Why Hire an Event Management Company?

Find the Right Event Management Company for You

If you’re looking to hire or partner with an event management company, here are some tips to keep you on track. Like starting any relationship, you should find someone you like and trust. Being able to do their job should be a given but it’s not.

Planning an event can be stressful; we like to compare it to building a house. You would never call a contractor and simply ask them to “build you a house!” no more than you would call an event planner and simply ask them to plan your event. There are so many things that need to be discussed! Here are 5 things you should keep top of mind when you’re hiring an experiential marketing or event management company

Event management company for CGC


The first thing that comes to mind when we are asked to quote on an event is budget. To get to the point, your budget as that will impact how BIG you can build your house. There are some nice to have items. Then there are need to have items. This is perfectly relate able to planning an event. We recognize that some companies or organizations are not able to reveal budget but doing so better enables us to come up with an accurate and realistic quote. In turn, it also helps us to quote our estimated time and project management fees better as well. 

Just recently, we received a quote request to plan an outdoor event for 5,000 people on Canada Day weekend. The company indicated they had secured the venue already. They planned to provide free food, beverages and entertainment. Not having planned an event like this before, they wanted an event management company to help them coordinate the food, entertainment, AV, staging etc. It seemed a bit unusual to us however that they would be looking to provide free food and beverages. Free food and beverages for 5,000 people is EXPENSIVE!

After discussing their vision for the event, naturally our next question was regarding budget. They indicated a range of $25,000-$50,000. This seems rather low, wouldn’t you agree? Based on 5,000 people, even if you spent $10/person on food and drinks, you’d be looking at $50,000!!! Since they had confirmed the space already, we recommended offering 10×10 footprints to local restaurants who could participate to promote their services by providing food samples for free. This would bring down the budget exponentially and dedicate those funds to the event experience instead. If you’re expecting a quantity of people like that, you want to give them something to do whether it’s live entertainment, games or something else. Otherwise, what’s the point? And speaking of which… that brings us to OUR next point 🙂

Event management company for Transferwise


Why do you want to plan this event? Are you looking to raise money for charity or your business? Are you promoting a product or service? Your reason why will play a big part in how you concept the event, develop and relay messaging about it and impact the event experience. 

Since 2012, Tigris has worked with St. Joseph’s Health Centre to plan a Halloween Festival Fundraiser and Parade. As you can appreciate, this event is geared towards connecting with the local community and raising money for the foundation. In addition to keeping the project on track, Tigris is mandated to collect 3-4 quotes for each service to make sure we get the best price as possible for the hospital. This directly supports the objective to maximize fundraising dollars raised by sponsors and by attendees the day of. 

Event management company for St. Joseph's Health Centre Foundation


A great event management company will employ a team of excellent communicators. You should be able to get a hold of them at any time. While most information will be available to, it may not be readily accessible the moment you need an answer. If you’re working for a big company or well known organization, it’s natural for vendors, members of the community or other parties to connect with you about your event from time to time. This could even be many months after your event or between events. Your event management company should be able to recall important communication or event planning details quickly and easily for you. If there is any turn over within your company or organization, the historical data is essential to brief and train new team members. 

If you’re looking to hire an event management company, a good indication of their communication skills will be highlighted in the before – and the after. How quick were they able to turn around a quote for you? Did they answer all of your questions clearly and concisely? Did they indicate their approach to your event and how they planned to deliver? After the event, how long did it take them to provide a report? Was their reporting insightful? Was their final invoice on or under budget with adequate detail and proof of expenses?

Not meaning to brag… ok, maybe we are. At Tigris, we provide post-reports within 2-3 days immediately following the majority of our events. In comparison, one of our clients shared that a past event management company took 3 months to provide their report. You can just imagine our reaction – and we will leave it at that! 

Event management company for Brookfield & Maple Diversity


To get the ball rolling, your event management company should provide you with a detailed and comprehensive plan. Think of this is a gigantic to do list!

A work back schedule (or critical path) should include:
– what needs to be done;
– who is doing it;
– when it needs to be done by;
– and any important details or nuances pertaining to each requirement

Your work back schedule will be a living and breathing document throughout the entire planning process. We like to load our critical path to google docs to share with our clients. This way, they can take a look whenever they want to see how the event is progressing. Google docs also allows multiple people to work on the same document. This is great for an event management company as there may be a few planners working on the same event simultaneously.

Tigris quoted on a project recently and was horrified to learn that our client’s company had withdrawn their services mid-planning. As it turns out, they were more of a PR firm, with no event management experience, took the booking and got in over their head. Fortunately, we were able to save the day and the event went ahead as planned – on budget and on time. The moral of the story? If you’re hiring an event management company, it’s like hiring any other service provider. We still love our house example! If you were hiring a contractor, you need to do your due diligence. Partnering with an event management company is no different. If you don’t put in the appropriate research, it could cost you.

Event management company for Rona & Terrain Marketing


At the end of the day, it’s the results that count. Was your event executed smoothly? And if there were any issues that arose, did your event management company troubleshoot them quickly and efficiently? This is not something you can gauge before you hire one – but you can ask for references. Ask for at least a few to give you a well rounded opinion of the prospective event management company you are considering. Ask well thought out, open ended questions. You can supplement your insight of the company by looking them up on google, linked in and other sources. Online reviews, ratings and testimonials are also a great resource to determine the quality of a company’s capabilities. 

Team Up with an Event Management Who Gets You

With most events, you only have one shot to get things right. It’s important to team up with an event management company who understand you, communicates well, gets you results and makes your job and life easier! 

To discuss your next event, give us a call at 1-844-4TIGRIS.

