclusive product offers and over 500 yearly contest opportunities.

If you would like some more information on how Tigris can help improve your trade show displays or if you think you have the skills and energy to represent some amazing brands at one of our clients’ booths, please feel free to visit our event marketing page or give us a call at 416-283-9119 to get more details!

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Only our Top Toronto Brand Ambassadors for the Canadian International Auto Show!

Tigris Unites With Toronto Star, Sponsor of the 2015 CIAS, to Provide Exceptional Trade Show Services with our Top Toronto Brand Ambassadors!

We were really excited to share this opportunity with our top Toronto brand ambassadors and are even more excited to share the news with our community. Tigris has received a fantastic opportunity to work at one of the most anticipated trade show events of the year – the 2015 Canadian International Auto Show!

The 2015 Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS), presented by Toronto Star (our wonderful client!) and, is Canada’s largest automotive show held annually at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This year, the show will run February 13th to 22nd along with a VIP Launch night on Thursday February 12th.

Earlier this week, we reached out to a select group of our top Toronto brand ambassadors to book our team of 8 super star events staff for this activation. Our team will host Toronto Star’s booth Thurs-Mon the first weekend and Sat-Sun for the second. While onsite, our staff will be engaging show-goers to encourage their entry into a contest for the chance to win $40,000 towards their dream car. Who would need to think twice about entering this contest?! Since this activation depends on participation, we’ve put together a phenomenal, results-driven team with BIG personalities to ensure a successful activation for our client.

Toronto Star will be prominent in all of the show’s promotions and will be on-site throughout the exhibition. Benjamin Leung, the show’s president, stated, “this is a perfect partnership, with both the Toronto Star and CIAS sharing a devotion to excellence, respect and admiration for this most exciting and dynamic of industries and above all creating an exceptional experience for visitors and readers”. Tigris couldn’t agree more – we first worked with Toronto Star for the 2014 National Women’s Show assisting with lead generation and brand awareness along with creating memorable experience for trade show go-ers. Tigris prides ourselves on providing outstanding staff to create an exceptional experience for potential and current customers. 

Tigris Provides Top Toronto Brand Ambassadors & Promotional Models For CIAS Exhibitors

The Canadian International Auto Show is Canada’s largest consumer show. More than 30,000 people attend each year! This event offers car enthusiasts an up-cloes look at what is hot and new in the car industry. Guests are able to view more than 1000 new automobiles, view the latest technologies, and browse through over 100 exhibitor booths. As an exhibitor, it is clear that with the high volume alone there will be valuable competition. Have you thought about hiring a team of promotional models or brand ambassadors to enhance your booth, results and consumer experience?

As you know, we have a relationship with Toronto Star for the 2015 Canadian Auto Show, but Tigris has been providing top staffing solutions for various brands and organizations at the CIAS since 2007! Our Toronto events staff are no stranger to this attraction; specifically our Toronto promotional models.

One of our most memorable experiences at the CIAS was in 2012. Tigris worked hand in hand with luxury event management company Candice & Alison to execute a unique publicity stunt for the launch of MINI’s exclusive “Goodwood” car at the private press launch day at the CIAS Feb.16. Tigris cast a unique team of 15 brunette male and female promotional models, all 5ft 8in or taller, to build excitement, anticipation and allure for the new car. Only 1,000 Goodwood cars were made and less and 25 were distributed in Canada. Our professional promotional models ensured a sexy and mysterious reveal of the car with a choreographed routine. This publicity stunt appeared in national newspapers the next day!

In addition to this amazing event, Tigris also supplied sales assist support for Rogers at CIAS for 4 consecutive years along with KIA in 2007. It’s never a dull moment for us at Tigris 🙂

The CIAS is bound to have over the expected 30,000 attendees in 2015, but this alone does not guarantee the high traffic you want to see at your booth. You must take aggressive action by planning ahead, offering incentives (such as a contest to win help purchase your dream car) and hiring outstanding brand ambassadors to generate buzz. If you’re looking for a team to create awareness and drive results, contact Tigris today at 416.283.9119. Our trade show services are not limited to Toronto – we offer event planning and staffing solutions in over 15 markets across Canada including Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary!
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