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Holiday Staff Parties for Tigris in 4 Cities

How do you go about celebrating your best year yet? Throw nationwide holiday staff parties of course! Tigris events staff could be found working more than 32,000 hours on 4,500 shifts and 1,200+ activations in 2016. That’s a 30% increase over our 2015 events. Needless to say, we have lots to be thankful for and want to show gratitude with the hard-working members of our team.

We’ve been working with and getting to know some amazing staff across the country. What better way to ring in the New Year and celebrate our successes than with holiday staff parties in not only 1 but 4 of our major markets?  This past Sunday, Tigris held its 13th Annual Holiday Staff Party in Toronto as well as our 1st Holiday Staff Parties in Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver!

Planning for our Holiday Staff Parties

Planning holiday staff parties is not an easy feat, especially when your party is coinciding with so many others over the holiday season. With family gatherings, last minute gift shopping, traveling plans, vacations, and exams, it’s hard to get everyone under one roof. Even though we have nearly 600 people on our Toronto roster, past years have proven that only 10-15% of our roster makes it out. That’s why this year, we did things a little differently.

The Schedule
In previous years, holiday staff parties have been held in late November or early December. This year, however, we opted to schedule the parties for Sun., Jan. 8. Our team was interested in selecting this date to avoid conflicts with other commitments. Being a Sunday evening, guests can run their errands before the party, but go home early enough to take on the new week!

The Venues
Our Account Coordinator, Joanna, spent lots of time researching tons of cool venues in each of the four cities before deciding on locations (named below) worthy enough for our holiday staff parties. We brainstormed a few places in Toronto, including iDarts, Ripley’s Aquarium, and Skyzone.

The Invites
We utilized a variety of methods to round up the guests for our holiday staff parties. EventBrite was a huge help, as our guests could RSVP directly on their website. EventBrite has an instant notification system so we were consistently in the know about who was attending.  In addition, Facebook event invites were created so our staff can see the guest list. We get it, most of us make decisions about whether to attend an event based on who else is going! As the deadline to purchase tickets neared, we also sent out personal reminders via email, text and phone calls. Each city had a sizeable guest list by Jan. 5 and we were pumped!

How were the Holiday Staff Parties?

On the evening of the 8th, Tigris staff filed into pubs and bars in each of the four major cities for their respective holiday staff parties. Our Toronto staff dressed to impress at the trendy Ballroom in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Tigris Head Office Team gave each guest drink tickets for the Turkey Bar as well as a raffle ticket for the prize draw. Delicious food platters were spread throughout the private party room and servers emerged in waves with additional mouthwatering appetizers. The BBQ grilled chicken skewers and mini mac n’ cheese were team favourites!

The party came in full swing around 7pm. Serious smack talking could be overheard by the two pool tables, coupled by the thunderous crash of bowling pins in the two private bowling lanes.

Holiday Staff Parties Toronto

Over in Montreal…

Tigris staff could be found indulging in goodies at the Bishop & Bagg, an authentic British pub in Mile-End. At 7:01pm, our Regional Account Manager & host, Tommy posted a live Facebook video of guests clinking glasses for a toast. This led to a chain of live videos from each party being posted across the country. While we only had a small group of guests attend this party, they were touched that they finally had the opportunity to partake in a holiday celebration with some of their co-workers

Holiday Staff Parties - Montreal

A couple time zones behind in Calgary…
Tigris staff were mixing and mingling at the Hose and the Hound. Our regional account manager for Calgary went live on Facebook interviewing guests about their favourite part about working with Tigris. One events staff, Tara said, “it’s the different sorts of events, the level of professionalism, and the follow through with what they [Tigris] say.” Rayna said she really enjoyed working the Canada Beef event, which is always well organized and fun.

Holiday Staff Parties - Calgary

On the West Coast…

Tigris Event Manager, Jaime was busy chatting with Tigris promotional models at Doolins, an Irish Pub. When asked why she loves working with Tigris, Paris exclaimed, “because of the people I get to work with!” Holding up her wine glass, Yvonne said her reason was because of the awesome holiday staff parties that Tigris throws. YAY! We had closer to 30 team members hit up our Vancouver party – the 2nd largest crowd next to Toronto. What a great group!

Holiday Staff Parties - Vancouver

Near the end of the night, we raffle prizes were drawn to further to show our appreciation for staff who made it out to party in the freezing cold. We gave away lots of sweet prizes, including $25-$100 gift cards to The Keg, Sportchek, Cineplex and many other places. Congratulations to all of our team members who took home added bonuses in each of our cities. The parties went off without a hitch and team members had a blast. Our management team had so much fun chatting with old friends and meeting new ones. Even our CEO came into the office on Monday morning with no voice so you know we had a good time! To check out all of the photos from the parties, check out our facebook fan page!

Since the Tigris holiday staff parties this year were so fun, we’re thinking of throwing Tigris Summer Staff Parties! What do you think?

I’m already daydreaming about those pink drinks on a patio or a friendly game of volleyball by the beach!

To find out more about what Tigris does when we’re not having holiday staff parties, please visit the rest of this website or call us at 416-283-9119. If you’re interested in joining the team, please send 2-3 photos in addition to your resume to recruiting@tigriseventsinc.com. If eligible, one of our recruiters will be in contact to schedule an interview.


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Taking Home the Award for Top Event Staffing Agency

About Top Choice Awards and Tigris’ Top Event Staffing Agency Win

On Sat., Oct. 22, Tigris’ CEO officially accepted the Top Choice Award for Top Event Staffing Agency. While we were notified about this incredible honour back in February, we did not receive the gorgeous golden trophy until this past weekend.

Each year, awards are distributed to businesses nationwide.
To be considered for this prestigious award, businesses must meet the following criteria:
* receive at least 25 nominations in their category //
* be in business for at least 1 year
* conduct fair business practices
* should have a clean exterior and interior business location – what a business portrays to customers when they walk in is important
* in need of an acceptable online image – website are easy to understand and navigate with a pleasing aesthetic
* have online reviews with a minimum of 75% positive online business reviews and no more than 25% negative
* have one of more acceptable social media platforms (facebook, instagram, twitter, linked in.)
The sheet beauty of these awards are two-fold. As a consumer – each nomination, vote and feedback is an important part of the surveying process. Not only does Top Choice discover new, noteworthy businesses (like the top event staffing agency) – it also helps other consumers in your city enjoy better products and services from the businesses they support. It’s also a great way to say thank you to businesses that proudly serve their customers.
On Nov, 1, we learned that Tigris is a nominee for the 2017 Top Choice Awards! To help us take home the award for Best Event Staffing Agency for 2 consecutive years, click here to vote!  Thank you in advance for your support 🙂


What Does It Take To Be The Top Event Staffing Agency

Tigris has been in business for 12 years and while this award is specific the top event staffing agency in GTA, our team is strong Canada-wide. None the less; it’s extremely exciting to be recognized with an award of this stature. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Tigris, it’s no surprise since we are the company behind the brands we build. From our humble beginnings, planning events in the basement of the company founders home and less than 25 staff here in Toronto – to purchasing our office space in March of 2015 with 6 full-time employees and 2000 events staff nationwide – it’s been quite a ride, to say the least.

When we are discussing our dynamic event staffing and experiential marketing services with prospective clients, one of the most common questions we get is – what makes us different. So what is it that makes us the top event staffing agency?

To answer this question, we asked our client’s this same question. One of them said, our success onsite is a given – but it’s the before and after that is truly exceptional. From the moment they contact us, they know they are in good hands. Their calls and emails are responded to promptly, we keep them in the loop every step away, we have measures in place to troubleshoot if need be, our post-reports are provided within 2-3 days of an event wrapping up – and this performance is consistent – event after event.

We have instilled our management team with a sense of urgency so no client’s call or email goes unanswered for an extended period of time. Our team is accessible 24/7 to ensure our events are executed smoothly. With such a large team, we also have processes and systems in place to further support the success of our activations. Our account managers work feverishly day in and day out planning our events and are excellent at what they do. In field, we look for the best of the best in our brand ambassadors, events staff, promo models and market researchers. We are committed to paying them well/quickly along with other incentives, benefits and fun/flexible opportunities to keep them coming back for years on end, literally. Some of our staff have been on our team for over 10 years which is almost unheard of in our industry.

While winning the award for the top event staffing agency is an exciting accomplishment, it’s not everything. Our people are our passion – and our client’s success is our success.  Over the past 12 years, we have created, planned and staffed close to 10,000 activations for over 500 clients. That is a whopping 44,771 management hours and 144,971 combined staffing hours. That’s pretty amazing if you ask us – and now we have our consumer’s votes to support what we knew all along! And speaking of votes! Not only were we provided with feedback from voters, we were also provided with the results. We were proud to see we received more than half of the total votes in our category and a 90% overall rating. Results like this are something our entire team can be proud of – and it’s a testament to the quality of service our business stands for.

To date, Tigris has been nominated for 7 awards in the past 2 years and won 3 including the Top Choice Award for Top Event Staffing Agency, #95 on the W100 List of Female Lead Businesses for 2016 as well as a sales achievement award at the Ultimate Wealth Weekend in 2014. Check out our full list of award wins and nominations.

To learn more about how Tigris can help promote your product or build your business, give us a call at 416.283.9119 or click below ->
Get A Free Quote

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Tigris CEO Recognized Among Canada’s Top Business Women

Recognizing Canadian business women is important, wouldn’t you agree? Only 14% of CEO positions in this country are held by female leaders – and even a smaller percentage own and/or run their own business. While the statistics are disheartening, there are some organizations – such as Veuve Clicquot, the luxury champagne brand – have long celebrated and honoured business women internationally.

New to Canada in 2013 was the Business Woman Award and more recently, in 2016, the well known brand launched the New Generation Award. Among hundreds of applicants, Tigris’ very own CEO, Serena Holmes was recognized alongside 4 other business women who qualified as finalists for the prestigious award. Isn’t that exciting?

The Veuve Clicquot New Generation Award recognizes the success and vision of up and coming entrepreneurial business women between the ages of 25-35. The age group was specifically selected as it marks the formative years of Madame Clicquot’s own tenureship of the House. It is anticipated that the winner of the award will reflect her values of audacity, innovation, fearlessness and drive to act in the moment!

At the awards  presentation, held at Aria Restaurant in Toronto on Tues., Oct. 4, it became clear that all finalists exhibited passion for their work, a commitment to their employees and the community and a high measure of corporate social responsibility. Each finalist of this category and the Business Woman Award category – had the opportunity to speak for a few minutes and showcase their work.


All finalists were evaluated by an impressive panel of 6 judges including Lise Watier! In addition to age, all judges were required to evaluate finalists based on:

Entrepreneurship // being the leader of a business that has optimized a profound gap in the marketplace to bring an innovative offering and approach to modern business. They must demonstrate a fearless approach in their actions and leadership.

Innovation // utilizing an ability to transform a creative vision or innovation into a realistic and tangible business model.

Corporate Social Responsibility // finalists have a genuine commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices such as responsible product sourcing, community engagement and industry partnerships.

While our CEO did not take home the award, she comments, “I have worked hard to build Tigris over the last 12+ years so it’s a huge honour to be recognized among so many passionate and inspiring finalists. Furthermore, I am proud to have been nominated by one of our former employees, Kristen Carey (2nd from the right below). It is not only a compliment – but also a testament to the kind of leader I have strived to become.”

business women

The winner of the New Generation Award will receive a crystal La Grande Dame-shaped trophy, a case of Veuve ClicquotVintage Rose 2005 and a VIP visit with a guest to Hotel due marc, Veuve Clicquot’s Private Mansion in the heart of Reims. They will also receive a place on INSEAD’s Powering Growth Programme, directed by Jean Claude Larreche.

So what’s next for Tigris? On Oct. 20, we are attending the Business Excellence Awards hosted by the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade. Our submission for consideration was nearly 100 pages so we are eager to find out if we’ve won! On Oct. 22, we will be attending the Top Choice Awards Gala to officially accept our trophy for Best Event Staffing Agency of 2016. For more on these awards and other recognition Tigris has received, click here.



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Inspired Wedding Themes

Wedding Themes, Venues, Decor and More

Tigris is heavily involved in event staffing but over the last 12+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve also planned lots of events from start to finish. This includes inspired wedding themes! While our business is corporate focused, we have planned surprise birthday and anniversary parties. More recently, we planned a post-wedding reception for our very own CEO, Serena Holmes! Her and her husband were married in Thailand on their 9 year anniversary. Because they eloped, they wanted to plan an amazing reception for friends and family when they got home.

The wedding industry is a special beast, isn’t it? There are so many emotions flowing, family dynamics (or drama) to work through, a budget to manage and a relationship to keep healthy. Weddings are beautiful but they can also be stressful. From wedding themes and venues to catering, decor and a DJ, here are a few things our CEO learned along the way.

Nautical Inspired Wedding Themes at The Avalon Lounge!

When our CEO and her husband made the decision to elope in Thailand, their respective families weren’t exactly overjoyed that they couldn’t be involved in their day. This couple is a unique pair. They believe that marriage is about the two people involved. As a result, it was an easy decision to go on a whirlwind trip of a lifetime, saying “I Do” on an 11km long private beach in Khao Lak. They also toured 5 cities to create irreplaceable memories to build the next step of their life on. They love their families but thought it would be really cool to plan their wedding day in a tropical destination. They saved photos from the private beach ceremony and intimate candlelit waterfall dinner for a post-wedding celebration. In a nutshell, the post-wedding celebration was the exact same thing as a wedding reception without the stress of a ceremony the same day. Like any event, the first step in figuring out wedding themes – or anything else for that matter – is finding a location.

VENUES :: there are tons of venues in the GTA to choose from but they widely vary in size, cost, location, etc. With so many years of event planning under her belt, our CEO decided to book the party at The Avalon Lounge in Whitby. This is different from most halls because you’re only renting a room. This means you need to hire your own caterer, stock the bar, hire bartenders, get a permit – and set up/tear down – all by yourself. While this may sound like a lot  of work, it cuts your costs in half (if not more!) and you still get everything you need. This includes a beautiful, open concept room with a bar, kitchen, indoor and outdoor space. Best of all, it’s on the waterfront in south Whitby. Guests had a GREAT time sprawling out on the patio, picnic tables and roaming the docks checking out the boats. With a location like this, it lent itself perfectly to nautical wedding themes. The location already had lots of great decor so this didn’t require nearly as much effort as it would have by choosing a regular hall.  which adds to the savings.

2016 06 07 Blog 2











Back in 2012, Tigris planned a couple of Moulin Rouge themed corporate parties. The marketing company that hired us booked the venues before hand which created some issues. Given the theme, the events required major installation of staging/drapery. This comes included with select venues in each city. Had they thought it through before hand, they could have cut their costs significantly by allowing Tigris to research and submit these venues for consideration in advance. However, since they did not, nearly $15,000 was spent re-creating what is readily available at some venues. In addition, they were forced to absorb a $10,000 cost to cancel one venue and switch to a better one in Calgary. It’s important to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line – that was a very costly cancellation!

DECOR :: pay close attention to the decor when you are checking out different venues. Some may have what you need already! For Serena, she noticed that The Avalon Lounge had lots of great decor already which would compliment the nautical wedding themes. The venue already had boating inspired paintings and a marlin on the wall behind the bar. They even a table with a ships wheel as a base along with a book shelf, with books on boating.

To enhance the venue, white chair covers and navy satin table cloths were rented. Navy/white runners were also purchased to set the tone for the guest tables. LED lit wire-framed lanterns were purchased as centerpieces. Vases were filled with 2 white hydrangeas and decorated with white rope, burlap string and anchor prints. The front table featured the same table linens along with a decorated gift jar. In addition, name tags were placed on a wire framed board and lots of sea shells. It’s safe to say everyone was aware of the theme!

FOOD STATIONS & BAR :: the catering company selected offered an array of delicious passed and stationary appetizers followed by 3 food stations. Keeping in mind guest preferences, Serena and her husband chose a variety of options. This included a carvery with prime rib, chardonnay chicken, spring salad and rolls, a Greek souvlaki station with chicken skewers, gyros, traditional salad and spanokopita and a mashed potato bar. The potato bar was a HUGE hit! Following dinner was a coffee/tea service and dessert – 3 mini cakes (turtles tart, caramel crunch and molten lava), a flaming crepe station and even a Lithuanian wedding cake.

2016 06 07 Blog 7











One key learning from hiring the caterer was not to assume you’ll get to keep any left overs. This caterer in particular had a clause indicating all left over food is disposed of to ensure there are no risks of food poisoning from spoiled food. Unfortunately, this was one detail that wasn’t clearly communicated. Therefore, all left overs went into the garbage including the dessert – and the wedding cake that had been provided by Serena’s mother in law 🙁  Needless to say, it was a little disappointing.

The bartenders dressed in wedding themes to further enhance the guest’s experience. The navy and white striped shirts were perfect! The bar featured a decorated lemonade dispenser, 3 floral arrangements and 4 fish bowls with themed candy and snacks (peanuts aka “fish food” | gold fish crackers “catch of the day” | shark gummies “shark bites | gummy rings “life preservers”). Even the patio tables outside had small LED lanterns for ambient lighting after the sun went down.

INVITATIONS / GIFTS :: the theme was revealed with invitations a few months in advance of the party including a ship’s wheel on one side and an anchor on the back side. While return RSVP cards were provided with a stamp, quite a few guests didn’t RSVP on time and had to be contacted by phone, email or social media to confirm. When you’re dealing with a large number of people, confirmations can be a bit of a moving target. Keep calm and be flexible… it’s not ideal but it’s to be expected there could be changes – even up to the day of the event.

Given the nontraditional nature of the event, lots of guests had questions about what to wear. They were encouraged to dress in summer casual apparel they would be comfortable in so they could enjoy the indoor and outdoor space afforded by the venue. Not everyone may understand your vision so be patient and be as clear as possible when providing information.

Gifts were sourced for guests with the nautical wedding themes in mind. They included nautical wine stoppers with an anchor on top and glass coasters etched with a ship’s wheel. Both items were wrapped in white paper bags, stamped with an anchor in navy ink and decorated with royal blue curled ribbons.

When all was said and done, the event went off without a hitch and guests had a great time – some of our Tigris staff included!

No matter what kind of event you’re planning – from wedding themes to birthday parties (for dance lessons you’re on your own), be mindful of details as they are all interconnected. Keeping this in mind may cost or save you down the road. For all of your event planning needs, give us a ring at 416.283.9119 or email us at

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motivational short stories teamwork

Motivational Short Stories About Events from our Tigris Staff

Our Staff Shares Motivational Short Stories About Our 2015 Events

At Tigris we know how outstanding are staff are and we would like to share a few of their motivational short stories from 2015 with you – we hope their words inspire you!

motivational short stoires - nicole - tigris torontoMy first promotional event with Tigris was during a long weekend at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Throughout the weekend, I was given the opportunity to work with 30 other team members from Tigris, whom I had never met before. The hours were long and the sun was hot, but I came home after that weekend with a rush of adrenaline. Motivated to work more events and learn all I could about the industry, I applied for a position within the Tigris head office soon after graduating from Ryerson. Serena (Tigris CEO) offered me a part time position to assist with administration and marketing; a year later, my position has grown to a full-time one. It was that first event at Motorsport Park that sparked my passion for events and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, ultimately landing me with a career I love and giving me the opportunity to work with inspiring people every day. ~Nicole, Toronto

motivational short stories - jeric-montrealEver since I started to do activations for Tigris – most recently for Cloverleaf – I have learned more about what I’m capable of and how responsible and reliable a team member I can be. Tigris is a great agency that provides promotions and events that cultivate an individual’s strengths and helps them grow by overcoming challenges that they may face. I’m very fortunate to be working for such an amazing company filled with great ambassadors who have inspired me to grow more as a capable leader. For that, I am forever grateful for the opportunities Tigris has shown me that having a good work ethic, and giving my all will be very rewarding to my growth in the promotional world. ~Jeric, Montreal

Vanessa-Tigris-Montreal-Motivational-Short-StoriesI have a few motivational short stories but one in particular was the chance to work a one-day event with Petcurean at the Beaconsfield Pet Fair and Annual Adoption Day. Being an animal lover myself, I did enjoy learning about the eminent quality that Petcurean products offer and then, share this information with visitors. I worked on making the visit to the Petcurean kiosk a pleasurable, but also an informative experience for visitors. Starting from scratch with only limited knowledge on animal food, I familiarized myself by reading and engaging in rich discussions with Catherine (client). She actually raised both my awareness and my interest. No wonder I was so inspired and motivated to be part of this beautiful event! ~Vanessa, Montreal



Karin-Tigris-Regina-Motivational-Short-StoriesThis past November, I was part of a 4-day promotional event for a Saskatchewan newspaper called The Leader Post. Our team started early in the morning, with bitter cold temperatures all week – one day even had 90km winds! None-the-less, I felt inspired to work hard and  push through the unfavourable conditions. I was really proud of our team and how well we worked together. Knowing that we were brightening up people’s mornings by providing them a free newspaper always kept us smiling and motivated. The Leader Post is very sentimental to me. I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my  dad… patiently waiting for him to give me the comic section, and then reading the paper together. I now do the same thing with my children!  –Karin, Regina

Have you experienced or read something that inspired you? We’d love to hear your motivational short stories – be sure to leave a comment below!

Did These Motivational Short Stories Inspire You to be a Part of the Tigris Team?

If you are looking for a position to that allows you to meet and work with outstanding people, become involved with inspirational events and ultimately gain confidence and develop stronger communication skills, we encourage you to apply today! If interested, please send 2-3 photos and your resume to recruiting@tigriseventsinc.com. If you are looking to utilize brand ambassadors, promotional models or event staff at your next event, Tigris operates in over 15 markets across Canada including Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. Contact Tigris or give us a call at 416-283-9119 to learn more about our event staffing services.


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Get Smart with Holiday Staffing Solutions

How To Rock The Season With Tigris Holiday Staffing Solutions

You may not realize it yet (or want to admit it) but the holidays are just around the corner. What if I told you that hundreds of companies have already planned their holiday parties and promotions? Is it possible that you are running out of time?

You’ve got to wonder why most people plan so far in advance. In regards to staffing, our promotional models and brand ambassadors, although extremely eager to work, may also have plans during the holidays or may already be booked for other events! To ensure you get the largest selection of staff for your event, plan ahead and inquire about our holiday staffing solutions earlier in the year.

Holiday Mall Promotions: Keep Shoppers Sane!
There are multiple holiday staffing solutions that Tigris provides, starting with mall promotions. Visualize yourself shopping early this year –alright, we all know that isn’t happening. But we do know that shoppers in British Columbia will be hitting the malls in a few weeks, specifically Metropolis at Metrotown to snag all the great deals. How do we know this? Well, last year Tigris provided over 30 brand ambassadors and a Team Lead to assist with the massive mall promotion. This year, we already have a team confirmed and ready to go for Nov. 27-29th, a weekend full of great deals for all! The shopping frenzy starts at 7am each day, so be sure to set your alarm if you live in the area.

Whether you need brand ambassadors to support an entire mall or a specific store, we know this holiday season will be a busy one and you’ll need all the help you can get! Keep your customers happy by hiring some helping hands.

Corporate Party: Let Tigris Cater To You 
After a years’ worth of hard work, your employees deserve a night of fun. Celebrate the team’s hard earned success with a corporate party. Whether you are hosting the event at your office or renting out a large ballroom at a hotel, Tigris is able to assist. Our holiday staffing solutions for corporate parties include staff assisting with drink tickets, raffles, giving out complementary gift baskets at the end of the night, mingling throughout the party, serving, bartending, hosting, coat check and more. This is a special time to celebrate with your colleagues, whom you spend over 40 hours a week with. It’s important to ensure the night is a fun filled success, for yourself and your team.

Private Party and Club Events: Create Brand Awareness During the Holidays 
Are you hosting a themed holiday party? One of our clients, Intuit in association with Starshot, requested host and hostesses dressed to impress in Asian suits and dresses for their Asian themed event. Tigris was able to source the appropriate staff and costumes for this exclusive event. Our promotional staff added to the overall ambiance of the event and theme.

The holidays are a very busy time for clubs and bars throughout multiple cities in Canada. Due to the extra traffic inside these venues, it is the perfect location for a holiday liquor sampling. Our promotional models have extensive experience sampling high end tequilas and wines inside liquor stores as well as promoting the products inside busy clubs. This is the perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness, increase incentive to purchase the product onsite as well as after. Liquor, wine and beer are all popular holiday gifts!


Events for Children & The Community: This is What The Holidays Are All About!
We’ve discussed holiday staffing solutions for mall promotions, corporate parties and club events but we’ve neglected to mention the top priority of the holidays: the children and your community. Tigris supplied staff to lead children through a larger-than-life log cabin at the Toronto Eaton Centre throughout the holidays for their chance to meet Santa. Our staff were dressed as adorable elves and played the part extremely well.

If you are planning an event for your community to spread the holiday cheer, we are able to assist with the planning, execution and staffing. As mentioned earlier, in order to be smart with holiday staffing promotions, you must plan early! Working under a tight deadline is our forte, but we encourage our clients to contact us with ample time until their promotion to avoid any disappointments.


Contact Tigris for Your Holiday Staffing Solutions

If you are interested in using our event staffing solutions, please contact Tigris at 416-283-9119 for a free quote or send an e-mail to info@tigriseventsinc.com. We love to celebrate the holidays as well, which is why we are hosting a private party for our Toronto roster, our largest roster of events staff, in December. Tigris would not be where we are today without our dedicated, professional staff. If you are interested in meeting them, book our staff for your next event! Tigris provides event staffing services in over 15 markets across Canada including Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa and Montreal.

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Event Fundraising for St. Joe’s – Join us for their 4th Annual Toronto West Halloween Fest

Pumpkin carving, corn mazes, haunted houses and horror flicks are a few activities you may be participating in this Halloween. If you can’t wait to hit the streets to score some delicious Halloween candy, you should register for the Toronto West Halloween Fest on Sunday, October 25th. Tigris has proudly partnered up with St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation for the 4th year of their annual event. Our CEO, Serena and National Account Manager, Helene have been dreaming of ghouls and goblins for the past 5 months; working on planning and logistics to support the execution of this event fundraising initiative. We are extremely excited to shut down a large part of the city for this charitable, festive event and want to see you there!

Event Fundraising for a Trick-or-Treat 5k Walk

Most holidays and special occasions involve lots of eating. We know you’re still full from your Thanksgiving dinners, but there is ALWAYS room for chocolate and candy! Instead of simply eating delicious candies to celebrate Halloween, St. Joe’s has developed a Trick-or-Treat 5k walk to support care for the kids at St. Joe’s. There will be tons of spooky surprises along the way, and you won’t feel too bad while munching on that candy bar. You deserve it after walking 5k!

The Trick-or-Treat 5K Walk will run south and then north through the beautiful Bloor West Village. Not only will you be working on your fitness, but you will be supporting the new Paediatric Emergency Department at St. Joe’s that will be built with your help! We encourage parents and children to dress up in their best Halloween costume (and don’t forget your furry friends). Pets are welcome and encouraged, so be sure to bring them along for the walk, and don’t forget their costume!

2015 10 14 ND - St Joe's (2)

If you’re interested in participating in this interactive (and rewarding) event – it’s very important that you register for the walk. For families, registration is $40, and individuals are $20. Remember, this is going to an extremely worthwhile cause. All families are also asked to raise $300, and individuals $100 to support the community at St. Joseph’s Health Centre.  Register today to start a Trick-or-Treat team with your family, extended family and/or co-workers, join an existing team or sign up as an individual. Last year, over 18,000 parents brought their children for care at the Paediatric Emergency centre. Help make this space bigger and better this Halloween. Prizes are awarded to the top fundraiser!

The Trick-or-Teat 5k walk is basically your Halloween Fashion Runway. Dress up as your favourite TV character, super hero, or food! Stuck for idea? Check out some of our favourite costumes for parents, children and pets. Start thinking of your costume now, because there is a prize for the best costume as well.

Parent Costume – Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich  

2015 10 14 ND - St Joe's (4)

Baby Costume – easy to carry throughout the walk!

2015 10 14 ND - St Joe's (6)

Dog Costume – Pugkin Spice Latte

2015 10 14 ND - St Joe's (5)

Event Fundraising And Sponsorship – Want To Know How You Can Help?

After the walk, there will be a fun festival on Bloor Street West with amazing surprises and performances. There will be live performances from Splash’N Boots, Swansea School of Dance and even a Taylor Swift impersonator! The festival is open to everyone and takes place on Bloor Street West between Jane and Runnymede. There are also plenty of fun activities including a meet-and-greet with hockey legends, a costume contest, awards for top fundraisers and much, much more.  You can check out some of the pictures from last year here.

The entire Tigris head office will be participating in the Toronto West Halloween Fest on Sunday, Oct. 25th alongside a dozen of our events staff and tons of volunteers. Some of our staff will be positioned at various stations alongside volunteers to create an unforgettable experience for each and every family. There will be Toronto Argo’s Cheerleaders, mascots, a photo booth experience, pumpkin decorating, Scotia Bank Hockey Zone and NHL Signing and a unique Underwater Adventure booth sponsored by local realtor Christine Simpson!

We are still looking for 45 volunteers for this event. Assist us with this worthwhile cause for a day of spooktacular fun! Email Amy at azhou@tigriseventsinc.com for more information on how you can volunteer at the Toronto West Halloween Fest.

As the event management partner for this event fundraising initative, Tigris is still accepting new sponsors to supply tricks or treats to excite festival attendees! It will be an amazing opportunity for you to build impressions and interactions for your brand within the west-end community. If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact Amy as well. Scotiabank, Pizza Pizza and Cineplex are some of this year’s sponsors (just to name a few!)

Although this is only our 3rd time working alongside St. Joe’s, Tigris has been operating nationwide for over a decade. With a team of experienced account coordinators and event planners, Tigris is able to tackle any event, anywhere! Our event staffing, planning and creative services are available in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and many other markets across Canada. Remember, Christmas is just around the corner! Give Tigris a call today at 416.283.9119 for a free quote on any of our services or send us an e-mail at info@tigriseventsinc.com


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Get Recruited by Tigris Nationwide

Do you want to get recruited by the best event staffing agency in the biz?  Do you want to work for some of your favorite brands? Then you are in the right place for key tips and the inside scoop that will help you along the way!

What is Tigris?

Tigris is the top temporary staffing agency in the industry. We offer businesses and brands the leading edge in experiential marketing through the use of professionally trained sales force that is far superior to the industry standard. We use a set of very specific criteria to ensure that we recruit only the best of the best. Tigris has more than 1,200 temporary staff from coast to coast who will enhance promotions and sales with face to face interactions. Our temporary staffing team is versatile but we specialize in these top seven areas!

  • Event Staffing // bring in a positive atmosphere to get consumers excited about the brands you’re representing.
  • Brand Ambassadors // with high energy and impact to get a buzz going about big brands.
  • Promotional Models // who have the beauty and the brains in order to successfully represent high end brands.
  • Multicultural Staff // with a good personality and are bilingual in any language required.
    Tigris has tons of diverse staff bilingual in such languages as Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindu, Urdu, Gujrati, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese – and so many more!
  • Corporate Entertainers // who will bring excitement to your event from DJ’s & MC’s to singers, dancers and musicians.
  • Market Researchers // who are experienced to maximize survey participation while remaining neutral/unbiased. Tigris has completed over 40 studies in the last 7 years.
  • Sales Staff // who will pre-qualify and close sales in charity, retail or trade show environments.

Private Party Hostesses - Feature

Key Tips for Your Next Interview!

There is no way around an interview if you are getting recruited. Interviews may be intimidating on occasions and you may feel a little nervous going into one but with simple tips from Tigris your next interview will be a cake walk!

  • Use Social Sweepster
    • Nowadays, everybody uses social media for making memories and keeping in touch. About 90% of employers search your social media to try and make the first impression themselves. Don’t let them! Social Sweepster is an app that deletes pictures of beer bottles, red solo cups, and anything else that is a suspicious. It even detects profanity from your past posts!
      Tip! As you get older and begin your venture into the professional work force, it’s a good idea to exercise caution and discretion with your social media persona and posts. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity because of how a post or photo may be interpreted by an potential employer.
  • Arranging a Time
    • If you have the ability to negotiate the time, always try to avoid Mondays and Fridays because the employees gear up for the week or wind down. Also try to avoid lunch time because your interviewer may be too hungry to actually listen to what you have to say.  Always try and take the earliest interview slot to show that you are excited about being there. Tigris usually arranges interview sessions on a weeknight from 5-9 or 6-9pm so candidates who work full time can also participate.
      Tip! Unless it’s absolutely an emergency, make sure you show up. There is nothing worse for an interviewer than a half full interview session. They are committing their time to meet you so it’s both unprofessional and insulting not to show up.
  • Prepare for Some Generic Questions
    • A question that usually catches people off guard is the “What’s your weakness?” Make sure you know what your honest weakness but it’s not about admitting it. It’s about showing how you overcome them. It shows the employer that you have the ability to problem solve because nobody is perfect and everybody has a weakness.
      Tip! Saying you’re a perfectionist is not a weakness!!! Try to think of something original and of course, applicable to you. You want your interviewer to remember you.
  • Following Up
    • Always thank your interviewer within 24 hours of completing your interview. Once you have sent the email not only does it show your gratitude, but now they also have your email address in their inbox in case anything pops up.
      Tip! If you receive a phone call or email to let you know you’ve been hired, make sure you respond and within a reasonable time frame. You don’t want your new work place to have to chase you to give you the news. It’s a good idea to have voicemail on your cell phone and if you are going to be away, make sure you schedule an auto reply to keep people in the loop.

    The Inside Scoop

    Here at Tigris, it is very important that we recruit and hire people with big personalities (we want those who will stand out in a crowd!). We like to hire dynamic men and women, between the ages of 19 to 40+. If you want us to consider you will need to have a great work ethic, strong organization and communication skills, and a personable/positive attitude. We also like to ensure candidates share the same values that we do. For more on these values, as voted on by our roster, click here.

    Recruiting Information

    In order to get recruited by Tigris, you must attend one of our interviews sessions. For us, it is imperative that we meet all of our candidates face-to-face in order to accurately gauge who is a good fit –not only for our agency, but more importantly, for our clients and their brands. We want to get to know our staff on a personal level so that they feel as comfortable working for us and so we know which opportunities to send them and book them for. At this interview session, you will learn about Tigris and we will aim to learn about you. We conclude with a thorough Q&A.

    We just completed interviews in Vancouver and Montreal earlier this month. Our next interview is coming up in Toronto on Tues., Aug. 25. To get recruited and obtain more information about our upcoming interview sessions, please send your resume and 2-3 recent photos to recruiting@tigriseventsinc.com. Alternately, you can apply on our website.  All interviews will be booked via email.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Interview Room

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Promo Models Sporting Events

It’s been a very busy summer here at Tigris, and we’ve had many requests regarding Promo Models for Sporting Events. Each of these requests have been extremely different from the other but all required professional promotional models to enhance the overall event and guest experience at various tournaments, races and  games. As an events staff at Tigris, you wear many different hats. One day you may be dressed as a professional soccer player; the other you’re representing Twitter at a prestigious sporting event! What would a promotional model do at a sporting event? Let’s take a look.

5 Interactive Examples of Tigris Promo Models for Sporting Events in Toronto

1) FIFA Women’s World Cup Promotion

On June 6th, Tigris provided 3 promotional models for our client Bell Canada, in association with TSN at Yorkdale mall. Our staff were decked out in soccer jerseys, shorts, socks and cleats to fit the part. The promotion was planned to promote the Women’s World Cup, which took place in cities across Canada for the first time in Canadian history, and TSN & CTV are the host broadcasters. Our sports enthusiasts promotional models were driving awareness for shoppers to tune-in for the FIFA World Cup. How did they get this done? Besides looking adorable in their soccer gear, our staff engaged in a freestyle soccer demo and distributed free giveaways such as mini branded soccer balls and broadcast schedules.

Alongside this activation was a live Twitter TV Kiosks by Eventpeeks, shown in the photo below. We’ll get into more detail on this unique component later on in the blog post! You can also check out how Twitter steps into reality for the World Cup here.


2) RBC Canadian Open Promotion

Tigris teamed up with Eventpeeks (told you we’d talk more about the Twitter kiosk!) to provide one promotional model for the RBC Canadian Open. The Twitter Kiosk, commissioned by Twitter Canada and built by Eventpeeks, allows people to experience Twitter in an entirely new way. Guests at the RBC Canadian Open were able to take pictures of themselves at the event and tweet the photo, which was then displayed on the Live Twitter TV. Guests were then taking photos of themselves on the Live Twitter TV, and reposting that image! The concept is extremely engaging and fun. Guests are able to touch the interactive screen and contribute to a live discussion regarding the event. The event was held at Glen Abbey in Oakville.

Our promotional model was responsible for interacting with Canadian Open fans and encouraging them to take a picture with the Twitter TV, to touch and browse all the best tweets being shared at that moment. Social media engagement was sky-high throughout the event, and fans loved hanging out with our bubbly promotional model.

2015 07 25 to 26 RBC CDN Open













3) Rogers Cup Promotion

The Rogers Cup, presented by National Bank, is a prestigious professional tennis tournament organized by Tennis Canada. Tigris had our promotional models assist Eventpeeks with their live Twitter TV kiosk for Roger’s Cup for Women in Toronto at the Aviva Centre, Aug. 8-13th.

This promotion was extremely similar to the RBC Canadian Open, with an overall goal of increasing social media activity and engagement. Our promotional models absolutely love being outdoors and had a blast getting fans to participate.

2015 08 08 to 13 Eventpeeks @ Rogers Cup (1)

4) CONCACAF Prime Sports

On July 14th, Tigris provided 4 promotional models to assist Prime Sports at The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football CONCACAF, hosted at the BMO Field in Toronto. Our promotional models were VIP hostesses for the evening, as PrimeSport was providing hospitality for a special group of guests attending the match in the VIP suite.

Our Promo Models for Sporting Events greeted guests, distributed wristbands, assisted guests in Spanish, and ensured the guests had an exceptional experience.

Here are a few testimonials from the night:

  • “This is a very nice event”
  • “I’m loving the VIP suite this is great”
  • “You ladies are wonderful; I hope you’ll always be here!”

2015 07 14 VIP Hospitality @ CONCACAF (9)

As you can see, the ladies were a hit! Our staff took the time to ensure the VIP guests were comfortable and well taken care of.

5) Event Staffing Support for BRITA at Colour Me Rad Toronto

It isn’t always promotional models that are requested for sporting events, sometimes we get requests for a large team of brand ambassadors! In association with BRITA, Tigris provided a team of speedy, enthusiastic brand ambassadors who distributed BRITA filtered water to guests after they completed the 5K Colour Me Rad run in Toronto. This complimentary service was greatly appreciated by runners of all ages.

Goodlife Marathon

Promo Models for Sporting Events, Special Events, Trade Shows and More!

Are you looking for event staffing services? Are you interested in any of the technology we mentioned, promo models sporting events or anything else we haven’t mentioned? Give Tigris a call at 416.283.9119 or send us an email at info@tigriseventsinc.com for a free quote – we promise we’ll get it over within 24 hours or less. Our event staffing services are available in over 15 markets across Canada, and we’ve been staffing events in new areas such as Price Edward Island. Give us a call and we can assist with even the most remote locations!

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